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on the Day Game Plan Challenge is the first step to growing a business with Facts Sourced from Industry leader in the network marketing profession Eric Worre. Business Experience Isagenix, PDF or tear sheet. 90 Day Game Plan That Can Change My Life Forever - Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text Go Pro 90 days. yazik.info Courtesy of Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre has come up with a proven way to create The 90 Day Game plan I am implementing is the

Eric Worre 90 Day Game Plan Pdf

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In his video Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre teaches us how to recruit 20 people in 30 days using a. day game plan using a “burst” of activity. Eric Worre's Day Game Plan to. Explode Your Business! If at all possible, download Eric's book “Go Pro” at yazik.info for more details! Give yourself permission. Get 90 Day Game Plan Play Book - yazik.info ➢ Watch Eric Worre – 90 Day Game plan (41 minute video on youtube).

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

Preparation begins NOW. It s time to start planning so when you cross the finish line on Day 90, you ll have accomplished everything you set out to tackle today. Remember that we re here for you every step of the way with business resources and support to help ensure your Day Game Plan is a success. Utilize your workbook by recording your goals and strategizing the steps you ll take to get there. Most importantly, share your goals and your progress with your team, friends and family as their support can mean the difference between achieving your goals and letting them slip through your fingers.

We know you can do this, and we can t wait to see where you are in the next 90 days. To your success!

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A day business-building strategy that produces results and massive action in an accelerated amount of time. Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Gail Matthews, has studied goal achievement.

Her research found that participants who wrote down their goals achieved significantly more than those who only thought about their goals. And what s more, the study also demonstrated the effectiveness of accountability and commitment. What does that mean? Participants who wrote down both goals and action commitments were more likely to achieve those goals. Better yet, participants who formulated action commitments, sent their goals and commitments to a supportive friend AND sent weekly progress reports to that same friend were the most likely to reach their goals.

Anyone who is serious about building their Isagenix business or is ready to become a professional network marketer. If you want to succeed, a Day Game Plan will help you identify the steps you need to take and the habits you need to build over a targeted space of time.

Whether you re new to network marketing or ready to build with momentum, the Day Game Plan is your ticket to focused success. It s just a matter of filling in the blanks. Fill out each section in its entirety then get into action. If you need help writing your Day Game Plan please contact your support team. Vision What is your vision for the next 90 days, and onward?

Are you able to commit 90 days and overcome any obstacles?

Why Use an Activity Tracker?

Set Business Hours Example: Part time p. Full time a.

Establish Your Why Example: I believe all parents deserve to spend more time with their children. I show people a way to stay at home and provide a full-time income. Connect and Use the Tools IsaMovie.

Develop Your Team Lock arms with 5 team members and set goals. Set Up Your Calendar What is the next event you re attending and who is coming with you? Create a Daily and Monthly Plan What actions are you taking daily and monthly to move your business forward? Send your Day Game Plan to your support team.

Isagenix will provide you with a variety of support methods during the next 90 days. Now is the time to fill out your Day Game Plan. Remember to play bigger, think bigger and make the impossible possible! Develop your why clearly and powerfully to help break through unexpected obstacles and guide your time prioritization. Your Day Game Plan will be your tool to focus your goals, eliminate distractions, to achieve your why.

Your designated space doesn t have to take over an entire room; it can be a small desk in a corner or a table. I will start organizing my office, smiling more, carrying Isagenix products around, etc.

If you re new to the business, maybe it s an office, phone, computer, whiteboard or Facebook page. Or maybe you want to better your team communication with an ongoing newsletter or Facebook group. Those ranked 2-Star Golden Circle or above have access to Weekly Achievers, which can be found under the Leadership tab. Within 60 days, You will have 8 people doing something. In 4 months, You will have 6 team members doing something.

In 9 months, You will have 4 team members doing something. Imagine the possibilities you will accomplish when achieve your why.

Discovering what excites you and your why are important. However, making sure your team members and team as a whole have a strong why is where harmony and momentum occur. Before discovering your why, answer the following questions.

What moves you the most? What moves you NOW? How will you share your why? What moves your team members?

What How To learn more about this concept go to and in the search bar type in Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action or use the following QR code. Know anyone who needs better health, more freedom and even a little more money? This sheet will help you create your initial list of key friends, business contacts and others to share Isagenix with so you can kick-start your Isagenix business.

This means if you list names, people will join you! Keep this list near your desk, refrigerator or other prominent place so you can remember to share this incredible opportunity with the people you care about. Once you ve gone through your list, start another one it s easy! As always be sure your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram reflect you in a positive manner. When it comes to social media, ask yourself these questions: 1.

What s the message I want to convey to the world? To save time and stay organized, utilize marketing tools such as hootsuite. What will differentiate me from others? What s the feeling I want people to have when they land on my page? What s the feeling I want people to have when they meet me in person? What can people count on from me?

90 Day Game Plan That Can Change My Life Forever

What are three things I m most passionate about? What are my three greatest personality traits? What are three words that describe who I am? What problems can I help solve? Share your enthusiasm about Isagenix products. Develop curiosity among friends and family. Build your Isagenix business and recognize members on your team for a job well done! I m so excited to get my body back. I d love to have some friends join me on this journey to being the healthiest we ve ever been!

Who s up for looking and feeling their best? Sample Lifestyle Post: Imagine having the ability to wake up to the sound of silence. No alarm clock ringing in your ear. No stress banging around in your head. Just complete peace of mind. No job that you have to rush to. No boss that you have to deal with. You get to spend all day with whoever you want in the most beautiful place in the world. Sounds like vacation, doesn t it? Normal people are easily distracted and can easily find themselves wondering what to do.

An activity tracker is a rundown of actions they should be taking and preferably in a point driven system so you can have a goal of doing X number of activities per day. What Type of Activities are Worthy of Tracking? You want to create an activity tracker that assigns a sliding scale of points to things such as: — Prospecting online or offline — Conducting the actual follow up — Sponsoring someone into your business — Conducting a training or strategy call for your new recruit — Hosting a meeting There are more actions that should reward points but that should get you started.

That was before I understood online marketing so I solely focused on prospecting. My team and I have used a certain activity tracker on three other vacation incentive trips and every time I saw people step up and get results that had never gotten them before.

Here are the essentials of what you need to do a 90 day blitz for your MLM business. An activity tracker 2. Specific goals. For example, those in my team are working toward qualifying for our national expansion team as well as win a 7 day, 6 night cruise on Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas.If you complete this within days of joining you will achieve Executive status.

Just pick a time, put it in your calendar, and commit to it.

Jimmie Jayes

Get as much people registered as possible who want to be part of the inner-circle. I ve looked high and low for a system that could breed results like this and I am confident I ve found THE best!

Before discovering your why, answer the following questions. Those ranked 2-Star Golden Circle or above have access to Weekly Achievers, which can be found under the Leadership tab. You will need an internet connection to view them. Create a story about your 30 day run.