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SWITCHEDSienna Mercer For my brother, Jared, with love and gratitude Contents Chapter 1 Here we go, Olivia Abbott. My Sister the Vampire #1. My Sister the Vampire (Series). Sienna Mercer Author Emily Bauer Narrator (). cover image of Switched. My Sister the Vampire. When Olivia Abbott moves to town,she's excited to join the cheerleading team and make new yazik.info she meets Ivy.

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whole my-sister-is-a-vampire thing was big news, too, but of course Camilla didn't know anything about that. Olivia was one of the only humans in the world who. My Sister the Vampire Series Collection of Books Includes: Switched; Fangtastic; Re-Vamped; Vampalicious; Take Two; Love Bites; Lucky Break; The Bat. looked so good with your pale complexion.' 'Did I also “look good” on the way home, when I tripped over it and fell flat on my face?' Ivy snorted.

Ivy was so mad she felt like screaming. Olivia waved to the waitress and ordered a huge piece of chocolate cake with two forks. She leaned forward conspiratorially. A smile crept across her face. How funny would it be if Charlotte went through a whole meal surrounded by all her best friends—including her new BF, me?

Except that me will be you! My cover would be blown in seconds. Besides, what better way is there for twin sisters to get to know each other than to be each other? That decides it, Ivy thought. And then, at exactly the same moment, Ivy and her sister both laughed. She slipped inside and pulled a piece of cardboard out of her black patent leather purse. Opening the door a tiny bit, she screwed up her face in concentration and reached around to hang the sign on the doorknob, looking like a safecracker in a heist movie.

Ivy grabbed her wrist.

It means aglow with life, awash in sunlight. It means you woke up this 45 morning on the beach in California with a hottie feeding you grapes.

You need spray-on tan. It was the eyeshadow that really clinched it, though. Ivy now actually looked like a living person.

Olivia pulled off her shirt and skirt, folded them neatly, and slipped them underneath the blue metal divider. In return, Ivy passed her a tangled wad of black fabric.

A minute later, Olivia opened the stall door and stood looking at herself in the mirror. A floorlength, black lace skirt was so not her style. Then again, she did like the way it was slit up the side. Suddenly, the stall door beside her opened. Olivia watched her sister take in their reflections. Uh-oh, Olivia thought. Then she took the can and sprayed her lower legs and feet herself. Except for the combat boots. They sort of ruin it.

Ivy stuck her tongue out right back. They traded shoes. Olivia finished lacing up the heavy black boots and tried taking a few steps. The dark ponytail 48 whipped around and smacked her in the face.

Lead with your chin. Now let me see you smile. And again. My sunny disposition is one of my best qualities. I can tell. If you get stuck, just ask about the latest. Ivy slouched back to her normal self. A jumbled waterfall of stuff clattered out: cosmetics, pens, chewing gum, scraps of paper, nail files, pictures, paper clips. Ivy shook the bag. A full-size stapler crashed to the counter. She shook it again.

Out tumbled a small, black aerosol can, which Ivy snatched up and displayed in the palm of her hand. She grabbed the can and inspected the label.

Now close your eyes. The spray was cool and moist on her skin, but it dried almost instantly. She glanced in the mirror.

Olivia tried to hold still. At all. But Sophia Hewitt has been my best friend since we were four years old. You have to go! She hugged her sister for luck. Olivia did her best not to grin after her. After all, she was a Goth now. She started smiling, but then she forgot to bounce. Ivy caught a glimpse of Charlotte Brown and her minions already at their table, and she ducked nervously into the food line.

As the line crept along, Ivy decided to try a hair flip. She thought of a mouse running along the floor, just as Olivia said, and followed it out of the corner of her eye.

Her ponytail swung around smoothly. Ivy imagined Charlotte jumping up and down, screaming her head off. That was better. Now it was suddenly easy to smile and bounce. Her full tray in hand, Ivy set her sights on the Table of Evil. Charlotte saw her and waved excitedly, then rested her hand meaningfully on the shoulder of the boy next to her—none other than Jeff Moore, the original beefy superbunny.

Even from this far away, Ivy could see Charlotte fluttering her eyelashes. She was almost at the Table of Evil when she realized with a jolt that she was walking right past her usual table, where all her friends were eating lunch. She nearly tripped over one of her flipflops and had to bend down to get it back on.

What am I doing? Ivy thought nervously. I remember, thought Ivy, turning her smile back on. A girl who really eats. Olivia, this is Jeff.

Remember I was telling you about him?

My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched

Jeff chomped a French fry. Jockstrap Jeff Moore likes me! We forgot wrestling! Katie and Allison looked seriously shocked. This is going better than I ever imagined! Ivy thought, wiggling her toes in delight underneath the table. Charlotte Brown is literally eating her words! Olivia was having a great time trudging back toward the science hall bathroom at the end of lunch period.

