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Download Mafia Queens of Mumbai -Hussain Zaidi. Byculla to Bangkok by S. Hussain Zaidi. Mafia Queens of Mumbai book review. Black Friday_ the True Story of - S Hussain Zaidi. Mafia Queens Of Mumbai: Stories Of Women From The Ganglands: Hussain Zaidi, Jane Borges, Vishal Bharadwaj. Best Friends Forever - Margot Hunt - Tap to see more great collections of e-books! In The Eye of God, a Sigma Force novel, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins.

Mafia Queens Of Mumbai Pdf

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I have often wondered how these people who started out their lives as ordinary, average citizens of this city soon turned to a life full of crime and deception. There are stories of the; so called; uneducated as well as the stories of highly educated people who have taken up such paths leading to destruction. The title of the book would tell you that the stories are about women who ruled the underworld on several occasions.

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Many of them have taken immense risks in order to be there ruling where they were at that time. If you step back and think about the reasons that might have led them to live a life like that, I am sure you would know that many of them got into it by accident, some of them got into it for love, some of them started this to take revenge and some got into it by accident. There were few who got into it unknowingly as well. They were as innocent as any average human being in that city but somehow got the company of men who walked on the path of crime and that pushed them into the underworld dealings.

The story is very tragic because it talks about deception in a big way. Young girls of years are sold to brothels when they know nothing about the flesh trade.

mafia queens of mumbai pdf free

The story is quite difficult to fathom. It was also heartening to read that Gangubai later adopted children from the locality and raised them.


Except one, all the remaining children were residing outside this red light area free from the trade and ugly side of life. It talks about trials and tribulations of these people. One the reasons for my favorable opinion toward the book is the down-to-earth and yet compelling narrative.

These women walked along with men and also at times, manipulated them to achieve the position they achieved in the profession they chose for themselves.

When I read the book, I sensed the sad undertone because these women appeared to come from humble backgrounds with humble expectations from life.

All that they needed was love, care and a family. Yet, circumstances, situations forced them to take up the path of crime.

It also appears from their stories that once they chose that path, there was absolutely no turning back. They did not turn back as well. They fought the battle with life. It was a sad story.

One can refuse to look at these stories with sensitivity but if we were to look at another aspect of their existence and understand how meager it was, one would realize that they had no other way but to fight it out with life.

I was particularly sad to read the stories of Gangubai and that of Neeta Naik. The book also tells stories of women who hang around men. The metaphor of Hindi movie villains and their women around was quite interesting. The book upfront clarifies that in our Hindi films, these women are shown to be show pieces but in real life, they are women of substance who control many things around these gangsters. There are short stories of many such women who made men turn to them for various reasons.

Download Women.

Read, Mafia 2, Benkler. Download taxes.

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Don't Kill Me": She was respected mostly for the reason that she also protected those involved in prostitution, and fought for decriminalization of prostitution.

The stories themselves have been narrated so well, it's d I don't read a lot of books about gangsters, but the ones that I have, all revolve around male gangsters. Loved the fact that the book wasn't completely black or white.