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GET Mark Raymond's Magical Tactics PDF through this "HQ Free EBook". Download or read Magical Tactics Book online! PS: this manual is not a review bro:). Description: GET Mark Raymond's Magical Tactics PDF through this "HQ Free EBook". Download or read Magical Tactics Book online! 2Disclaimer:This book is written for informational purposes only. Are you unsure of how to approach or talk to beautiful women? Do you ever feel that you are not good enough? Are you frustrated by not knowing how to get the.

Magical Tactics Ebook

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And humans tend to want whatthey can't have, so therefore he bought it, even with a higher price. Now the main point here is that women tend to do something similarwith men they can't have. They attach a higher value to a man who ishard to get.

If a man is engaged, has agirl friend or is married to someone else, it automatically makes himwanted. Attraction tends to intensify when the man is hard to get. When he isalready taken by someone else…It makes him even more desirable. In order to describe this let me use another goodexample:Picture this You are walking down the street and you see a big crowd It suddenlycatches your attention and you get curious to know what's going on.

You go closer and realize everyone is looking at a box.

Magical Tactics PDF Download (How to Impress a Girl)

Now you don'tsee anything special about this box because it looks just like anyother ordinary box. But would you just walk away? Many guys approach women in a very obvious and predictable way. Women are quick to scan the male body language and withinseconds, they form a judgment regarding whether they would like tocarry on the interaction with a certain male or not.

As you know, attractive women are used to being approached byregular guys, and they rarely find a guy who is different than theaverage crowd. Women expect men to react in a certain way…For example abeautiful woman who spends a lot of time in front of the mirror tryingto look good always expects men to show attention regardless ofwhere she is. She expects a certain type of reaction and is used togetting that reaction from all men.

This is the reason why when they are hit with something unique andunpredictable it triggers instant attraction. The true key to attraction is to do something she never expects. Wouldyou date me? Well there are noprizes for guessing here, because obviously the second line is morepowerful and will make her brain fire instantly.

Does this mean I am not good enough for him?

See a Problem?

He seems so differentfrom other guys. I must know more about him…. Does this mean people are just plain stupid spending thousands and 36even millions on certain antique items? Well no But what is the dealhere?

These items are perceived, as high value even though they might beof no use but the value public attaches to them is massive. This sameconcept applies to women and attraction. You will be considered attractive in the female mind as long as youare perceived as a male of high value. A girl will label you a high value male when she considers you to bemore important than her.

As long as you maintain the upper hand, youwill always be considered as a high value male. Therefore, the key here is to make yourself seem more important thanthe girl. Here are certain guidelines to being a high value male-- A high value male never tries to impress her. A Note on Attraction Killers-Many guys with low value feel that some of the above-mentioned highvalue traits might make them come across as rude or arrogant tomany girls, but this is where they are trying to apply male logic to thewhole situation.

Let me share a story with you in order to explain this better-A young man came across a very attractive young lady in front of abook store. At the very sight of this, he told himself Then he froze, and before he could do anything, the young ladywalked away.

He stood there in anger and rage sulking over the fact that he didn'tmake the move. However, he was not ready to give up yet, and upon 38further research, he came to realize that the young lady worked at thebookstore.

The very next day he came to the same venue and there she was yetagain, and this time he had made up his mind that he was going toapproach her. But guess what? The same process continued…He stood therestaring at her frozen with fear of approach. This process continued for about a week, before he finally got thenerve to go inside the bookstore.

He looked around, saw her standingat the cash counter, picked up a random book, and went to thecounter. The young lady said The next day he returned to the same bookstore, picked up anotherbook and bought it in the same manner.

He did this for another weekwhen finally the young lady said I read almost anything. After many days of constant persuasion, he did manage to get theyoung lady out on a date but what happened next was a completedisaster. They went out a couple of times, and by this time, the young man hadbecome more and more attached to the young lady. Now, he started to visit the store several times a day instead of justonce, because now his level of insecurity had grown even more.

Things carried on this way for a few days, where there were dayswhen the young man felt on top of the world just because the younglady would show him lots of attention.

And then there were days when he felt desperate only because theyoung lady didn't show him the kind of attention he expected. Being confused over the fact whether the young lady liked him or not,he decided it would be great if he was truly honest and told her howhe felt, so he told her how much he loved her. She didn't show much of a reaction, and said But I don'twant to ruin our friendship, it's really important to me.

I need a link to download an ebook titld 'magical tactics' by mark raymond?

He thought that maybe he didn't pursue her hard enough, so he triedto convince her a bit more, but she would always play the friends card 40and turn down his proposal.

As days passed by the young lady stopped spending time with himand it seemed as if she was busy in her own world.

The young man decided to call her up one day, and discuss why theyaren't spending enough time together. Now where did this guy go wrong? If you were to analyze this story carefully, you would conclude that hedemonstrated all the traits of a low value male, which completelykilled his chances with the young lady.

Here are some of the mistakes he made He put the young lady on a pedestal only because of herlooks- High value males never give a girl too much importance onlybecause she is good looking.

Ahigh value male always maintains a very strong self-image. A high value male doesnot make any efforts to impress the girl.

Now what? Therefore, as long as she has to guess what's going on in your mindthe attraction will always be present. We will discuss this in furtherdetails in the coming chapters. Success with women is a state of mind and nothing else, becausewhat is in your mind will reflect in your actions.

They will always judge you based on whatsort of feelings are circulating inside of you. But, at the same time, if you were to make your approach seemingvery confident, calm, and relaxed she will respond to you morepositively. A perfect example of an every day loser is the guy who kisses up to agirl just to get her attention. If you subconsciously find yourself saying the things you should notbe saying, or doing the things you should not be doing, then you areonly trying to hide an inner belief of lack or weakness.

In order to cover up for your inner lack, you try to impress or pleasethe girl. The moment you let go of the need or desire toplease her, is the point where she would automatically be impressed. Well, because she is used to seeing guys make constant efforts toimpress her all the time. Can I download you a Drink?

No Thanks. So are you going to download me one?

Most women are accustomed to seeing guys impress them; therefore,whenever they come across something, which is not so obvious, itinstantly catches their attention. The concept of seeking validation revolves around the story that isgoing on in your head, and it all comes down to how you feel aboutyourself. In a nutshell, here is what goes on in an approval seekers mind at thesight of an attractive female….

So what effect does this have on the female?

Magical Tactics (proven Tactic

The moment a girl realizes that you are seeking her approval; shewould be turned off within seconds. Seeking approval is a strong attraction killer, and she wouldnever show any real interest in you as long as you seek her approval. Be Detached From the Outcome. Guys who are naturals at attracting women are detached from theoutcome.

Imagine approaching a woman and being turned down; oreven worse; imagine having this done in front of your friends? Howwould you feel? For most guys nothing can be more disastrous than getting rejected.

How are you doing? You seem to be having a bad day…My maa told me tobe careful around angry chicks…I am scared. Bye Bye.Please check MySearch snippets plugin.

And humans tend to want whatthey can't have, so therefore he bought it, even with a higher price. These were the guys who had it all figured out…Some of them wereso effective that they had women literally throwing themselves atthem. Q- Have you ever been in a situation where it seemed that yourgirlfriend is showing more interest in other guys and there is a strongchance she might be cheating on you?

What She Says Vs. So we have written Kissing up to a woman does not mean she is going to likeyou. Does this mean I am not good enough for him? Women have no idea what they want in a man, and Iam extra serious when I say this.

In fact, it might onlymake you come across as just another guy looking for sex, and hereis why…Try to get into the reality of a hot female, and you will find that she hasa very different perspective of looking at things.