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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The books also incorporate a unique (and yes, revolutionary) approach to teaching Korean grammar, using targeted questions to prompt students to think about. Want the best books for learning Korean? Here are 8 awesome learning books that will boost your Korean to the next level!. You can also look inside our individual books here.

Korean Learning Book

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Discover the best Korean Language Instruction in Best Sellers. LET'S STUDY KOREAN: Complete Practice Work Book for Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary. Korean Books; Books for learning Korean(Hangeul) Korean Language for Academics in Business Administration Learning Korean Through Folk Tales. I love this series because it teaches grammar in a simple and easy to learn format . This book was actually the first book I bought to learn Korean.

We particularly love that the textbooks are nicely illustrated with vivid pictures and graphics to facilitate the memorization process and heighten interest. We absolutely love that every grammar structure and root are conveniently indexed and listed for easier search.

To maximize efficiency and put theoretical knowledge to practice, make sure to complement the book with its accompanying exercise booklet. Conveniently listed by topics and interest, this comprehensive guide to Korean conjugation explains effectively how to conjugate the most useful Korean verbs by tense, moods and speech levels.

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FluentU is an online immersion platform that takes real-world videos —like music videos, commercials, vlogs, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language lessons. For greater convenience and assimilation, all words are arranged by topics and feature numerous examples to help you better understand how to best use them in context.

Take it a step further and create your own flashcards to memorize new vocabulary more easily. Regularly test yourself starting with the Korean version first.

Want the Best Korean Learning Books? Here Are 8 You Don’t Want to Miss

If you wish there were a way to make sense of it all… there is! Learn the roots and their meanings. Here are some of the best Korean books for beginners. The lessons are broken down into separate sections, or you can download them as one complete package.

The lessons start at a very basic level, and progress to the intermediate level.

There are also more advanced study materials like video clips and MP3s. Besides the workbooks, there are a number of additional e-books on various aspects of the Korean language.

The downloadable books start at the beginner level, and allow you to progress at a comfortable pace. These Korean books are available in PDF, and include worksheets and audio files to complement each chapter.

Learn Korean through in-depth lessons, grammar explanations, and workbook exercises.

If you choose something that is too dull or with poor explanations, then you can become demoralized very quickly. The popularity of the Korean language has increased dramatically in recent years and there are now a large selection of books for learning Korean written by some very talented teachers.

On the other hand, there are also many old textbooks in bookstores which teach out-of-date or overly-formal Korean.

Best Books to Learn Korean: Our Best 7

Korean language is wrapped up in Korean culture, so the best Korean textbooks teach the cultural nuances of the language alongside the language itself. One final thing to consider is how long you intend to study Korean.

Once you choose a textbook series, it is best to stick with that series in order to prevent you from studying the same thing twice or missing out on an important subject. With that in mind, if you plan to study Korean for a long time then it is best to choose a series of books that goes up to the level you want. Below are some of the best textbooks currently available, with an explanation of the type of student that they are likely to be suitable for.

Can't read Korean yet?

Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes! You will be able to learn quite a lot early on, it focuses on modal verbs and questions first.

Because of how the book is segmented, it works for learners that need some assistance structuring their studying. If you want to reach a decent level of Korean ability quickly, then this book would be useful. Its explanations are in-depth and easy to understand.

Free Online Audio & Podcasts to Help You Learn Korean

However, there may be a little bit too much in the way of explanation in some areas, particularly the section explaining alphabet. It was published in so has up-to-date content and will provide you with relevant examples of conversation. Active Korean This series goes all the way up to the lower intermediate level, so it is good for anybody studying Korean for the long haul.

Although the explanations are very clear, it works best if you have a tutor to help you when using it. It is written by the Seoul National University Language Institute, so you can be sure its quality is high.


All of the material inside has been thoroughly tested before publication, and the content has been well thought out. However, in the later books, it does cover some difficult concepts such as reported speech a bit too quickly.Korean Grammar in Use:Beginning to Early Intermediate I love this series because it teaches grammar in a simple and easy to learn format.

Aside from simply offering the meaning of the roots, the book also provides clear instructions on how to write the hanja, stroke by stroke, for each character.

Books for learning Korean(Hangeul)

Highly informative and rich in content, this bilingual textbook is perfect for advanced students looking for authentic Korean reading material. Widely used both in Korea and abroad, these well-structured, step-by-step guides make learning Korean fun and approachable.

The book is a collection of 23 chapters, each centered around a unique Korean folktale written in Hangul.