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It is recommended that the test be postponed for at least one week after abdominal surgery and for 3—6 weeks after brain surgery.

The most common are paroxysmal coughing, bronchospasm, chest pain, dizziness, urinary incontinence or increased intracranial pressure.

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More rarely, the patient may suffer syncopal symptoms. The competency of the healthcare staff performing the spirometry hereinafter technician is essential for detecting problems and halting the test. The insistence on obtaining assessable data once the patient presents any of these complications is contraindicated, and the spirometry must be postponed for another day.

Variables The primary variables in forced spirometry are the forced vital capacity FVC and forced expiratory volume in the first second FEV1. The FVC represents the maximum volume of air exhaled in a maximal forced expiratory manoeuvre, initiated after a maximal inspiratory manoeuvre, expressed in litres.

The FEV1 corresponds to the maximal volume of air exhaled in the first second of the FVC manoeuvre, also expressed in litres.

It should not be confused with the Tiffeneau index, which is defined as the ratio between the FEV1 and the slow vital capacity VC. It has been suggested that in children who are unable to perform a forced manoeuvre for one second, the FEV0.

In addition to volumes, various flows must also be considered. In unforced or slow spirometry there are no standardised criteria to define an unforced manoeuvre, but it should be slower than a forced manoeuvre , the following should be measured: the vital capacity VC , or maximal volume of air exhaled in an unforced expiratory manoeuvre initiated after a maximal inspiratory manoeuvre, and the inspiratory capacity IC , which is the maximal inspiration taken at the end of the tidal expiration and corresponds to the sum of the circulating or tidal volume VT and inspiratory reserve volume IRV.

EquipmentPhysical Space Sufficient space is required to be able to position the patient comfortably, taking into account that it may be necessary to handle a wheelchair. Therefore, the minimum recommended space is 2. In laboratories where spirometry can be performed in decubitus, the size of the area should allow positioning of a hospital bed.

The space should have sufficient storage for all the material. A certified stadiometer and scales are essential. A thermometer, barometer and hygrometer, which must pass regular accuracy or calibration checks, are required in equipment that does not incorporate these devices.

Equipment There are 2 broad classes of spirometers: closed circuit and open circuit.

Keywords: Respiratory function tests, Muscle strength, Respiratory muscles, Feasibility studies Introduction Although respiratory diseases and other clinical conditions in the pediatric population are some of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in childhood, 1 , 2 many of them have not often been evaluated by objective measures in clinical practice.

There are several reasons for this in children, mainly the fact that many tests are not standardized.

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They supply objective measures to help diagnose and manage various clinical conditions. Recently, normality values were published for healthy preschoolers and schoolchildren, 10 showing that this evaluation can be performed even in young individuals.

The absence of normality values in smaller children has been ascribed mainly to the technical difficulty and the children's lack of understanding while the test is being performed, 13 , 14 demonstrating that the age factor may be the main limitation to evaluating and using respiratory muscle strength in this population group.

However, there is as yet no evidence showing how the success rates of the respiratory muscle strength test behave in different age groups.


Therefore, considering the importance of this resource under different conditions and clinical situations, and due to the absence of information about the success rate of the respiratory muscle strength test in the pediatric age group, the purpose of this study was to determine the success rate of the respiratory muscle strength test in children aged years old. The use of this evaluative method at early ages may help achieve a better evaluation and follow-up of patients under different situations and conditions in clinical practice.

Method This is a cross-sectional, observational study with children and adolescents aged years who were regularly enrolled at three basic education schools two public and one private in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, during and First, all the children and adolescents were invited to participate in the study, and they received a letter of invitation, together with the free and informed consent form.

The anthropometric evaluation was performed by measuring weight and height in triplicate, or until two identical values were obtained.

Weight was obtained with the individuals in the orthostatic position, wearing a minimum amount of clothes and no shoes, using digital scales G-Tech, Glass 1 FW, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil previously calibrated with a g precision. Then, height was obtained, with the participants barefoot and feet in a parallel position, ankles joined together, arms extended along the body, and the head in a neutral position.

Respiratory muscle strength was evaluated always by the same evaluator physiotherapist , who presented over a year of previous experience performing the test and who was also trained and supervised by the principal investigator of the study. The instrument was connected to a silicone tube, coupled to an isolating filter and to a connector with an inner diameter of approximately 2.

The flattish, semi-rigid mouthpiece had an orifice, with a diameter of approximately 2mm to prevent an increase in intra-oral pressure generated by the contraction of the oral cavity muscles. Both measurements were performed with maximum efforts, at approximately 1-min intervals between the measures, and sustained for at least one second. The last value recorded could not be larger than the previous ones, 4 and the final result was the highest value obtained.

interpretar audiometria pdf viewer

The test was considered inadequate failure when the subject evaluated did not reach the criteria of acceptability and reproducibility described above. For that, it would be necessary to include at least individuals.

Thus, the sample included in this study surpasses this estimate. Data normality was tested using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and presented a normal distribution, so the data were expressed as mean and standard deviation of the mean.Especialista em Nutrologia. A coleta de dados foi feita em uma sala que permitia privacidade para o entrevistador e o entrevistado.

Weight was obtained with the individuals in the orthostatic position, wearing a minimum amount of clothes and no shoes, using digital scales G-Tech, Glass 1 FW, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil previously calibrated with a g precision.

Repeatability of the moments interpgetacion espiromehria truncated forced expiratory spirogram.


Costa3, Soraia Koppe4, Anelize M. Roflumilast for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. Furthermore, the rate of success appears to be related to aging.