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7 Results yazik.info is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all your favorite. Mar 27, [DOWNLOAD PDF] MARVEL's Avengers: Infinity War: Thanos: Titan Consumed (Marvel Studio' Avengers: Infinity War) Free Epub/MOBI/EBooks. This comic can be downloaded form thepiratesbay or any other torrent provider. But, you have to download a CBR (comic book reader) software to read these.

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The Infinity War 6 (of 6) January 13, → · The Infinity War 5 (of 6) January 13, → · The Infinity War 4 (of 6) . Infinity Gauntlet #1 - 6 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite. Marvel's Avengers – Infinity War Prelude #1 (): When a terrorist puts the Avengers at odds, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THE WINTER.

Wanda moves protectively in front of Vision, building power in her hands. Confused, Wanda also turns and looks over her left shoulder.

As the last train car passes, we see a silhouette on the far side of the platform. Proxima throws her weapon at the shadowy figure, but it is deftly caught just before the figure steps from the shadows. Vision and Wanda look hopeful and relieved. Swooping around, he fires on Corvus. Captain America leaps forward, rolls, scoops up Corvus's dropped glaive and holds her off. Black Widow joins in with her own escrima sticks.

While the three are fighting, Falcon returns and again kicks Proxima backwards; she scuttles over to the prone Corvus. Falcon draws both of his Steyr SPP submachine pistols on the couple. Corvus Glaive: I can't. But we will. Proxima Midnight: You'll never get the chance again. The glaive is snatched from Cap's hand as well.

Vision: [electricity shimmers over his surface, and his voice distorts] Thank you, Captain. Steve Rogers: [nods] Let's get you on the jet. Stay close, check in. Don't take any chances. Wanda Maximoff: I'm sorry.

We just wanted time. Sam Wilson: Where to, Cap? Steve Rogers: Home. Gamora and her mother are hiding; the sounds of guns and screaming are outside. We'll be safe. Leviathans, Chitauri chariots and ring-ships fly overhead; explosions and energy bolts from numerous sources criss-cross the panicked population, felling them randomly; smoke arises from countless fires.

Where's my mother?! Ebony Maw: Choose a side, or die. Young Gamora: Mother! The other, an honor known only to a few. Young Gamora: My mother. Where is my mother? Thanos: [kneels down to Gamora. Young Gamora: Gamora. Thanos: You're quite the fighter, Gamora. Let me help you.

Pressing the switch, razor-sharp blades pop out both ends. Pretty, isn't it? Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

Too much to one side, or the other… [He balances it on one finger, overbalances it purposefully and catches it. You try. She tries balancing it on her index finger.

The Story – Infinity Gauntlet #1 – 6 ()

The survivors scream in horror, and Gamora tries to turn but Thanos prevents her from seeing the massacre. You've got it. Gamora is brooding, activates the spring-action blades on the same dagger. Do you know if these grenades are the "blow off your junk" kind or the gas kind? But I don't want to- Gamora: I need to ask a favor. Peter Quill: Yeah, sure.

Gamora: One way or another, the path that we're on leads to Thanos.

Peter Quill: Which is what the grenades are for. What's the favor? Gamora: If things go wrong… If Thanos gets me… I want you to promise me… you'll kill me. Peter Quill: [A beat. Gamora: I know something he doesn't. If he finds out… The entire Universe could be at risk.

Gamora: If I tell you, you'd know, too. Peter Quill: If it's so important, shouldn't I? Gamora: Only if you wanna die. Peter Quill: Why does somebody always have to die in this scenario? Gamora: Just… trust me. And possibly, kill me.

Peter Quill: I mean, I'd like to. I really would… [Gamora silences him by covering his mouth with her hand. Swear to me on your mother. Peter Quill: [a beat. One that rests with him significantly.

Drax is standing in the corner. How long have you been standing there? Drax: An hour. Peter Quill: An hour? Are you serious? Drax: I've mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still That I become invisible to the eye Drax: But my movement Peter Quill: Mmm, no.

