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The Ultimate Diet - Lyle yazik.info Download ( KB) · English · 日本 語 · Português (Brazil) · Deutsch · Русский · Français · Svenska · हिन्दी. This is for all the people who would like to try the UD diet by Lyle Mcdonald, I was just preparing it for myself for my next cutting cycle which. The Ultimate Diet not only explains the physiology behind those . The PDF version contains a single PDF which can be opened in a PDF reader but will not .

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So I decided to try Lyle McDonald's Ultimate Diet , which is actually a diet and training program that must be done together. Up until now, I've. The Ultimate Diet represents both a very old and very new approach to the problems of dieting to low bodyfat percentages. It is old in that it builds upon an. What is the Ultimate Diet ? The Ultimate Diet is written by Lyle McDonald. In the six years since Dan Duchaine's book Bodyopus.

Many times these strength athletes find themselves in a situation where water manipulation alone isn't sufficient to get them into the weight class or they only have a short period between weigh-in and competition and can't severely dehydrate and they need to lose fat without losing too much performance.

I will answer that question in detail. The fourth section is an expanded section on UD2 variants for powerlifters and Olympic lifters. Finally I finish up with some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the diet. To combat that. The third section is what to do after the diet is over. The second topic deals with what to do between blocks of using the Ultimate Diet 2. The fifth outlines a day UD2 variant that many have heard about but that I've never really addressed in any sort of detail.

Over the years I've gotten a lot of feedback and questions about the program and. If nothing else this will let you fully recover and hopefully get some delayed growth from the previous gaining program you were on so that you're fresh going into the UD2. Start with a low volume and build up gradually over 2 weeks. Their bodies. I'd suggest a maximum of 4 sets per large muscle group and maybe 2 for small muscle groups.

This tends to be especially true if they were previously on moderate to high dietary carbohydrates and doing nothing but fairly low repetition training during a gaining phase. I hope I'm right. So here I'm going to give you a 2-week break in period. This will start the shift to using more fat for fuel and prepare you for the lowcarb days of the diet. Increase Your Overall Bodypart Training Frequency People come to UD2 from a lot of different training approaches so this section will be the least well organized.

Bring in low intensity cardio. I simply don't know what you were doing before. In addition to adjusting your training frequency. I'd suggest one of two different splits.

The leg day tends to be a little bit heavier than the push day but both are workable solutions. A lot of people don't like them because arms are too tired to go crazy with at the end of upper but I like it since it tends to minimize shoulder health. You can make intelligent exercise substitutions as needed. I don't know how much volume you've been doing but most are still probably doing too much. I've shown sample workouts on the next page. I'm assuming that anyone advanced enough to use UD2 can do this.

This splits the middle and will be appropriate regardless of what you were doing before in your training. If they haven't been doing any cardio. Lower carbohydrates to a moderate intake level. Increase overall training frequency to get prepared for hitting every bodypart three times per week in the UD2.

Section 1: Perform 1 set of with seconds of rest between each. Keep it slow or use a stopwatch. Pant pant. I really want you to focus on intensity. So on upper day you might pick Machine chest press. If it's not burning by about rep Chest press. Or you can do it set style performing all sets of one exercise before moving on. This will not only condition you for the brutal depletion workouts but also interact with a moderate carb reduction to enhance full body fat burning.

Don't worry about weight.

Machine row. On lower day. Biceps Curl. During that time. Some people have to go much lighter but the focus is on the reps. When you move to more than one set of each exercise see the progression on the next page. I'd suggest leg press. Squats tend to kill people. After each workout. I want you to do progressively more high-repetition work after each heavy workout.

Since volume is most likely reduced from what you were doing. So every rep is about seconds long. Pick based on your gym and preference. This is basically a maintenance load. You can either do the depletion circuit style. Triceps Pushdown. It's slower than you think. Machine Lateral Raise. Some trainees do. Workout 8: The progression for the depletion work is as follows. If you were on low or even moderate carbs already.

See a Problem?

Workout 1: If you're doing cardio on the off days. Old school cardio. I'd add at most 10 minutes every two workouts duration wise to a maximum of minutes if you cardio after weights. I don't want you to cut calories here. Reduce Carbohydrates to a Moderate Level Once again I don't know what diet you were on prior to coming to UD2 but I'm going to assume that it was carb based to one degree or another. Just good old brisk walking on the treadmill or outdoors. I don't know with any degree of certainty whether or not you've been doing any sort of cardiovascular training in the off-season.