Her mouth set firmly, she peered out at people from behind a wall of hair. Being a Goth is so cool! Her period in the library had flown by.

My Sister the Vampire, Book Two: Fangtastic!

The story had been so awesome that, before Olivia knew it, the bell had rung for the end of the period. Now she was in a hurry to get back to the bathroom and find out from Ivy how things had gone with Charlotte Brown.

Olivia rounded the corner and crashed right 58 into a Goth boy! Her book flew from her hands and skittered across the floor. She looked at the boy as he bent to pick up her book. He was thin with broad shoulders, wearing black cargo pants and a black button-down work shirt. His pale face was surrounded by dark disheveled curls. He looked familiar, probably from one of her classes. I guess my boots got ahead of me.

He frowned, looking cute, if you were into the brooding type. Just kidding? He glanced at the cover of her book. She knew she should just take the book and 59 go, but it really was something that more people should read. It, uh, really sucks. He nodded. Then she spotted Ivy down the hallway.

My Sister the Vampire #3: Re-Vamped!

Gosh, she really does look fabulous in that skirt! The boy was still looking at her. Oh, no, thought Olivia. Lunch with Charlotte was a bust! Ivy stamped her flip-flop on the ground and frantically motioned for Olivia to follow her into the bathroom right now!

Olivia thought as she washed off the heavy eyeliner and white makeup. Lunch must have been really awful. It was a bad idea. Charlotte was never going to fall for it. Olivia felt like such a dork.

Olivia straightened her skirt and pushed open her own door.

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Ivy sighed dramatically and shut her eyes. What did he say? He just. He was, like, hanging on my every word. In fact, lunch went so well that Jeff Moore asked you to go to the mall with him after school. Olivia laughed. Talking about sports makes the lunch period seem eternal. See you in science. With a shock, Ivy saw Brendan Daniels less than ten lockers away.

He looked like he was waiting for someone. He must have been there this whole time! Ivy realized, her heart jumping around in her chest like a bat caught in daylight. What if he heard what we were saying? Ivy forced herself to put one boot in front of the other. She ran a hand along the wall of lockers to steady herself. He was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen.

Ivy put both hands on her bag to keep them from shaking. Like, after school? She thought she must have misheard him. He shook his head. He spun around. His smile shone. He held up his hand, and then was gone. Ivy collapsed against the lockers.

Her hands were still shaking, and her heart pounded.

After school. Ivy was going to be late for class, too. She worked up the strength to start walking, and, as she made her way slowly through the prebell crowd, she let herself imagine her coming date with Brendan. As Ivy turned into the main hallway, she imagined the two of them walking side by side, talking on and on about. What are we going to talk about? Her wave of excitement disappeared like predawn fog.

How was she going to talk to Brendan Daniels for a whole afternoon when five minutes ago she could barely string two words together? He would think she was an utter loser. Suddenly somebody came up from behind and linked arms with her.

She nearly jumped out of her skin. She let Sophia lead the way. What, did Brendan Daniels ask you for a pen or something? Sophia 70 would put a stake through Ivy if she backed out now. She took a deep breath.

She let her hair fall in front of her face and followed her friend into their fourth-period class. Strain shouted, holding a ridiculous red hunting cap on his head. Remember, conifers are extra credit! Ivy was gone. She caught up with Ivy near the edge of the field. Ivy kept working silently, picking up leaves, looking at them, jotting notes down, throwing them back.

She looked really sad. Olivia sighed. I promised Sophia ages ago. She was scattering leaves this way and that. Finally she just sat down on the ground, eyes closed, thinking hard. She could hear her sister scribbling and picking up leaves. It was a windy day, and Olivia shivered. Olivia grabbed her sister by the shoulders. Then she shook her head. Finally, she looked up.

This meeting will be all Goths. The boy you like likes you. He likes you. The only thing that will definitely ruin that is if you blow him off. She was not going to take no for an answer. Strain called. This was technically true, because twenty minutes later, Olivia stood with Ivy at the base of a willow tree—lined driveway that led up a small hill.

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Stake Out! Double Disaster! Flipping Out! Fashion Frightmare! My Sister The Vampire Series Switched, Fangtastic! My Sister the Vampire Set:Ivy realized, her heart jumping around in her chest like a bat caught in daylight. Then she spotted Ivy down the hallway. Flying Solo by Sienna Mercer. Olivia spun around to face her.

She thought of the two-story brick house her family had just moved into on the other side of Franklin Grove. This is weird, thought Olivia. But it was another thing altogether to get seated behind Charlotte Brown and die of boredom listening to her endless, dumb, mean-spirited chatter.

Not letting go of her hand, Olivia inched over to the dispenser on the wall and pulled out some paper towels. Sophia veered into the parking lot of a giant FoodMart.