Mantis: Hi, Drax. Drax: [Knowing when he is beat] Damn it. Drax: I'm reading movement from the third quadrant. Peter Quill: Yep. I'm picking that up, too. Let's put it down right here. Thanos is threatening the Collector while the Guardians hide behind rubble. Thanos: Everyone in the Galaxy knows you'd sell your own brother if you thought it would add the slightest trinket to your pathetic collection.

Everybody walks quietly past him.

Giving it to me will spare you a great deal of suffering. I sold it.

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Why would I lie? Thanos: I imagine it's like breathing for you. Collector: Like suicide. Thanos: So you do understand. Not even you would surrender something so precious. Collector: I didn't know what it was. Thanos: Then you're more of a fool than I took you for. Last chance, charlatan. Where's the Stone? Drax: Today Peter Quill: [grasping the danger] Drax.

Peter Quill: Drax, waaaaait!

Quill hurries as quietly as possible to catch up. He doesn't have the Stone yet. We get it, and then we can stop him. We have to get the Stone first. Drax: No. For Ovette.

For Camaria. Everybody ducks. Gamora, Mantis, you go right. He snaps the swordblade in half, and Gamora stabs him in the throat with the stub, his lower jaw sagging and himself letting out a hoarse groan, then he is stabbed in the chest with the red-jewelled dagger. Daughter… [he holds his hand out to her, blood pooling out from his neck wound, before collapsing completely.

Gamora breaks down, sobbing. Collector: Magnificent! In my heart, I knew you still cared. But one ever knows for sure. Reality is often disappointing. Now… Reality can be whatever I want. He has the red Reality Stone seated in the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos: I counted on it. There's something we need to discuss, little one.

Thanos grabs her by the back of the neck and swings her around in front of him. Gamora: Now? Peter Quill: You let her go! Thanos: Ah, the boyfriend. Peter Quill: I like to think of myself more as a Titan-killing long-term booty call.

Let her go. Gamora: Not him. He does not shoot anyone. You promised. Thanos: Oh, daughter. You expect too much from him. Do it. Peter Quill: [tearing up] I told you to go right. Gamora: I love you, more than anything. Peter Quill: I love you, too. Thanos was playing him.

Secretary Ross: Still no word from Vision? James Rhodes: Satellites lost him somewhere over Edinburgh. Secretary Ross: On a stolen quinjet with four of the world's most wanted criminals. James Rhodes: You know they're only criminals because you've chosen to call them that, right, sir?

Secretary Ross: My God, Rhodes, your talent for horseshit rivals my own. James Rhodes: If it weren't for those Accords, Vision would've been right here. Secretary Ross: I remember your signature on those papers, Colonel. James Rhodes: [sounding a little bitter] That's right. And I'm pretty sure I've paid for that. James Rhodes: Not anymore. Secretary Ross: You got some nerve. I'll give you that. Natasha Romanoff: You could use some of that right now.

Secretary Ross: The world's on fire. And you think, all is forgiven? Steve Rogers: I'm not looking for forgiveness. And I'm way past asking for permission. Earth just lost her best defender. So we're here to fight. Secretary Ross: [to Rhodes] Arrest them. James Rhodes: All over it.

It's great to see you, Cap. You guys really look like crap. Must've been a rough couple of years. Sam Wilson: Yeah, well, the hotels weren't exactly five star. Bruce Banner: Uh, I think you look great.

I'm back. Natasha Romanoff: Hi, Bruce. Sam Wilson: [whispering] This is awkward. Wanda Maximoff: And they can clearly find us. Bruce Banner: We need all hands on deck. Where's Clint? Natasha Romanoff: After the whole Accords situation, he and Scott took a deal. It was too tough on their families, they're on house arrest. Bruce Banner: Who's Scott? Steve Rogers: Ant-Man. Okay, look… Thanos has the biggest army in the universe.

And he is not gonna stop until he Vision's Stone.

Natasha Romanoff: Well then, we have to protect it. Mephisto suggests Mistress Death is unhappy because Thanos has not yet completed his task, and Thanos causes half of the living things in the universe to vanish. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer warns Doctor Strange about Thanos and encourages him to call for other heroes.

Adam Warlock leaves Soul World and enters a recently dead human body on Earth, reviving and altering it to match his former appearance. He appears before Doctor Strange and claims Thanos can only be defeated if Earth's remaining heroes unite under his command.

