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The Abc Murders By Agatha Christie. Pages · Ryan_Holiday_The_Obstacle_Is_the_Way_The_Timele( zlibraryexau2g3p_onion).pdf yazik.info The A.b.c. Murders: A Hercule Poirot Mystery. Home · The A.b.c. Murders: A Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot 12 - The ABC Murders. Read more. To James Watts One of my most sympathetic readers Contents About Agatha Christie The Agatha Christie Collection E-book.

The Abc Murders Pdf

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Download The ABC yazik.info The ABC Murders Agatha Christie Level 4 Retold by Anne Collins Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and. Agatha-Christie yazik.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Read online or download for free graded reader ebook and audiobook The Abc Murders by Agatha Christie of intermediate level you can download in epub.

You dont understand, my friend. It would be a good thing because it would clear my mind of the fear of something else. Of what? Murder, said Hercule Poirot. Mr Alexander Bonaparte Cust got up from his chair and looked near-sightedly round his bedroom. The furniture was old and the bedroom was not very clean. His back hurt from sitting in the same position for too long. A s he stretched himself to his full height, you could see that he was quite a tall man, but he did not look tall because he stooped.

He went to a coat that was hanging on the back of the door, and took from the pocket a packet of cheap cigarettes and some matches. He lit a cigarette and then returned to the table. He picked up a railway guide and searched for some information inside it. Then he looked at a typewritten list of names. With a pen, he made a mark against one of the first names on the list.

It was Thursday, 20 June. We had known the Inspector for many years, and he welcomed me warmly. What a surprise! Youre looking well, too. Your hair is just getting a little thin. Well, thats what happens to all of us.

I always brushed my hair carefully across the top of my head, so I wasnt very pleased that Inspector Japp had noticed my thinning hair. But I decided not to get upset. Except for Monsieur Poirot, said Japp, smiling at my friend. His hair and moustache look wonderful. And since he retired, hes become very famous.

Train mysteries, air mysteries, high society deaths - oh, hes here, there and everywhere. Have you heard about his anonymous letter? I showed it to Hastings the other day, said Poirot. Of course, I said. Id completely forgotten about it. W hat was the date in the letter? Yesterday, said Japp. Thats why Ive come here. I rang the police in Andover to see if anything had happened.

But the letter is certainly a joke. A shop window was broken by children throwing stones, and a few people got drunk, but thats all. I am very glad about that, said Poirot. We get lots of letters like that every day, said Japp, from people who have nothing better to do. They dont mean any harm. Theyre just looking for a bit of excitement. I have been foolish to think that the matter was so serious, Poirot agreed.

Well, I must go, said Japp, laughing. I just wanted to stop you worrying.

The ABC Murders.pdf

After the Inspector had left, Poirot said, He does not change much, the good Japp, eh? He looks much older, I said.

A nd his hair is going grey, I added nastily. You know, Hastings, I have a very clever hairdresser, said Poirot. He could put some false hair onto your head and brush your own hair over it Poirot! I shouted. Im not interested in your hairdresser. W hats the matter with the top of my head?

Nothing nothing at all, said Poirot quickly. Well, I said, feeling a little calmer. Im sorry that that anonymous letter didnt lead to an interesting crime. Yes, I was wrong about that, said Poirot.

I am too suspicious. The telephone rang and Poirot got up to answer it. A lio, he said. Yes, it is Hercule Poirot speaking. He listened for a minute or two and then I saw his face change. Yes, we will come It may be as you say Yes, I will bring it. A tout a I heuret then. He put down the phone and came across the room to me. That was Japp speaking, Hastings. He had just got back to Scotland Yard. There was a message from Andover I cried excitedly.

She had a little tobacco and newspaper shop. Her name is Ascher. I think I felt a little disappointed. I had expected something very unusual. The murder of a shopkeeper didnt sound very interesting. Poirot continued in the same serious voice, The Andover police believe they know who did it.

It seems that the womans husband gets drunk and behaves badly. He has said several times that he would kill her. But the police would like to have another look at the anonymous letter I received.

So I have said that you and I will go down to Andover at once. I felt a little more excited. Perhaps the murder of the old woman wasnt very interesting, but it was still a crime.

It had been a long time since I had mixed with crime and criminals. I wasnt really listening to Poirots next words. But later I remembered them very clearly. This is the beginning, said Hercule Poirot.

She looked so p ea cefu l, so distan ced fro m any violen t event. He gave us the facts about the case. The crime was discovered by Police Constable Dover at 1.

He noticed that the door of the shop wasnt locked. He entered, and at first he thought that the place was empty. But when he shone a light over the counter, he saw the body of the old woman. When the police doctor arrived, it was found that the woman had been hit hard on the back of the head.

The doctor said that she had probably died about seven to nine hours earlier. But weve found a man who went in and bought some tobacco at 5. A nd a second man went in and found the shop empty at five minutes past six.

So that puts the time of death at between 5. We havent been able to find anyone yet who saw Ascher, the womans husband, near the shop at the time. But he was in a pub at nine oclock and was very drunk.

Hes not a very pleasant kind of man. He didnt live with his wife? They separated some years ago. Aschers German. He was a waiter at one time, but he started drinking. After that, nobody wanted to employ him. His wife worked as a cook-housekeeper to an old lady. When the woman died, she left Mrs Ascher some money and Mrs Ascher started this tobacco and newspaper business. Ascher used to come round and cause problems for her, so she gave him a small amount of money every week to make him go away.

Had they any children? Theres a niece. Shes working as a m aid near Overton. And you say that this man Ascher used to threaten his wife? Thats right. He was terrible when he was drunk - threatening to kill her. Was anything missing from the shop? No money was taken. No signs of robbery. It seems the most likely solution, said the Inspector. But Id like to have another look at that letter you received. I was wondering if Ascher wrote it.

Poirot handed over the letter and the Inspector read it. I dont think its from Ascher, he said at last. I dont think that he would use the words our British police.

The Abc Murders By Agatha Christie

Its good quality paper, too. Its strange that the letter should say the 21st of the month. Of course it might be coincidence. That is possible - yes, said Poirot. But I dont like this kind of coincidence, M r Poirot.

Who could A B C be? Well see if Mary Drower thats Mrs Aschers niece can give us any help. Its a strange business. A constable came in. Yes, Briggs, what is it? Its the man Ascher, sir. Weve found him. Bring him in here.

Where was he? Hiding down by the railway. Franz Ascher was a very unattractive man. He was crying and threatening us at the same time.

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He looked at each of our faces in turn. So again Poirot and his partner would work together solving a complicated case. English e-Reader Open menu. Do you really want to log out? Some features are not available for unauthorized users. Log out from all devices. No Yes. Related titles. Adventure of the Christmas Pudding - Agatha Christie. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Anonymous ZamgvlWExY. Julia Nunes.

Ben Drew. Paul Bundaj. Ashwini Lakshminarayanan. Anna Golovko. Yashika Sangya Singh. Madalina Bekes. Matthew Leach. Anonymous ikURam. Vishaal Mallick. Anwesh Satapathy. Columbia Gomez. Rahul Bevinahal.He entered, and at first he thought that the place was empty.

W hy Andover? W hat do you want with me? After the Inspector had left, Poirot said, He does not change much, the good Japp, eh? There I helped my friend, the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, solve many crimes.

Look at the sentences on the right. A few moments later we were driving back to Andover.