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Creative Notes book. Read 66 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Creative Tips from Creative JunkiesSaya kaget bercampur se. FREE Tech Tools for Teachers. Index Online web sticky note service that can be used to . A search tool that uses flicker to find creative common images. Looking for ideas for teaching with MORE creativity, technology and innovation? FREE updated ebook: Practical Ways to Ditch That Textbook NUMBER 22 — Help students create “sketchnotes,” or visual notes.

Ebook 101 Creative Notes

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Free ebook: Practical Ways to Ditch That Textbook Add videos to notes in Padlet and you'll have a class-created video gallery. Mind maps, Creative Commons images, screenshots, collaboration and more can bring. Read ebook creative problem solving techniques: the handbook 7 - MomentumCase StudyAppendices- Further Notes on ATR, ADX and. Then, download your set of free ebook templates so you can produce a document To get your creative juices flowing, here are some example ebook titles to consider. (Note: Replace "x" with an appropriate number.) .. Data Visualization How to Design Charts and Graphs [Free Download]; How to.

Yoris memang membuat cara kreatifnya berdasarkan pengalamannya selama berkarir dan kebiasaan dirinya sendiri sehari-hari. Nah, walaupun Creative Notes ini nampaknya dibuat dengan cinta dan begitu personalnya oleh si penulis, saya enggak merasa terlalu terinspirasi setelah baca buku ini.

Karena sebagian besar dari yang dipaparkan memang sudah jadi kebiasaan saya juga ataupun saya sekedar sudah tahu. Jadi, bisa dibilang, enggak banyak informasi baru setelah saya baca buku ini. Tapi apa perlu disebut ngulang-ngulang di dalam bukunya? Tidak disangkal memang, bagaimana pun ada beberapa poin yang cukup segar dan menurut saya menarik.

Misalnya poin 37 Eavesdropping dan poin 42 Dress Well. Beberapa hari yang lalu saya lebih pasang kuping waktu lagi antre di KFC. Aku yang itu aja lah. Jadi, saran Yoris untuk nguping itu sangat menarik buat saya tanpa terkesan stalkerish yah! Menurut saya, buku ini cocok buat pemanis di meja tamu Anda, atau jadi bacaan santai untuk dibawa pergi-pergi. Jadi saya memang enggak terlalu banyak pikir waktu beli buku ini. Saya enggak tahu latar belakang si penulis, Yoris Sebastian.

Setelah baca buku ini, saya tidak merasa buku ini adalah semacam lanjutan kayaknya dari buku dia yang sebelumnya, berjudul Oh My Goodness: Buku Pintar Seorang Creative Junkies saya belum baca dan memang enggak punya juga sih.

Walau sepertinya ada beberapa poin yang akan lebih dimengerti secara duduk bila pembaca sudah membaca buku sebelumnya itu. Choose a great title In my opinion, now is a good time to choose a title. Here are a few reasons why: Editing makes the content of your ebook fresh in your mind.

If you chose a title at the beginning, review it to make sure it accurately represents what your final copy communicates. The ideal title plus an alternative The ideal title is one that encapsulates the main idea of your ebook in just a few words.

In any case, a potential reader should have a good idea of what your ebook is about simply by reading the title.

Choose a title with an available domain name Other than choosing a title that actually fits the content of your ebook, if possible, choose a title with an available domain name. This is likely to make choosing a title a bit tricky, so take some time in doing so.

The following tips are for PDF formatting. This will make it easier for you to set it up and for your readers to print if they do. However, if you go with landscape, I suggest you break up your text into at least two or three columns across the page to make reading easier.

Use generous margins I think a 1-inch margin all the way around is a safe bet. Not only does this make reading easier, it also eliminates the problem some printers have which is to cut off a larger portion at the bottom portrait or on one side landscape when smaller margins are specified.

Whitespace is your friend Whitespace refers to the parts of the page which are empty and not filled with text or other content. Large margins create whitespace, as does a wider-than-normal line height like 1. You want reading to be effortless and whitespace is a key factor in making that happen. Clean, simple and uniform formatting is best. Only format enough to make your ebook more easily readable. Low-quality images can diminish the perceived value of an ebook.

This is something I did not pay a whole lot of attention to and will certainly update in future editions.

Table of Contents. This is just a good idea. Make it better by linking your Table of Contents to the actual sections in your ebook. About the Author. A bio at the end of your ebook gives you the chance to tell a little bit about yourself but more importantly, it gives you a natural opportunity to insert a call to action, such as inviting your reader to visit your website and sign up for your email list. Acknowledgements, End Notes, Bibliography, etc.

If your ebook calls for any of these pages — particularly credit to anyone quoted or referenced — by all means, include them.

However, keep in mind that they are likely only going to be glanced over. If you are providing printables, they could be included within the body of the ebook or at the end.

My recommendation is to put them where they fit naturally and cause the least amount of reading disruption. Require readers to sign up for your email list to download the printables. Get an ebook cover Unless you are exceptionally talented, I highly recommend you get a professionally designed cover. If you get someone to design it for you, ask if they can also make matching banners and graphics. Please do your homework and be sure to read up on anyone you might work with, but an ebook cover might be a great and cheap way to test one of these services out.

Save your document as a PDF The software tools mentioned above will allow you to this easily. Check the links One your ebook is saved in its final form, go through it and check all links to make sure they work. Also, check it out on digital devices to make sure it renders properly. Back to top How much should you charge for your ebook? In fact, for some, it might actually be a better move in the long-run. You might consider it if you: Have limited traffic.

This is likely to benefit you going forward. You have a limited pool of potential affiliates. In my experience, affiliates drive sales. Promotion by affiliates is exponential and not limited to just the readers you have direct contact with. To the contrary, make it outstanding — blow their socks off! It might be a great way to grab the attention of a lot of people and make a solid mark in your niche by creating an outstanding product and giving it away freely. Do research The first thing I did was hunt for other ebooks similar to mine and took note of pricing.

