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Get your copy of The Future of Retail yazik.info In the fifth volume of the Future of Retail report the PSFK. goes here. no profile picture user. Post · uriwatas · PDF TECH at PDF TECH. DOWNLOAD FULL. BOOKS INTO AVAILABLE FORMAT. In this major report from PSFK, our research team explores the dynamic social, Originally published November and titled Future of Retail

Psfk Future Of Retail 2015 Pdf

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the future, Soldsie automatically sends a payment invoice as well as the downloadd . will grow at rapid rates in as more retailers realize the benefits and. Here's a speed summary and embed of PSFK's latest report on the Future of Retail , with 10 practical recommendations (with examples). PSFK and Cisco have partnered to create a primer on how retailers can In the Future of Retail report, PSFK describes the 10 Pillars of the New Shopper.

When consumers face time pressures, they benefit more from quicker service, fast access, quick payment and so forth.

Offering time savings solutions to customers in store should be one of the main objectives for retailers if they want to keep customers and attract new ones. These results match with academic research and demonstrate that the one aspect that can provide advantages to traditional retailers of good repute is their outstanding capability to blend their unique resources such as reputation and physical presence with threshold resources like technology and product variety Agnihotri, Almost half of shoppers say that engaging with them in innovative a creative ways to provide a multisensory experience influences their overall feeling of loyalty toward a brand Accenture, and therefore, their download intention.

Retailers should explore how to best use technology to move consumers through each of the stages in the download process Burke, The ability to get discounts or compare prices is also important for half or more of shoppers.

Price is also a determinant factor for shopping online only as well as convenience time saving and delivery IAB, The main reasons to download online stated by consumers are convenience, time saving and money saving IAB, Another important reason is stock availability and delivery. The reasons mobile users state for using a smartphone to shop are: convenience, price, immediate download, and mainly because of advertising prompting IAB, Mobile shopping experiences have very strong emotional significance for customers Thakur, and is becoming a trend among millennials and a threat for physical stores.

In this case, convenience and time saving are the main reasons why customers choose this way of shopping.


Mobile technologies are crucial due to the gap between offline and online channels Mosquera et al. Showrooming As we have mentioned in previous chapters of this document, showrooming occurs when consumers use brick-and-mortar stores to evaluate goods in person, and then go online to download for a better price.

Whereas in the multichannel phase research shopping gained some attention Gensler et al. In fact, about one-third of consumers say they have showroomed at some time Fulgoni, Showrooming is dangerous for retailers as real downloads may end up in another channel and even to another retailer.

Showrooming works best for differentiated goods Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and this allows retailers to create a competitive advantage over the competitors, either in the same shopping path or in a different one. Searches and future downloads online are made based on price mainly.

Webrooming Webrooming is the way in which consumers research products online before visiting a brick-and-mortar store for final evaluation and download Edwards, Consumers mainly use it for convenience, especially if they need a product immediately.

This should become more common as in-store inventory visibility increases on e-Commerce sites.

Intangible Capital

Also common for consumers who want to avoid shipping costs Worldpay, In product categories where the touch-and-feel of the new product is crucial for consumers and the benefits of online shopping are relatively small e. The same reasons as traditional shoppers, mainly.

The need of touch and feel is important for most customers as well as immediate availability. Technology has changed the game when it comes to immediacy and reach of customer feedback, and it is also equipping retailers with better tools to listen and respond to those conversations Rigby et al.

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Insights From The Omnichannel Retail Playbook

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The Omnichannel Retail Playbook

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. For our sixth edition of The Future of Retail report, I wanted to provide new guidance to all of the companies actively lining up their omni- channel shopping experiences in place.


Companies must look beyond traditional systems and devices and focus on the design of an intuitive and customized shopper experience. They must provide both utility and education to their customers with a narrative and program rich retail experiences that drive sales.

This report will help us all to understand the opportunities for developing a shopper narrative and apply the lessons to their work so we create a new era of engaging, relevant and vibrant retail. Emerging technologies and their impact on consumer expectations require companies to take a different approach to retail, regardless of channel or platform.

While utility and relevance form a solid foundation, retailers and brands must strive to deliver more to truly capture the hearts and minds of today's shopper. By tapping into an ecosystem of partners and a community of fellow customers, they can create a powerful halo effect, generating value for all who participate.

Through the exploration of innovations in service, technology and design we highlight the ways leading retailers, brands and startups are responding to the demands of consumers and differentiating themselves from the competition.Instead brand and retailers must develop a broader process that considers the core needs of shoppers, delivering utility, value and meaningful interactions at every point along their journey.

Digital influence in UK retail. Why loyalty is declining. In addition, with the global economy is poised for economic growth, what does this mean for tomorrows consumer, how loyal will they continue to be towards brands if the economy to grows as price comparison may be less of an issue, in turn, other factors will determine loyalty.

Featured within the page report, readers can find: By embracing these tool, retailers will be able to turn consumers into product and brand advocates.