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Tinnitus Miracle Book

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When the eardrum vibrates, it transfers thatenergy to the malleus, which is actually connected to the eardrum.

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Themalleus moves back and forth, side to side; and this in turn moves thenext attached bone, the incus. The incus takes that energy and transfersit to the stapes.

The stapes is positioned to impact the cochlea, whichmake up the fluid filled chamber of the inner ear. Amplification takes place in the middle ear because the bones areperfectly designed to work together, and their interaction increases theforces of pressure on the cochlea as they bump up against each other.

The size of the eardrum in comparison to the size of the bones helps thisamplification process.

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Because the eardrum is larger than the Ossicles,the energy can be actually multiplied as it is conducted through thesebones. The smaller parts sustain a greater impact, and therefore passon more energy to the next component than the eardrum would on itsown. Page 34 3BHow Your Hearing Works 35The Eustachian TubeAnyone who has ever suffered a head cold knows that the ears areconnected to the nose, and this connection occurs in the middle earthrough the Eustachian tube.

A small tube leads from the middle ear tothe Nasopharynx. The tube supplies the counter-pressure of air to theeardrum, making the air pressure on both sides of the small drum equal.

It also helps to clear the middle ear of congestion and in doing so,prevents any infection.

See a Problem?

If you have felt the sensation of popping in yourear, it is the effect of air pressure on the Eustachian tube versus theexterior pressure of the ear canal. When you yawn, chew or swallow, you usually hear a small clickingsound in the ear - this is the pressure equalizing between the EustachianTube and the ear canal. If you have flown in a plane, you may haveexperienced popping and clogging of your ears - maybe you chewedgum or tried to yawn to rid yourself of this annoying sensation.

Youwere letting the interior pressure that is provided by the Eustachiantube through the Nasopharynx to rise to an equal level with the exteriorpressure that was passing into the ear canal. If this cannot be achieved,as is the case with a person who flies when he or she has a cold or sinuscongestion, it can be very painful and can even cause the eardrum toburst.

Sounds created by compression and rarefaction inthe atmosphere are collected by our ears - namely the pinnae orexternal protrusion of the outer ear. This sound travels down thefunnel-like ear canal until it reaches the ear drum. This tympanicmembrane vibrates in response to the moving air particles that make upsounds waves.

This vibration puts into motion the Ossicles - the tinybone structures that transfers the mechanical energy of sound andamplifies it as it passes through each in turn: the malleus, the incus, andthe stapes. Once the stapes receives the amplified vibrations, it impactsthe cochlea and brings us to the inner ear. Up to this point, all sound has been traveling through air.

But at theinner ear, sound will encounter fluid for the first time and the way inwhich it travels to the brain changes dramatically. The inner ear iscommonly referred to as the labyrinth due to the shell-like cochlea thatmakes up the space. Much of the work of hearing is done in the innerear, and it is the last stop for sounds as they make their way to the brainin the form of information. Page 36 3BHow Your Hearing Works 37The scala tympani, the scala vestibuli, and the scala media are the tubesin the inner ear, and they are curved together into a shape that appearslike the shell of a snail.

These tubes are separated by extremely thinmembranes that move the sound along the tubes, and move thepressure that is created when the stapes moves against the cochlea as awhole. The basilar membrane is made up of tiny hair cells — there aretens of thousands of them, which react to differing frequencies in thesound that is being pushed through the cochlea.

The hair cells identifyresonant frequencies in the sound waves that are transferred throughthe cochlea.

These create electrical impulses that are transported to thebrain and interpreted as recognizable sounds. Scientists are still working on a thorough understanding of just how thebrain is able to interpret these electrical pulses into language, music, orjust plain noise.

The ear is a complicated and sophisticated system,which takes an external stimulus and uses mechanical energy totransfer that information to the brain. As we learn more and moreabout how we hear and what we hear, the ear appears even moreremarkable! But, theinner ear is responsible not only for hearing, but also for maintainingbalance.

If you have ever spun around to make yourself dizzy or watchedsomeone else do it , you were witnessing this system at work.