No intervals. It still works. In the big scheme it won't make a huge difference over 2 weeks. Fasted if you desired but it won't really matter at this point. I'd start with a minimum of minutes of low intensity cardio heart rate and it may be higher due to the previous training on your lifting days.

First Things First

If you know that you're on the high side. That's a minimum of four cardio sessions per week. Workout 2: But keep the intensity LOW. Two weeks isn't really enough to get a big aerobic adaptation but every little bit helps. By the time you get to workout 8. Of course. But again.

For that reason. Introduce Cardio Once again. Workout 3: This two week phase is a time to bring in cardio gradually so that the addition of it on the UD2 doesn't contribute to your getting wrecked. If not. I suggest bringing in cardio fairly gradually. Like with the depletion work. Use lean body mass for these calculations and don't get too hung up on exact numbers. Here are some sample calculations. Now we determine the amounts of protein.

I'd suggest setting your macronutrient intake at roughly 1. For the two weeks between your previous gaining phase and starting the UD2. You can divide that up into whatever meal pattern fits you best depending on size. I want you to apply the above recommendations.

If you don't know what that sentence means.

If you do intermittent fasting. And that's that.

Step 4: With that calorie level. Bigger folks tend to do better with more meals or they are extremely big and difficult to eat but smaller women and men often find that bigger meals works best or the meals end up too small to be satisfying. Step 1: Subtract total fat mass from total weight to get LBM pounds. So far as training.. Three sessions of minutes is plenty.

It doesn't have to be much. I talk about something called a Two Week Diet Break. In fact. Keep protein the same at 1. The goals of this phase are similar. That's enough of a volume reduction to give you a big break from the grind of depletion but you won't get destroyed when you return to UD2 and the full depletion. But questions regarding what to do during the break kept coming up.

You may find that you get some strength gains during this period although it isn't the explicit goal. The Ultimate Diet 2. That's what this section is about. I'd suggest dropping fat intake very slightly to 0.

That is. Since total calories are lower by a little bit. It's a period of nondieting with calories at maintenance between active dieting periods to give the body time to normalize some physiological pathways. I should make it very clear that I'm in no way the first to recommend this. Raise carbs and calories to up regulate hormones. And that's the two week break.

This is all to give you a physiological and psychological break from dieting and get everything humming metabolically without losing all of the important fat burning adaptations for your next block of UD 2 training. I'd also suggest using this as a transition from UD2 back into whatever you do next training or diet wise. I'd suggest 2 sets of rep with a seconds rest after your heavy work.

Section 2: The 2-Week Diet Break In almost all of my books.

In the UD2 I recommend not using the diet for more than weeks straight without a break. You want to let fatigue from the dieting cycle decrease by adjusting training volume and intensity. I'd strongly recommend keeping a bit of depletion work in your training as well. You should be doing a max of about 5 hours on Ud2 if you're doing cardio on Mon-Thu and again on Sunday and I'd cut that down to 2.

The first goal is to bring calories back to maintenance or just a touch below to take into account some metabolic slowdown that can occur. There is a happy medium to be had with focus. At this point I need to subdivide folks into one of two groups: Now if you didn't get that lean. You won't be able to train effectively. The first thing I can say is congratulations. A quick tangent I should make a quick comment about that before moving on: You have to come to terms with this and it may not be easy.

I can't give you much advice to deal with this beyond dealing with it. I know. Nevermind that he is leaner than most of humanity. At that level of leanness. It's the same for women. A female should have ended up in the teens somewhere.

Odds are you're neither. Most people can't and.

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Bottom line. It's actually a good reason NOT to do a physique contest unless you want to do it a lot. The second is that there is no way you can expect to stay contest lean year-round. You may want to go back into a more specific mass gaining phase or maybe you just want to know how to maintain your new low bodyfat.

But that's an issue for you and your therapist to take up. Section 3: Ending the Diet So you've just finished your one or two cycles of Ultimate Diet 2. Ripped upper body. Folks who stay leaner than that year round are either using drugs or were born to be that lean. It causes a lot of people to do some really silly stuff though. I'd suggest cutting back your training weights to give your joints and body a break. Cardio can be reduced or outright eliminated.

To do this of course you're going to increase your food. Don't train. You probably adjusted the cycle to accommodate peak week to be full and dry for your show and the fact is that pretty much everyone is going to go nuts at the pancake house the night afterwards. Or just eliminate it outright. Not contest lean but lean. At that point. So what about diet? First and foremost.

I'd highly suggest that you spend 2 weeks at stable but low bodyfat percentage before gaining. So let's focus on achieving a gradual increase in body fat percentage before joining the other group of UD2 users at maintenance.

