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Polypharmacy in chronic diseases–Reduction of Inappropriate Medication and Adverse drug events in older populations by electronic Decision Support. Individuals with central nervous system disease or injury have a much higher risk of loss of bowel control and severe constipation than other. Commonly associated with sepsis, cardiovascular collapse, congestive heart failure, major surgery, nephrotoxins (such as antibiotics, intravenous contrast.

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Other associated environmental triggers include head trauma, industrial toxins, and drugs that have mitochondrial toxicity, such as antiretrovirals and ethambutol. The papillomacular bundle of RGCs responsible for central vision is affected first and more severely because of its small-diameter fibers and heavy dependence on mitochondria.

Such an uneven distribution of mitochondria partly explains why the unmyelinated portion of RGC axons is particularly affected.

It remains unclear why mitochondrial mutations in other disorders lead to a phenotype with systemic disease. With time, it has become more apparent that LHON can be associated with other non-visual neurologic sequelae.

Cardiac arrhythmias, peripheral neuropathies, dystonia, and myoclonus can occur in LHON carriers.

In females with the mutation, this immune response may involve other myelinated axons and result in a disorder indistinguishable from multiple sclerosis. It also poses the question of whether mitochondrial genes contribute to susceptibility to multiple sclerosis. Some report that the co-occurrence of LHON mutations and multiple sclerosis is likely due to chance and note that those patients present with atypical symptoms of LHON, in which there is a higher female predominance and persisting unilateral vision loss.

Even though there is promising research underway, the mainstay of clinical treatment for LHON remains supportive rather than curative.

Low vision aids can be of substantial benefit for those with central vision loss from LHON. Patients should also be counselled to optimize environmental risk factors for vision loss by avoiding tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, medications with mitochondrial toxicity, and exposure to environmental toxins. However, analyses have shown little proof of efficacy with these interventions.

One review noted that only 35 of 1, publications had trials with more than five patients.

Brimonidine has been shown to be antiapoptotic, and it can protect RGCs from oxidative damage in animal models. However, the study was stopped prematurely because all of the patients experienced vision loss in their second eye, and brimonidine did not appear to mitigate the amount of vision loss.

It has been proposed that increased intraocular pressure may further exacerbate axoplasmic stasis in RGCs already under high metabolic stress.

Ubiquinone analogs Ubiquinone is a molecule in the mitochondrial membrane that carries electrons from complexes I and II to complex III. It has long been used in attempts to treat mitochondrial disorders, yet recent analyses have not shown significant benefit.

Idebenone and EPI are short-chain ubiquinone analogs that easily enter the brain and reach mitochondria, unlike coenzyme Q Idebenone has been shown to bypass complex I and maintain ATP production, and it inhibits lipid peroxidation to protect mitochondria from oxidative damage.

However, the data showed a positive trend for the secondary end points, including change from baseline in best visual acuity and change in visual acuity for both eyes, particularly for patients with discordant visual acuities.

In the observational follow-up study RHODOS-OFU , 59 of the original patients were followed up 30 months later, and those who were treated with idebenone still showed beneficial effects, especially those who had a short disease history.

Those treated with idebenone recovered vision more than the control cohort, and the improvement was more prominent with early initiation of treatment and longer duration of treatment. The treatment group showed improvement in blue-yellow color vision and less impairment of red-green color vision, and this effect was more prominent in those younger than 30 years of age and with less than 1 year of symptoms.


While not as widely studied as idebenone, EPI was used in a trial including five patients with a disease duration of 90 days, and four of the five patients showed disease arrest and reversal after treatment for a minimum of 1 year.

Gene therapy Gene therapy has shown some promise for mitochondrial diseases. However, the ability to introduce genes directly into the mitochondrial genome has not been well developed, and a large obstacle is the double membrane of the mitochondrion. Thus, researchers have utilized allotopic expression by transfecting the desired gene into the nuclear genome instead. The gene is then transfected into the nucleus with an adeno-associated virus AAV vector.

One of the first successful attempts in vitro was on a cybrid cell line that was homoplasmic for the mutation, in which researchers used allotopic expression to complement the mutated ND4 subunit with a wild-type one, and rescued ATP synthesis. One study isolated whole mtDNA from healthy human donors and developed a construct with recombinant mitochondrial transcription factor A protein that could gain direct entry into mitochondria.

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This construct was then applied to LHON cybrids that were homoplasmic for the mutation, and it stimulated mitochondrial biogenesis. The mitochondrial targeting sequence led to direct introduction of the wild-type ND4 gene into mitochondria in vitro and in a mouse model, in which there was restoration of ATP synthesis. These studies show immense therapeutic potential, but research remains preliminary and further studies are required to evaluate adverse effects and determine how long the beneficial effects would last.

Stem cells The use of stem cells to treat mitochondrial optic neuropathies is still in the preliminary stages, but two techniques are currently under investigation. One technique involves transplantation of RGCs.

However, harvesting mature and fully functioning RGCs from embryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells remains challenging, and is further compounded by the difficulty in ensuring that transplanted RGCs make the correct neuronal connections when integrated into the retina.

Blobner und E.

Kochs geben an, dass kein Interessenkonflikt besteht. Dieser Beitrag beinhaltet keine Studien an Menschen oder Tieren. Meine Selbstbestimmung ist mir wichtig.

Sind Sie zuversichtlich, dass — im Falle schwerster Krankheit z. Literatur 1. Beller S Empirisch forschen lernen. Konzepte, Methoden, Fallbeispiele, Tipps.

Hans Huber, Bern Google Scholar 4. Ecomed Medizin, Hamburg Google Scholar 5. Hammes BJ, Rooney BL, Gundrum JD A comparative, retrospective, observational study of the prevalence, availability, and specificity of advance care plans in a county that implemented an advance care planning microsystem.GPs in the intervention group will conduct further medication reviews using the PRIMA-eDS tool for their participating patients, and make the medication changes they think are appropriate, at each follow-up and final visit.

It has been proposed that increased intraocular pressure may further exacerbate axoplasmic stasis in RGCs already under high metabolic stress. Court decides rules violate EU law for all payments triggering withholding tax, regardless of whether a reduced rate applies based on an EU directive or an applicable tax treaty.

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion,

Peintinger M Therapeutische Partnerschaft. Discussion The principal hypothesis is that reduction of polypharmacy and inappropriate prescribing can improve the clinical composite outcome of hospitalization or death.

Isr Med Assoc J. Rectal stimulants One small trial in people with spinal cord injuries compared two bisacodyl suppositories, one polyethylene glycol-based PGB and one hydrogenated vegetable oil-based HVB.

To monitor data quality, we will transfer data to the Department of Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany, every week throughout the trial.