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Free Psychometric Test Questions. (With questions and answers). JobTestPrep invites you to a free practice session that represents only some of the materials. Look no further than JobTestPrep's free PDF guides. These guides pull together all the advice you need to ace your psychometric test, outlining it in clear, easy. Perform better in psychometric and aptitude tests. We have 16 free practice aptitude tests to help you pass. Practice Aptitude Tests - Psychometric Tests - Mechanical Reasoning Tests.

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are 'ability'/'aptitude' tests or 'personality' measures. THE ADANTAGES OF PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS. Psychometric tests are an additional opportunity to. Apr 4, A detailed guide explaining Psychometric Tests to test takers. Includes practice questions, answers and expert tips from trained professionals. Jul 31, Psychometric Test Questions and Answers powerpoint slides and PDF by Richard McMunn from yazik.info

Other questions assess your understanding of words or grammar. They are often used when the job requires a candidate to accurately read and interpret written information, such as roles in marketing or customer services. Here is an example of a typical verbal reasoning question: You will be presented with a passage to read and a statement about that passage. It gives them the opportunity to experience foreign cultures, make friends and build lifelong memories.

As the skills required for securing a job tend to be low, most graduates choose not to turn their experience into a career, but enjoy the time they spend abroad.

Statement 2: All graduates who spend time working in holiday results make friends. The correct answer is cannot say: the passage says that it gives [graduates] the opportunity to make friends, it is impossible to say whether all graduates do so. Statement 3: Graduates working in holiday resorts often find that the pay and working conditions are lower than they might expect in the UK.

Mechanical Reasoning Tests

The correct answer is true: the passage says that graduates may find themselves working long hours for very little money, as holiday resorts often do not adhere to the standards we might expect in the UK This video explains true, false, cannot say type questions in more detail: Whilst the example above is the most commonly found type of verbal reasoning question, there are other types, as follows.

Free Text Editing Here you must correct the text shown below.

For example: You have invited a number of colleagues to a meeting. Please rank their responses from the most to least positive: 1. Ok, sounds good, please can you send me the agenda? Is there any chance I could grab the minutes from someone instead? The correct order is: 1. You can find our expert article on Logical Reasoning tests here. They typically present you with a sequence of images or patterns and ask you to identify the next in the series or the odd one out.

Abstract reasoning tests tend to be used for jobs where the candidate will need to problem solve effectively, manage new situations and understand how different elements can interrelate, as such they are often used for leadership and managerial roles.

Here are some examples of abstract reasoning questions: Look at the items in the top row and decide which of the items in the bottom row comes next in the sequence: The correct answer is D. To solve this, you will need to have identified the two rules operating here: Rule 1: Odd to even, the shapes row move one position upwards, reappearing at the bottom when they disappear off the top.

Rule 2: Even to odd, the shapes move one position to the left, reappearing on the right when they disappear off the left side. Abstract reasoning questions often involve movement of shapes. Look out for different rules that operate on odd or even questions as they are becoming more common.

Here is another example of a tricky abstract reasoning question: Look at the items in the top row and decide which of the items in the bottom row comes next in the sequence: The correct answer is A. To solve this question, you need to understand that the squares in the top half of the boxes tell you something about the shapes below them — they are a kind of code. In this case there are four rules: Rule 1: Grey square means that the shape and colour of the shape below are correct.

Rule 2: Striped square means that the shape and colour of the shape below are incorrect. Rule 3: Black square means that the shape of the shape below is correct but colour is wrong. Rule 4: White square means that the colour of the shape below is correct but shape is wrong.

Mechanical Reasoning Tests These tests evaluate competence in mechanical or technical ability. They tend to be used for jobs where there is a need to understand how things work technically, such as engineering roles.

They often include questions on topics such as levers, gears, pulleys, springs, screws, acceleration, gravity, clamps, shafts, pressure, friction, eights, volumes, conveyor belts, kinetic and potential energy, balancing scales, simple electrical circuits, applied maths, magnetism, mirrors and reflection.

This film gives a good introduction to solving different mechanical reasoning tests. This includes analysing, conceptualising and reasoning.

thinking beyond

To be successful candidates must be able to structure and appraise arguments, identify assumptions and inferences, and understand and synthesise information, these tests are primarily used for lawyers but they are also used by other organisations where a high level of analysis is required. The most common critical thinking test is Watson Glaser.