The fluidin the semi-circular canals act in response to our movements: in thiscase the spinning. When you stopped spinning, the fluid kept spinningfor a moment or two, or longer. You essentially played a trick onyour vestibular system to make yourself dizzy, and your musclesresponded to that trick by functioning incorrectly, and this is what madeit difficult for you to stand or walk.

Basically, your vestibular system Page 38 3BHow Your Hearing Works 39was giving your brain the signal that you were still spinning, when infact, you had stopped.

The utricle and saccule determine the position of your head all the time,every moment of your day. As you turn your head from side to side,these two fluid filled cavities send signals to the rest of your body toadjust and adapt to the changes.

We are designed to keep the head inline with the body, and these two do the work. They contain not onlyfluid, but also tiny hairs that are suspended in a jelly like substance aswell as crystals or chalky substances that interacts with the hairs in theutricle and saccule. These crystals get pushed up against the hairs thatare dependent on the movement perceived by the inner ear.

The three semi-circular canals serve much the same purpose, but theysense movement, rather than the head position. They are inperpendicular position to each other so that they are able to detect alltypes of movements, and send the necessary signals to the brain tomaintain balance throughout the body. They also contain hair cells thatact in response to the movement, and generate the information that is Page 39 3BHow Your Hearing Works 40carried to the brain, and then to the muscles in your body to keep youfrom feeling dizzy.

The Other componentsThe inner ear is like home base for the system of balance we rely onevery day, often without even thinking about it. The other componentsthat work in conjunction with the inner ear are also essential tomaintain balance and interpret the signals that originate in the innerear.

Sight is an important factor in maintaining balance. Signals the innerear is sending about head positioning and movement will generally bealigned with the signals your eyes are sending. It is primarily because ofthis that we see what we feel. In some situations however, there is amismatch, and this can leave you feeling queasy and nauseous, or it canalso give you a terrible headache.

Consider the plight of the child withcar-sickness. Sitting in a car may not look like movement in the way wenormally think about it.

If he is looking down and reading whileriding in the car, his eyes will signal that he is still, but his vestibularsystem is responding to every curve in the road. Page 40 3BHow Your Hearing Works 41The cerebellum is the portion of the brain that is connected to thevestibular nerve, which transmits signals regarding balance to the brain. When a sudden loss of balance such as missing a step on your wayupstairs or stubbing your toe occurs, the brain gets an instant messagethat there is danger to the system of balance.

Involuntarily, you willmove an arm or shift your weight to the other foot to keep your balanceand avoid a fall.

This is your vestibular system at work. Your muscles are the final component in the system and wheneverything is working correctly, they receive the information from thebrain to keep your body in line. Now, picture an inebriated adult trying to pass a sobriety test. One of the 12 cranial nerves, this sensory nerve is responsiblefor the transmission of information about the sounds that enter the earcanal and the movement of the head or body.

Just imagine yourself on an amusement park ride, such as a rollercoaster. Your ears are in overdrive as the sounds of the screams aroundyou, and maybe your own, are entering your ears. At the same time,your vestibular system is working hard to make sense of all the input itis receiving in terms of both head position and movement.

Your eyesare probably sending mixed signals to your cerebellum, and you will feelthat jump in your stomach when you are going over each hill on thecoaster. Your Vestibulocochlear nerve is taking all this information andpassing it on to your brain, which in turn is making sense of it all andsending its own information to the muscles to compensate for all thecompeting signals it has been given.

Most of this happens every day, every minute ofevery day, and without much notice. There are many factors that influence your ability to hear and hear well,and your sense of balance. Even the smallest thing, like anoverabundance of earwax, can undermine your hearing.

Of course,there are also serious hearing and balance problems that need to betreated medically. This condition is also known as acute external otitis because it isan infection of the ear canal. When the ears are frequently submersed Page 43 3BHow Your Hearing Works 44in water, the production of cerumen, or earwax and its acidity thatnormally protects the canal are diminished.

Tinnitus Miracle Ebook

This leaves the ear canalvulnerable to bacterial infection. A reduction in hearing is normal as the sufferer willhear sounds in a muffled way, because the sound funneling capability ofthe ear canal is diminished. Earwax ImpactionOne of the most common causes of a decrease in hearing is theoverabundance of ear wax in the ear canal.

