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Boudreaux 1 - Easy Love - Kristen yazik.info KB. Boudreaux 2 - Easy Charm - Kristen yazik.info KB. Boudreaux 3 - Easy Melody - Kristen Proby. Other Books by Kristen Proby: The With Me In Seattle Series: Come Away With Me and on audio Under the Mistletoe With Me and on audio Fight With Me and. Visit her at yazik.info Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Other Books by Kristen Proby: The Boudreaux Series: Easy Love and on audio The With Me.

Easy Love Kristen Proby Epub

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Start by marking “Easy Love (Boudreaux, #1)” as Want to Read: Eli Boudreaux’s family has built ships and boats in Louisiana for generations. At thirty, he is the youngest CEO to ever head Bayou Enterprises, co-chairing with his eldest brother. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby is the Kristen Proby Author () . cover image of Easy Love--Lass mich nie wieder gehen. Kristen Proby Author (). cover image of Easy For Keeps Stephanie Pannen Translator (). cover image of Easy Love--Lass mich nie wieder gehen.

Donate Now. Search Home About Donate. Date T Chapter One 2. Chapter Two 3. Chapter Three 4. Chapter Four 5. Chapter Five 6. Chapter Six 7. Chapter Seven 8. Chapter Eight 9. Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Prologue Chapter One. Read Online Swipe version. Read Online Continuous version. Download now. download a paper book. Fall Easy by Zoe York. Easy Going by Erin Nicholas. Easy by Donna Alam. Easy by H. Easy by Sam Crescent. Tempting Brooke by Kristen Proby. Boudreaux is unavailable at this time, but I'll put you through to his assistant, one moment.

She's very smiley.

O'Shaughnessy," she says, holding that smile in place. Boudreaux is expecting you. O'Shaughnessy is here for Mr.

Yes, ma'am. Can I get you some water? Before I have a chance to sit, a tall woman in black slacks and a red sleeveless blouse walks out of the elevator and straight to me. Boudreaux is in his office. Follow me. She doesn't ask me any questions, and I'm thankful. I've learned to lie well in this business, but I don't know what she's already been told. I'm led past an office area and into the largest office I've ever seen.

The massive black desk sits before a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. The furniture is big and expensive. There are two doors, each on opposite sides of the room, and I can't help but wonder what they lead to. O'Shaughnessy is here, sir. The photos didn't do him justice.

The door closes behind me and I take a deep breath and walk toward him, hiding the fact that my knees have officially turned to mush. His lips twitch as he watches me, his whiskey-colored eyes sharp and assessing as they take a slow stroll down my body, then back up to my face. Jeez, he's taller than I expected.

See a Problem?

And broader. And he wears a suit like he was born to it.

Which, I suppose he was. He moves around his desk and takes my hand in his, but rather than shake it, he raises it to his lips and places a soft kiss on my knuckles.

Dear God, I might explode right here. His thumb is circling softly over the back of my hand, sending my body into a tailspin. My nipples have tightened, pressing against my white blouse, and now I wish with all my might that I hadn't taken off my jacket.

Rather than sit behind his desk, he sits in the chair next to mine and watches me with those amazing eyes of his.

Boudreaux Series

A lock of dark hair has fallen over his forehead and my fingers itch to brush it back for him. Calm the eff down, Mary Katherine. You'd think I'd never seen a hot man before. Because I have. Declan, the youngest of the Boudreaux brothers, is no slouch in the looks department, and he's one of my best friends.

But being near him never made my knees weak or made me yearn for a tall glass of ice water. Or a bed. Or to rip his clothes off his body. He crosses an ankle over the opposite knee and steeples his fingers, watching me. Our fingers brush, making my thighs clench, but he seems unaffected. I don't usually inspire hot lust from the opposite sex.

Especially not men who look like Eli. Which is fine, because he's my boss and my best friends' brother and I'm here to work. I clear my throat and push my auburn hair behind my ear.

With all of this humidity, it's going to be a curly mess in no time. He simply nods once and glances down at the papers in his hand.

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He frowns and glances up at me, but before he can say anything, his office door swings open and Declan walks in with a wide smile on his handsome face. He finally sets me on my feet, cups my face in his hands, and kisses me square on the mouth, then hugs me again, more gently this time.

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Laughter and tears, love, sadness, affection. Show you the French Quarter. I know this great restaurant-" "That won't be necessary," Eli interrupts. His voice is calm.

He's standing now, his hands shoved in his pockets, his wide shoulders making the large office feel small. I feel like I'm watching a tennis match as my head swivels back and forth, watching them both with curiosity. No response. Declan glances back down to me.

Don't let the boss man run you ragged. His hands are still in his pockets as he rocks back on his heels. He, Savannah, and I were sort of the three amigos in college.

I prop my hands on my hips and glare at him. He's kicking me out? Reschedule my appointments. Freemont has been waiting,,," "I don't care. I'll see you tomorrow. The rest of my things are being shipped down and should arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Easy Fortune by Kristen Proby

He's barely touched me and my body is on high alert and my mind is empty. Good Lord, what this man can do with a smile. I need to get my hormones under control. It's simply been too long since I got laid, that's all. And I'm not going to scratch this particular itch with this particular man. He's my boss. My best friends' brother.

No way, nohow. Yes, please. I realize the elevator has opened and he's standing next to me, waiting for me to go first. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. Zaloguj Anuluj. Opublikowany Love Easy Proby Kristen Boudreaux.I want to own every ounce of her body and her soul. As I watch, several women walk out of the resort and down the dock to a waiting tour boat that trolls around the lake.

The other plot is the theft from the company. Jan 26, Syndi rated it really liked it. When Ana Steele first encountered the driven, damaged entrepreneur Christian Grey , it sparked a sensual affair that changed both their lives irrevocably. I want you. There are two doors, each on opposite sides of the room, and I can't help but wonder what they lead to. It was a perfect storm for mutual want for both.

Whenever I want to read a sweet and sexy romance, with enjoyable characters and an entertaining plot without being angsty, Kristen Proby is always to-go author. I'm no slut.