They also oppose Thanos because they believe him unworthy of his power. At the gathering, Eternity appeals to the Living Tribunal to intervene and stop Thanos. When the Living Tribunal declines, it and Eternity leave the gathering. The remaining entities agree to attack Thanos upon Warlock's command. As Doctor Strange opens a portal for Earth's heroes to attack Thanos' shrine, Warlock and the Silver Surfer position themselves one light year away to observe.

As he is about to destroy them, Mephisto convinces him to limit his own power and let them attack as a way to prove his bravery and skill to Mistress Death. Although he stops sensory input from the gems and some of the heroes' attacks surprise him, Thanos easily kills them. As Thanos raises his hand to strike the last survivor, Warlock sends the Silver Surfer racing to remove the Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos evades him, but the near-loss leads him to restore sensory input from the gems. The image on the left, showing him with Mephisto, was drawn by George Perez. The image on the right, where Thanos confronts Nebula, was drawn by Ron Lim.

Management was unsure of the artistic change at the time, and some critics found the different styles jarring. During the battle, Mephisto and Mistress Death also attack him. Their betrayal infuriates Thanos, who traps all the entities in stasis and changes the shrine to feature himself instead of Mistress Death.

Believing he has defeated all of his enemies, he separates his consciousness from his body and assumes an astral form. Nebula uses this opportunity to steal the Infinity Gauntlet, which was left behind on Thanos' physical form.

She restores herself to a healthy state and then banishes him to drift through interstellar space , but he is brought to Earth through one of Doctor Stranges' portals at Warlock's request.

Privately, Warlock tells Thanos he was able to examine Thanos' soul from Soul World while Thanos was in control of the gem. Through his bond with the soul gem, Warlock knew Thanos would lose the Infinity Gauntlet because, at his core, Thanos felt himself unworthy of the power. She wills herself back to health before Thanos can take the gauntlet from her, but during this distraction Warlock returns to Soul World and uses his connection to the gem to create disharmony between the other gems.

Marvel's Avengers - Infinity War Prelude 01 (of 02) () (Digital).pdf

This causes Nebula pain, and she removes the gauntlet. Warlock leaves Soul World and claims the gauntlet for himself. Nebula is taken into custody and will be tried for crimes she committed as a pirate. Preferring death to imprisonment, Thanos appears to die in a suicide bomb blast. The other heroes are unhappy Warlock is keeping the Infinity Gauntlet, but he returns them to Earth. He travels 60 days into the future to visit an unnamed planet where Thanos is living as a farmer.

He tells Warlock he has given up his quest for power and plans to lead a quiet, introspective life. Warlock reveals his plan to remove selfish ambition and competitiveness from the universe, believing this will end war and strife. This course of action runs counter to Strange's values, so he casts a spell causing the soul stone to show Warlock how the lack of ambition and competitiveness would reduce sentient beings into simple animals.

Warlock changes his mind and promises to consider his actions more carefully. When he is judged mentally unfit for power over the universe, he agrees to give five of the gems to individuals he determines to be best suited to protect them. The group operates under the name Infinity Watch. The next sequel, The Infinity Crusade, began in June The tie-ins to The Infinity Gauntlet also sold well, leading the editors who had put limits on characters appearing in The Infinity Gauntlet to request their books tie in to its sequels.

Its sequels were poorly received by fans, and Warlock and the Infinity Watch was canceled in The Ultraverse comics were then canceled in The iconography of the gauntlet remained popular, however. In a review for Multiversity Comics , Drew Bradley felt the story was only great if read in its entirety.

At the time of his article, the collected edition of act one was out of print, and most of act two had not been reprinted in any form. He felt the story would not live up to its hype if readers skipped the lead-in material. The series What If?I guess Thanos has the Reality Gem because literally all he does is cause fire to burst from the ground and summon a closing stone wall. Doom and his underlings. He chooses not to fight Thanos and instead badmouths his partners while talking Thanos into thinking that Mephisto is trying to horn in on Death.

Wanda Maximoff: You asked me to stay I really would… [Gamora silences him by covering his mouth with her hand.