Some people just producemore earwax a condition that is medically known as cerumen thanothers and their ears do not easily rid themselves of the skin cells andother foreign matter that the earwax collects. Also, many peoplemistakenly use cotton swabs in an effort to remove troublesomeearwax, unknowingly making the problem worse by pushing the waxback into the canal to the ear drum.

Your doctor will tell you that youshould never put anything into the ear canal. This should be enough tokeep your ears clean. There are many over the counter remedies that can help in earwaxremoval. Most of them depend on a combination of peroxides and oils tosoften and remove the earwax slowly.

If the problem becomes toodifficult to handle, a doctor should be consulted to thoroughly removethe impacted wax. Ear InfectionOtitis Media, or a middle ear infection, seems to be part of childhood,and indeed, this is one of the most common childhood illnesses.

TheNational Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disordersestimates that three out of four children have had at least one earinfection by the age of three. Untreated, ear infections can lead topermanent hearing loss. Many children who suffer from chronic earinfections will experience some loss of hearing. The first line of defenseagainst ear infection will be the use of antibiotic. When a child eitherbecomes resistant to the medication or simply continues to suffer withear infections regardless of treatment, a myringotomy is performed.

Tinnitus Miracle: Cure Tinnitus Holistically & Naturally !

This procedure, done under general anesthesia, involves the placement Page 45 3BHow Your Hearing Works 46of drainage tubes in the ear canal that remove the fluid buildupassociated with frequent ear infections.

Some Thoughts On Testimonials: Some of you have also asked me about my thoughts on Tinnitus Miracle Systemtestimonials, and personally I never try to let them influence me one way or another. I love hearing other people's success stories. Some of them are truly inspiring. But at the same time, testimonials online are easy to fake, almost impossible to verify, and I personally don't like basing my decisions on the results someone else may or may not have achieved with a given program.

So I guess what I'm saying is always take testimonials with a grain of salt and realize that with any program, there's going to be people who like it and who are successful and people who don't like it or who aren't successful for one reason or another.

I'm a big believer in trying something for myself if I want to determine whether it works or not. For example, programs that offer members only forums and things like that. These people have actually paid for the product otherwise they wouldn't have access to the forum , so that's a much more reliable resource than some testimonial on a sales page or on another random site that could easily be faked.

I try to use my own access as a paying member to pull out some of these types of testimonials to share with my readers whenever I can. I'll do the same for Tinnitus Miracle System. Well, to me risk-free and FREE aren't the same thing! While you can technically try Tinnitus Miracle System risk-free because of the day money back guarantee, you still need the money up front to download it in the first place so it isn't free.

Tinnitus Miracle System is not a free program and any site claiming a free download is either not being totally honest with you or is providing illegal copies, neither of which is good. Another version of this same thing is the fake discount. I actually first noticed this one on YouTube where people were making short 30 second videos claiming they found discount links to Tinnitus Miracle System.

However, every time I checked one out, it was a huge disappointment and offered no discount at all. I've never claimed to be a super genius when it comes to math, but something about the numbers just stinks Don't fall for these fake discount claims. He has researched that the reason why most natural remedies are ineffective.

Thomas has researched the holistic tinnitus treatment, he is ready to share these secrects with the tinnitus suffers. Many people has succeed when they have used Tinnitus Miracle. Most of them use sergeries and drugs done to remove tinnitus. But drugs and surgeries are just temporary solutions to cure tinnitus, that requires to be exterminated from root of this condition.

Thomas Coleman want to treat from root causes. He wants to get completely permanently cured. Tinnitus Miracle of Thomas Coleman combines physical, emotion nurturing and natural ways. This program will assist you make big change in your life.This is your vestibular system at work.

I'll do the same for Tinnitus Miracle System. I love hearing other people's success stories. This is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful tinnitus healing system, which very few people even know exists There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But I googled his name just to check and sure enough, all I see are sites about what a rip off this is.

For thousands of years, in ancient India, China and in other countries, herbal remedies have cured a lot of people from all kinds of diseases.