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BPB is the Asia's largest publishers of Computer, Electronic Books and CD Roms / DVDs. For the last 58 years, BPB has been a friend, philosopher and guide for. yazik.info - download BPB Microsoft Office Course (Hindi) PB book online at best prices in india on yazik.info Read BPB Microsoft Office Course (Hindi ). UNIT–I Office Packages: Office activates and their software requirements, Word- processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation graphics, Database.

Ms Office Hindi Book

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Books For You offers book Microsoft Office (Hindi Edition). Ms Office (Hindi Edition) [Yogesh Patel] on yazik.info this book on MS Office introduces the concept of Word Processing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft, how to. msoffice yazik.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. MS Word dks fuEu izdkj ls open fd;k tk ldrk gS. Start on. Programs. MS Office. MS Word . 4. Thesis 5. Book work 6. Others File yazik.info: document file.

Get things done with Office

That helps improve readability of the file quickly. Page layout option provides you with a chance to change spacing before the paragraphs, indents and general margin spacing of the page.

Intersection of rows and columns forms a cell. So each of the cells is an individual unit of data.

MS Office Questions and Answers in Hindi for Competitive Exams

Each cell has a cell address which is the number of row and alphabet of the column it appears in. No two cells have the same address ever. You can perform the formula on data in order to analyze it quickly.

You have to select the cells for that and one cell becomes one unit of data. So if you select 10 cells and apply an average formula to them, you will get an average of data put in those 10 cells.

From Data menu, you can perform functions without changing the original data.

Microsoft Excel (Hindi)

You can sort the data in alphabetical order. Moreover, you can convert them into Pie charts or graphs within moments. You can open them on any operating system by using different software, and on different computer, no matter the hardware.

In other words, they are transferable documents that you can share across multiple platforms computer, tablet, and mobile. And in the same way as in Word, bookmarks can be added to PDF files for better organization.


The simple answer is No. Bookmarks in PDF serve the same role and purpose of marking a spot you can come back at later time. The only thing you need is a decent software that can help you with all your PDF-related tasks.

One such software is PDFelement. How can you add bookmark with PDFelement? The process is rather easy and simple, it will take you seconds to add a bookmark.

Step 2. Add Bookmark In the menu, go to "View" tab, click the "Bookmark" button. Once you click the button, the Bookmark panel will open, allowing you to add bookmark anywhere you want on the page Step 3.

Add Name for Bookmark Add a name for your bookmark, and set up other operations in the panel. You can also use a more "Manual" approach to adding bookmarks. Select the text you want to bookmark, right-click on your mouse, and choose "Add bookmark".

In addition to the add bookmark feature, PDFelement has many other useful features that will make your life easier. Annotate PDF documents with sticky notes, comments, and highlights.

Edit PDF text as you would in a word editor.Business and workplace use of Microsoft Word: — You can create all types of official documents in Microsoft Word.

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