You can find out more about these types of tests in this video: Personality Tests These tests aim to understand what a person is like and how they are likely to behave. You can find our expert guide to Personality Tests here. There are other personality tests that are particularly relevant to the workplace, such as the OPQ Occupational Personality Questionnaire or that assess how an individual is likely to respond to authority e.

Others assess how individuals are likely to behave under pressure such as Hogan Dark Side. A more recent trend has emerged in which one test can provide a wealth of different psychometric data in one go, such as Talent Q Dimensions.

Motivation Tests These tests aim to understand what is likely to drive or motivate an individual.

There are many different things that might motivate someone, things like the need for sustainability e. Understanding what motivates someone is particularly useful for understanding whether they are going to find the culture and expectations of the organisation agreeable, and in establishing whether they are likely to focus effectively on the priorities of the role.

Situational Judgement Tests These tests are designed to understand how a candidate might actually behave in the workplace. For example, are they likely to be a good team player? Are they likely to show high levels of perseverance? Or are they likely to focus mainly on themselves and give up at the first hurdle?

This is assessed by presenting candidates with a hypothetical scenario, relevant to their desired job, and asking them to select the option which they see as the best response. These tend to be useful to assess attitude, motivation or organisational fit.

This film introduces situational judgement test in a little more detail: In reality it is not unusual to be asked to complete several psychometric tests for the same role: numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning is a particularly common combination, particularly for leadership roles. You can find our expert guide to Situational Judgement Tests here.

They should also be fair and unbiased against any particular group, and they should be administered and interpreted by someone qualified to do so. So if a test says that it assesses numerical ability, does it actually do so.

As stated by Maphanga companies seek employees who demonstrate optimum skill in absorbing and applying knowledge. In order to employ candidates of this calibre, it is imperative that companies utilise good recruitment methods.

The use of psychometric tests comprises part of the broader recruitment process consisting of the application documents, reference checks and selection interviews.

Indeed, the use of psychometric tests in industry has increased considerably over the years and they are extensively used in workplace selection Menday to evaluate the abilities of clerical, technical, graduate and executive job candidates. Parkinson In so doing, psychometric tests consist of a range of instruments which are designed to assess and quantify the attributes, abilities, personality traits and various skills of the candidate under consideration for a vacancy Jenkins By and large, tests fall into two broad categories.

Some tests are designed to evaluate personal qualities, such as personality, values, interests and beliefs.

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These are known as measures of typical performance. Other tests are designed to measure performance and typically measure ability, aptitude or attainment.

These tests are known as measures of maximum performance. The questions in these tests do have right and wrong answers and these tests are usually administered with a fixed time limit The British Psychological Society The use of psychometric tests as part of the selection process has many advantages, both for the company as well as for the candidate applying for the vacancy.

It permits companies to reduce bias and error in their decision making procedure and allows the selection of the most suitable candidates for the vacant positions Mujcic Van der Walt in Van der Merwe also posits that psychometric tests are more reliable and more valid than other methods and, additionally, research has indicated that tests are approximately four times more effective than screening interviews.

This is supported by Kemp who states that the appropriate use of psychometric tests yields valuable information that is not easily collected during the interview process. Candidates undergoing psychometric tests also benefit as they are placed in employment in which it has been psychometrically established that they will enjoy and perform well in Mujcic In the current labour market, it is imperative that companies have optimal output and efficient and effective employee performance, quality personnel, positive morale and reduced turnover — attributes that are enhanced through the appropriate use of psychometric testing during the recruitment process.

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Diagrammatic reasoning tests and how they work

Psychological testing and assessment. Jenkins, A. London: Centre for the Economics of Education.It could be a good score if everyone else scored 10 out of 10 or poor if everyone else scored 20 out of Spatial reasoning ability involves visualizing and manipulating two-dimensional or three-dimensional shapes or patterns.

Mechanical Reasoning Tests. Interview Questions. Mechanical Reasoning for Emergency Services and Military Jobs If you are taking a mechanical reasoning test as part of the selection process for the emergency services or the military then the questions you can expect will tend to concentrate on principles rather than on making calculations.