You can simply use one of the above splits or whatever you want to do. You won't lose strength or muscle at this point but it will let all of that accumulated fatigue from dieting dissipate. Clearly the first thing is to gradually let your body fat percentage increase. So that's Sunday and Monday. To show you the math. So now what.

There are horror stories of athletes gaining pounds in a few days most of this is water and glycogen with post-contest binges but if you followed UD2. After that you will need to get things back under control a bit.

Post-Contest Competitors As I mentioned above. Just to let hormones. That will refill glycogen. If you weren't using UD2 for a contest and just used it to get lean. At this point since you will be eating more.

You won't have a heart attack if you don't do aerobics for two weeks. This is also where the previous weeks of post-contest deliberate fat gain should put you. Get it? So assuming no lean body mass gain. So a pound female would be eating grams of carbs. I'd generally suggest keeping protein intake high and gradually increasing total carbs with a small increase in dietary fats this increase should ideally come from monounsaturated fats like olive oil and polyunsaturates but don't go nuts with the latter.

This can be accompanied by increasing training volumes consider this a general preparation phase as you're still recover from the rigors of contest dieting although don't go nuts trying to keep cardio in to stay lean. Maintenance Phase If you originally used UD2 to just get super lean but didn't get contest lean. I wouldn't suggest gaining that fat any faster than maybe one pound per week. The goal of this phase is to stabilize at your current body fat level.

So a post-contest athlete is looking at weeks of deliberate fat gaining before they stabilize at their new higher body fat levels. It's still moderate but covers the minimum requirement easily. Subtract pounds of fat from total weight to get lean body mass pounds — 8. You need a break after a contest is over and this is the time to take it.

You can do the calculations for your own numbers. For the average sized lifter this number shouldn't vary hugely.

Ultimate Diet for DUMMIES!

So multiply your current weight by that value to get calories. And yes this is similar to the concepts of reverse dieting that has been becoming more popular although my goal is more gradually increasing body fat than anything that reverse dieting claims to do but doesn't actually do. If that happens. Step 2: You may be wondering how long to stay at maintenance and there are tradeoffs to be had.

You can eat more carbs if you know that you can handle them but you can't eat less. You'll maintain this intake for the 2 or more weeks of your maintenance phase.

A lot of athletes are kind of burnt out on high-protein intakes after a diet and you can give yourself a mental break from it if you desire. However that has to be weighed against athlete's general desire to start gaining muscle and strength or eating a little bit more. This level of carbohydrate intake is necessary to upregulate thyroid levels along with leptin and.

Fats will make up the rest of your calories but where it ends up will depend on where you set the above values. Determine Fat Intake calories.

You may get a slightly different value if you plug in different numbers for protein. If you want to stabilize for 4 full weeks. I do recommend an absolute minimum of 2 weeks at this level before you even consider upping calories. I use the word performance due to the simple fact that. Section 4: And while many manipulate water to a major degree.

Note that nothing about the diet aspect of the Ultimate Diet 2. And that's what the following cycles will achieve.

Outside of the super heavy weight classes. In the second case. Physique contests aren't won based on squat or bench poundages is my point performance in the gym is only relevant inasmuch as severe strength loss often indicates or causes muscle loss.

In that situation.

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Finding a way to lose fat while at least maintaining or even ideally increasing strength is critical. But for performance athletes such as powerlifters. Olympic lifters things are different. Cardio These days are unchanged. On Tuesday do DE work for bench followed by upper body depletion work. If you're advanced enough to be using UD2. Depletion days The goal of these days is to primarily deplete muscle glycogen.

There are high variety systems. GPP can include upper body work if desired i. Do the same with Bench on Tuesday for bench.

But keep it lower body focused. I'd still suggest lighter technical work in the competition movements to kick off the workout. Please contact us via the methods available within site regarding any problems before leaving negative feedback.

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Taxes Taxes may be applicable at checkout. Learn more Return policy After receiving the item, contact seller within Refund will be given as Return shipping.Again, if you're new to weight training, the UD2 isn't appropriate; get months of training under your belt first. Optimal levels of these hormones not only mean better fat loss and less muscle loss when you diet but better muscular gains and less fat gain when you gain weight.

A little calorie cutting, a little cardio, and it comes off without too much trouble. This will make more sense as you read the next chapters. Outside of the super heavy weight classes. Pick one exercise per muscle group for warmups plus sets of heavy. Go heavy as per the UD2 which means triples or 5's and go heavy. Let's look at the implications of this by trying to see things from your body's perspective.

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