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streams, lakes and ponds - abound in Newfoundland and Labrador. Some of them are more seriously affected than others by acid rain. The ability of a body of . establishes the Acid Rain Program using a market-based approach to reduce SO2 from power plants by more than 50 percent. EPA publishes acid rain. PDF | Acid rain is one of the major environmental threats since 19th century. This paper reviews the progress report of US EPA () and summarizes the.

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Acid rain is a commonly used term for acid deposition, which includes rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog, and dry particles that fall from the sky. Uncontaminated. Acid rain was discovered in the 19th century by Robert Angus. Smith, a pharmacist from Manchester (England), who measured high levels of acidity in rain. and State of the Science documents in At the beginning of this program, acid rain was suspected to have negative effects on surface waters, crops, forests .

Analysis of health effects resulting from population exposures to acid precipitation precursors.

Coral's limestone skeletal is sensitive to pH drop, because the calcium carbonate , core component of the limestone dissolves in acidic low pH solutions. Acid rain does not directly affect human health. The acid in the rainwater is too dilute to have direct adverse effects. The particulates responsible for acid rain sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides do have an adverse effect.

Acid Rain: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Increased amounts of fine particulate matter in the air contribute to heart and lung problems including asthma and bronchitis. Acid rain can damage buildings, historic monuments, and statues, especially those made of rocks, such as limestone and marble , that contain large amounts of calcium carbonate. Acids in the rain react with the calcium compounds in the stones to create gypsum, which then flakes off. The effects of this are commonly seen on old gravestones, where acid rain can cause the inscriptions to become completely illegible.

Acid rain also increases the corrosion rate of metals, in particular iron , steel , copper and bronze. Places significantly impacted by acid rain around the globe include most of eastern Europe from Poland northward into Scandinavia, [56] the eastern third of the United States, [57] and southeastern Canada.

Other affected areas include the southeastern coast of China and Taiwan. Many coal-firing power stations use flue-gas desulfurization FGD to remove sulfur-containing gases from their stack gases.

An example of FGD is the wet scrubber which is commonly used.

A wet scrubber is basically a reaction tower equipped with a fan that extracts hot smoke stack gases from a power plant into the tower. Lime or limestone in slurry form is also injected into the tower to mix with the stack gases and combine with the sulfur dioxide present. The calcium carbonate of the limestone produces pH-neutral calcium sulfate that is physically removed from the scrubber. That is, the scrubber turns sulfur pollution into industrial sulfates.

In some areas the sulfates are sold to chemical companies as gypsum when the purity of calcium sulfate is high.

Acid Rain Monitoring Project

In others, they are placed in landfill. The effects of acid rain can last for generations, as the effects of pH level change can stimulate the continued leaching of undesirable chemicals into otherwise pristine water sources, killing off vulnerable insect and fish species and blocking efforts to restore native life.

Fluidized bed combustion also reduces the amount of sulfur emitted by power production. Vehicle emissions control reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides from motor vehicles. International treaties on the long-range transport of atmospheric pollutants have been agreed for example, the Helsinki Protocol on the Reduction of Sulphur Emissions under the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution. Most European countries and Canada have signed the treaties.

In this regulatory scheme, every current polluting facility is given or may download on an open market an emissions allowance for each unit of a designated pollutant it emits. Operators can then install pollution control equipment, and sell portions of their emissions allowances they no longer need for their own operations, thereby recovering some of the capital cost of their investment in such equipment. The intention is to give operators economic incentives to install pollution controls.

The first emissions trading market was established in the United States by enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of To achieve this goal at the lowest cost to society, the program employs both regulatory and market based approaches for controlling air pollution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Acid rain disambiguation. See also: Nitrogen cycle , Human impact on the nitrogen cycle , and sulfur cycle.

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John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Retrieved on February 9, A Serious Regional Environmental Problem".

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Retrieved January 24, In the past, factories had short funnels to let out smoke but this caused many problems locally; thus, factories now have taller smoke funnels. Many coal-firing power stations use flue-gas desulfurization FGD to remove sulfur-containing gases from their stack gases. It looked at the effects of acid rain and funded research on the effects of acid precipitation on freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, historical buildings, monuments, and building materials.

Methylmercury poisoning in Iraq. Journal of Geophysical Research. Some species can tolerate acidic waters better than others.