I looked at things like quality, page count, content etc. I also visited blogs, not necessarily in my niche, but other blogs that my target readers might visit. I noted what types of ebooks or products were available and about how much they were selling for. This gave me a good idea of what my target audience is used to paying for online products, ebooks or otherwise.

Get the opinion of others Next, I started asking around. One of the places I asked was in a forum for experienced online entrepreneurs. I provided a link so they could download the ebook for free and then asked them what they thought I should charge.

The reason?

See a Problem?

Perceived value. To many consumers, a higher price often indicates higher value and downloaders are willing to pay for something of high value. Are they high-end shoppers or bargain hunters? What can you reasonably expect they will respond to? Think about your affiliates First, ask yourself who your affiliates will be or you hope will be. Next, ask yourself what they would be comfortable promoting. You must consider your product as well. There is something to say about the perceived value of a product.

The same goes here. Remember that you will have expenses associated with your ebook so make sure you price it high enough to cover those expenses and hopefully make a bit of a profit as well. Your goal is to leave enough wiggle room around this price to be flexible with sales too.

Another great benefit of having a sale is that it provides a great excuse for promotion.

In other words, having a sale gives you the opportunity to alert your readers and affiliates, get a little buzz going about your ebook again and help people to remember that it exists. However, I recommend you keep your sales to a minimum.

Too many sales can lower the perceived value of your ebook as well. I highly recommend you use a service which automates the process as much as possible. As I mentioned, in this tutorial, we are mainly covering the steps to selling a PDF copy of your ebook. If you use WordPress, there are a lot of plugins you can use to do this. Easy Digital Downloads is a popular example. Another great option is Podia. Back to top At the very least, you will want a dedicated page or post on your existing blog or website which will serve as the main sales page landing page for your ebook.

However, you might also want a dedicated website for your ebook. Hopefully you were able to register the domain name which matches the title of your ebook as mentioned above. Why would you want a separate site for your ebook? If your ebook is somewhat unrelated to your existing site. It helps keep things more clear and it keeps your existing readers from getting confused. To give you the option of building a new site around your ebook. Is the topic of your ebook a new one for you?

Are you branching out and contemplating turning it into an entirely new venture?

Creative Notes

If so, starting out with a brand new site leaves you the possibility of exploring other related projects or streams of income in the future.

To make things more clean and straightforward for the search engines. This is particularly the case if your domain name contains strong keywords. How to set up a separate site for your ebook If you want a unique site for your ebook, setting up a new site is easy.

I explain how to do that in my post How to Start a Blog works for websites too. This is not an exhaustive list. Indeed, writing an effective sales page has become an art, and for those who do it well, a nice way to earn a hefty income! Start with something that immediately draws people in. So, providing your Table of Contents or a synopsis is a good idea. Sidenote: If you do use your Table of Contents here, make sure the topics in your Table of Contents sound interesting! Add testimonials.

If others have offered feedback or have said nice things about your ebook, ask them if you can include them on your sales page. Look at other sales pages for inspiration. Use your site Associates link. If you are also selling your ebook on site and are including a link on your sales page, be sure to use your site Associates link to make a bit more money.

See the terms of service explaining this is acceptable here. I highly recommend running an affiliate program. Selling is the hardest part in the process, so if you can enlist the help of others to promote your ebook, all the better. What exactly is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who likes your ebook or product and wants to tell others about it. They sign up as an affiliate and after doing so, receive a unique affiliate link which they use when mentioning promoting your ebook. If someone clicks through that link and downloads the ebook, the affiliate receives whatever commission you have set. Make sense? Make it easily accessible on your site. Link to it within your ebook at least once or twice. Link to it at the bottom of your product sales page as well.

Make the affiliate sign-up process enticing Why should someone sign up to be an affiliate for you? How much affiliate commission should you offer? Opinions vary on this point and it also depends on the product. Personally, I think digital products, such as ebooks, should have a higher commission since they are much easier to produce and distribute. Physical products are likely to have a lower commission rate. Make the affiliate sign-up process easy Provide clear instructions explaining how to sign up, how to use their affiliate code and how they can put it on their site.

Make buttons and banners Provide graphics your affiliates can use to promote your ebook. You can either make these graphics yourself or have someone do it for you. Tip: Whether you make them yourself or hire someone else to do them for you, I do recommend you stick to standard ad sizes. There are numerous services you can use to run an affiliate program.

There are expensive options and simple ones. The service you choose will depend on your needs.

How to Write an Ebook

For most, a simple solution to start is sufficient. They make it easy to run your affiliate program right within the service. Communicating with affiliates There may be times when you want to contact your affiliates. Keep your emails short and to the point. I like to use numbered items which makes extracting information they need easier. Include all vital information. Ask yourself what you would need to know if you were an affiliate and were going to be writing a post alerting your readers to the sale.

You might want to mention helpful tips for promoting your ebook or product. I am genuinely grateful for my affiliates and I do my best to make that clear. Paying your affiliates Paying your affiliates is easy and takes only a few minutes each a month if you use the Mass Payment feature in PayPal. The reason for the delay is because some transactions like eChecks take a few days to clear.How do I do I do all this? Thank you Johnlyn. By this point, hopefully you have settled on how much your affiliates will receive in commission.

Huntersville Road Batesville, IN Also, check it out on digital devices to make sure it renders properly. Tidak disangkal memang, bagaimana pun ada beberapa poin yang cukup segar dan menurut saya menarik. Keep your emails short and to the point.

Hi Joanna, Your text will be automatically justified when you export it. Make sense?