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Thanks for A2A. I don't think so, you will find this book for free in pdf format. Some books has pdf. Try to read it in site kindle. K. Natwar Singh: yazik.info ONE LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH book. Read 78 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A bureaucrat for over three decades—and then a vital player. PDF | On Feb 1, , Ambuj Thakur and others published K. Natwar Singh, My China Diary: The book is a valuable addition to the literature K. Natwar Singh 's My China Dairy: – is a valuable recent addition to.

Natwar Singh Book Pdf

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K. Natwar Singh_One Life is Not Enough - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. When I first came across a news-piece which said Natwar Singh, who had several However, over the next few days, I was surprised to find that the book turned. The News Minute | July 31, | am IST Once a close aide of the Gandhi family and a former Union Minister, Natwar Singh’s book.

He was quoted in several leading dailies, saying: Sonia Gandhi herself had maintained a dignified silent through most of the brouhaha. However, she has finally spoken up and released a statement: I am serious about it and I will be writing," she told reporters in Parliament House recently.

This is a book that I look forward to reading, as it will counter Natwar Singh's rather one-sided and malicious penmanship. To end with a quote from Aesop, the ancient Greek fabulist: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

French president Macron says 'the worst' has been prevented as bell towers are saved but inferno reduces much of the medieval cathedral to ashes in just an HOUR. Natwar's book is a shameful, misogynist betrayal of friendship By Archana Dalmia Published: Share or comment on this article: One Life is Not Enough: Natwar Singh's book is a shameful, misogynist betrayal of friendship e-mail.

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Bing Site Web Enter search term: KNS gives a very good insight into the matter he is talking about. If one could read between lines, it is full of timeless wisdom. It's a pity that most of the coverage the book and author got was for trivial reasons. Actually, those interviewers missed the complete point.

KNS presented a whole tree, but media trivialised it to a tiny branch. download and delivery was a nice experience and got the book in pristine condition. Seller deserves credit for good packaging and timely service.


Right from the very beginning the writer labors to show his acquaintances with great authors and contemporary writers like E. Forster, J.

Ackerlay, L. Dickinson, R.

K. Natwar Singh_One Life is Not Enough

Narayan, Ahmad Ali, Santha Rama Rao and many others as a result of which the book smacks of a literary flavor and reverts with echoes of poetic allusions like 'only connect' and 'Two Cheers for Democracy' from E.

Forster and many other eminent writers which add a literary dimension to the book.

Initial part of the book interested me more , as it revolves around colonial India and it's social elements. The chapter on Sonia Gandhi is a bit let down , expected some more straight forward criticisms. Too much words have been wasted to prove innocence from Volker allegation. Over all Its a good read Hope this helps you. Autobiography of K.

Seven things about Sonia Gandhi in Natwar Singh's book

Natwar Singh a seasoned academician, bureaucrat and politician who has close access to the functioning of government is really a treat for the readers who are interested to read about insights of Indian politics and government functions.

Service of site has also been excellent. A brilliant account of the highs and lows of diplomacy through the years.

In his uniquely refreshing style, Natwar captures the gist of the Indian story through his bureaucrat lens. The focus is more on the Nehru Indira era, which the author looks back with fondness and nostalgia. Sadly, the limited coverage of the Sonia era seems to be tinged with bitterness, and understandably so.

At a later stage of the book, the author seems to be obssessed with the apparent injustice meted out to him, and at that point the politician in him takes over. Ironically, through the book, Natwar highlights the best and worst aspects of the Indian system.

It is a must-read for any serious reader who needs to understand the working of the bureaucratic machinery in India. And of course, for the lovers of pristine English language, this book is a veritable treat. One Life is not enough, is an interesting book and is worth reading.

Kr Natwar Singh has written about all the ups and downs in the life of an ambassador as well as a politician. The book starts with the early life of Sh Singh and passes through his life as an IFS officer and becoming a politician to the downfall of his political career.

He has emphasised about his proximity and loyalty to the Nehru-Gandhi family. Sh Singh, being a diplomat has good command over the choice of his words. The book takes the reader along with it and he never feels apart from the story. One person found this helpful. I have read Mr.

Singh's previous books and was not at all disappointed with his latest. Written in a matter of fact style and yet in a intriguing manner, the skeletons in the political cupboards are revealed. Tongue in cheek humour livens it up. Contrary to popular perceptions, this is not the rant of a disillusioned bureaucrat but a real spill- the - beans show.

Nirad Chaudhuri is not quite the most comfortable person to be with. In direct contrast, R K Narayan is. In this chapter, Natwar Singh manages to bring out a rather spirited picture of Narayan, complete with a flight from New York to get away from the tentacles of the American legal system. Thus began a friendship that has survived the turbulent, at times hostile, phases of the Sino-Indian relationship. A year-long friendship that lasted even as India went through Operation Bluestar and China saw the Tiananmen massacre.

She goes straight for the really fine people of this world, like Natwar, and is rude like hell to C-in-Cs, Generals, Maharajas, Presidents, lions, VIPs and in general sacred cows.

The non-political side of a person who was a voracious reader, a person of taste and gravitas. He has many anecdotes from his long association with her, some of which he shares with the reader. Especially touching are some of the copies of personal notes which she wrote on family occasions. Sometimes letters give more than a peep into the mind of the writer.Though our lifestyle was quite luxurious.

The Hindustan Times was taboo. The structure of the book leaves a lot to be desired, non-linear at the best of times and haphazard at worst. Lord Wavell called a conference of all political leaders in Shimla.

I was pushed around and got nowhere near his coach. I sat opposite the Chairman, my heart pounding.