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Sunday, June 16, 2019

So as the title says, my issue now is whenever I try to make a call via voice, I get the "Phonebook Download In Progress, Please Try Again Later. I can get my Samsung Galaxy S6 to pair with it ok, but I can't get my phone book contacts to download to the car. The car uses MyLink. I lost my phone book on my car day before yesterday and Verizon had no the menu and therefore can't access the 'Contact Transfer' process.

Phone Book In Progress Mylink

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It just can't or won't find the contact numbers on the phone.” February 1, at Possibly the WiFi interfered with the process. Don't know. Hey guys, I just got my OP2 three days ago and have had some issues syncing my phone book to my car. I just downloadd a GMC Terrain. I really hope someone can help me out with this. I have a Galaxy Note 3 and I recently downloadd a Chevrolet car with their Chevy Mylink system. It.

Wprather January 30, disabling bluetooth on phone didn't fix it for me It has happened much less on Turning off bluetooth on the phone seldom helps.

But going to the car's Bluetooth screen and disconnecting then reconnecting the phone does work much more often. It used to take a full center screen restart but that hasn't been necessary recently.

Silver2K January 30, when rebooting MCU try this method hold down both scroll wheels and press the brake pedal down hard and wait for the MCU to show the Tesla logo and let go of everything togliat March 1, Same exact thing happens to me and has been for several months and is much more frequent than some of these posts.

The problem is that the ghost call shows up on my dashboard preventing me from seeing valuable information. Additionally, the music is paused during this ghost call. Turning off the Bluetooth or going into airplane mode will temporarily suspend the ghost call but cycling the Bluetooth or airplane mode does not work because it goes to call reappears as soon as the phone reconnects to the car.

My Tesla service was unaware of the issue when I brought it to their attention in December BigD0g March 1, Try rebooting your phone i was having this issue as well, and rebooting my phone has made it go away.

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Fins March 1, Go to the service center and have them reset the Bluetooth card Do a full reboot of your phone. That is the one thing I found that resolves it and have since seen several others like BigD0g second as fixing the issue.

LFViking March 1, A similar thing happened to me. However, it was not 1 in 20, it was every time. I could not end the "call" from the car, but turning off blue tooth worked for me. I started turning off blue-tooth before getting in the car.

I updated iOS around that time, so I thought that might be related. I took it to the service center for another issue , after that I wanted to show them the problem.

Phonebook won't sync to car

Except, it went away. It has not reappeared. I don't if they did a reboot or what resolved the issue.

I don't think my Nexus has done this to me even once. Anyone with android had this happen? PawelSokolowski January 4, Reviving the old thread I have just updated my iOS on my iphone yesterday, and I am getting those ghost calls every time I get into the car.

I don't think so.

That's definitely iPhone's fault. I will make reboots and do some research.

An iOS 13 Preview: The 7 Top Features Coming to Your iPhone

Eletrek January 4, So much non-sense on this forum it is almost useless. Guys this isn't a phone issue it is a Tesla Bluetooth issue.

Thinks I'm in an active call to myself. Just in case any of those affected use Wyze cams havent seen it with my Nest app.

I have an android phone and the app does not have to be actively on, just in the background will trigger this. Try looking for something like this running on your phones. This same issue used to happen a couple of times a month with my wife's iPhone X and her Honda Pilot, and now happens just as frequently with her Audi Q5.

Resetting the iPhone or vehicle infotainment system always temporarily resolves it. I also have an iPhone X and never experience this. For many services, like your 5 free years of OnStar Basic remote control power from your cell to your car, download the app today!

Chevrolet Malibu Radio/Phone problems

Your in-vehicle navigation comes with live traffic updates. When your system sees major delays ahead, it can alter your route to avoid slow traffic. This feature works independently from your Chevrolet's "Traffic" app, as that app works through Sirius XM Travel Link's satellite data, so you do not need to pay any monthly fees for this service.

Your map can show nearby traffic incidents, including traffic, delays, road construction, road closures, and advisories.

Tap "Avoid" to select a route segment you'd like to avoid, or "Turn List" to view your full turn-by-turn instructions. Under "Waypoints," view summaries of miles and ETAs of each stop.

GM Authority

We love the "Optimize" feature, which will automatically order all the stops you've input for the shortest, least drive time. Tap "edit" to manually change your route order with the arrows, or tap "X" to delete that stop. To zoom out with a gesture, slide two fingers apart. For instance, spread your thumb and pointer finger apart on top of the center map display.

Email Service

Pinch two fingers together to zoom in. When stationary, drag the map around with one finger to explore nearby you, tapping the bottom center "Reset" button to re-center the screen on your location.

This button turns back into "Reset;" tap this to re-center the screen again to your Chevy. The top-left displays the remaining miles of your route, along with either your estimated time of arrival at your destination or remaining travel time.

After about a minute of inactivity, the bottom menu bar will fade out to reveal your map full-screen. Simply tap the screen and it will reappear.Go to the service center and have them reset the Bluetooth card The voice command access to the phones contact numbers was seamless and easy.

My account. Can we get OnePlus to fix this issue? Were you on the phone when you exited the car?

Upload Photo Photo optional. Report Follow. Send Addresses to Your Chevy! To save the location to your address book, tap "Save. I have an android phone and the app does not have to be actively on, just in the background will trigger this.