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a d ida s G rou p. 2. A n n u a l R e p o rt adidas Group. Annual Report. . 1) Excluding goodwill impairment of € 52 million in Title: Adidas Fall Catalog Full, Author: SquadLocker, Name: Adidas Fall Catalog If live art is not provided in EPS, PDF or AI format a $ art fee will be. Defender. 6. 7. ADIDAS TEAMWEAR // All In foR ThE buzz // conDIVo 12 Please note: Long sleeve options available within the catalogue. Entire range .

Adidas Catalog 2013 Pdf

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ADIDAS TEAMWEAR / CONDIVO ADIDAS TEAMWEAR Please note: Long sleeve options available within the catalogue. Entire range not shown. Spring/Summer Team Inline CatalogExplore · View Full Catalog · View Catalog Revisions · Fall/Winter Club Volleyball CatalogExplore · View Full. soccer Men's, W omen's & Youth .. Embroidered adidas brandmark. % polyester piqué. Expected redesign: Cobalt/. White. Univ Red/. White.

A high current ratio is better than a low one because that means that the company has money left, which they can use to service debt.

The company uses this ratio if it wants to take on short-term debt. Quick ratio: The only difference to the current ratio is that the inventory is not included in the current assets.

The inventory is not included because if the company needs cash it can take to long to get the money out of the inventory. Like the current ratio for the quick ratio counts, the higher the value the better. Asset Management ratio 1. Total asset turnover ratio: It shows how efficient the company uses its assets to make money.

The higher the ratio the better it is, because it shows that the company generates more revenues per dollar of assets. For this ratio it is important to compare companies in the same sector, because it varies in different industries.

It can be calculated by dividing net sales by average total assets. Inventory turnover ratio: It shows how many times the inventory of the company is sold and replaced over a specific period. It can be calculated by dividing the cost of goods sold by an average inventory. For this ratio too, the higher the better it is can be used, because a low turnover is a sign that the products stayed in the warehouse and were not sold.

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Leverage Ratios 1. Debt ratio: It is calculated by dividing total liabilities by total assets.

The interpretation of the ratio is which proportion of the assets are financed by debt and the result is given in percentage. For this ratio counts the lower the result the better, because the higher the ratio is the greater the financial risk.

Interest coverage ratio: The interest coverage ratio tells how well the company is able to meet its interests. The higher the interest coverage ratio is, the easier can the interests be fed from operative business generated results.

Profitability Ratios 1. Net profit margin: This ratio measures how much the company keeps in earnings out of its sales.

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That means how much profit the company generates with the money from shareholders. Market Value Ratios 1.

Market value: It shows the price for an asset in the marketplace. The market value is calculated by multiplying the number of its outstanding shares by the current share price and public-traded companies use it.

The higher the result the better because it means that the value of the company is higher. Calculation the ratios for Adidas AG In this chapter the ten ratios, which were presented in the chapter before, will be calculated for the Adidas Group AG. To view the development of the company the ratios were calculated with numbers from and with numbers from the year The numbers were chosen from the financial report of the company for the third quarters and the numbers are shown in US dollars.

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Will be grateful for any help! Please note: Long sleeve options available within the catalogue. Entire range not shown. This product is part of the adidas sustainable product program: Products are The shirt is our colour, our character, our pride.

When we pull When we pull it on life outside stops. Only the game ahead matters.


Personnalisez facilement les produits adidas sur MiTeam. Michal Andel, Name: Every model in the catalogue will be marked with the symbol of the Clicca sotto: Teamwearkatalog Web.

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