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Dark Cloud 2 wiki at IGN. Dark Chronicle Wiki Guide. Welcome to the Dark Cloud 2 wiki guide. The original Dark Cloud RPG was a huge success on the PS2. For Dark Cloud 2 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Prima's Official Strategy Guide". You searched for "dark cloud 2 strategy guide pdf" in All Sections: All Sections, ROMs/ISOs/ Manual and Guide Links (EPForums Registration Required).

AI enemies will take longer to zero in when using marksman rifles and machine guns, and be less accurate.

Security AI wear the Facewear cosmetic less often. Visual Improvements Third person weapon cache planting animations should now be visible to other players. Improved the prone deployed crawling animation when transitioning to prone and also moving.

Created new IED and C-4 third person melee animations. Improved grenade melee attack animation blending. Improved RPG-7 melee attack animation blending. Levels Outskirts Improved a pillar collision box on Firefight West Objective B area so that throwables can be reliably thrown around a corner and not impact with an invisible wall.

Blocked west window in final weapon cache room on Push Insurgents to prevent destruction by rocket. Removed lower northwest room from capture zone on Objective C on Push Insurgents. Doors are now closed on ambulance at Objective A on Push Insurgents. Doubled up a shipping container at Push Security Objective A to mitigate Insurgents camping outside the southwest corner of the objective in the building.

There is no line of sight from here to the northeast entrance to the objective any longer. Smoothed out player movement in various areas. Fixed not able to capture Objective D while aiming in a specific direction on Security Checkpoint.

Fixed Insurgent A spawn partially not restricted on Push Insurgents. Fixed minor issues throughout the map. Fixed Insurgents A spawn being partially not restricted on Push Insurgents. Crossing Improved AI navigation. Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck inside a barrel near Objective C on Push Security.

Fixed a small window blocking grenades at Objective C on Firefight West. Summit Reduced playable area for Firefight East to funnel players more towards the objectives. Fixed an issue where players could get outside the level at the far end of the market area. Fixed an issue where the player was able to get stuck in a certain rock formation.

Refinery Made several gameplay adjustments across the whole map to improve readability and make it more clear where players are shot from. Unmerged numerous merged actors to take more advantage of automated instancing to improve performance. Created HLOD clusters to improve performance.

Moved the insertion vehicle closer to Security starting spawn on Push Security. Added nav modifier for second row of barricades to avoid AI enemies from getting stuck near Checkpoint A Security. This is a server-side fix which does not require a client reset, but it will require server resets from community servers. Fixed overuse of Molotovs by AI enemies in Frenzy. Molotov use by AI is meant to primarily prevent players from camping in places unreachable in melee.

Thursday - June 20,

However, there was a bug where they were wrongly determining when a player is unreachable, and thus using their Molotovs way too much.

Fixed an issue where Frenzy AI would shift between behaviors sometimes while flanking a target. This hotfix will require downloading a game update. Bug Fixes Potential fix for an issue causing Molotov flames to sometimes be invisible.

Please let us know if you still encounter this issue. Fixed an issue where if the player had a radial menu open when a Lesson paused the Tutorial Level, they would lose input and not be able to continue.

Fixed an issue where dismembering a ragdoll removed all of its gear items. Fixed an issue where indoor soundscapes on Ministry were not being applied on spawn for players spawning inside the building. Fixed an issue where the VHS-2 smoke launcher was priced at 3 supply instead of 1 supply. Fixed an issue where the VHS-2 Extended Magazines upgrade was granting 40 additional rounds instead of Fixed an issue in third person where performing a melee animation with a launcher equipped would not display the animation correctly.

Fixed an issue where the third person hand pose for the VHS-2 with grenade launcher would have the hands in the incorrect position.

Fixed an issue preventing players from being able to perform a melee attack with the binoculars. Fixed an issue where weapon parts could shift slightly in third person when performing a melee attack. Fixed a number of missing localizations. Cosmetics Fixed clipping issue with Flight Hands cosmetic on Security. Fixed a number of issues where gas masks would clip into the head.

Fixed various clipping issues related to Facewear and Eyewear. Fixed a bug with morph targets for Security armor levels. Fixed an issue where the Blouse Rolled cosmetic on Security was displaying incorrectly. Fixed a clipping issue with the Covered Hair option and Combat Goggles cosmetic. User Experience Fixed an engine-level issue that caused borderless resolution settings to not be respected.

Gameplay Improvements Frenzy Fixed an issue where enemy AI would not investigate players who were outside of their navigation mesh.

Allowed enemy AI melee behavior to run if the target player is unreachable. Players are now marked as unreachable if standing on a non-existent navigation area, ensuring AI will use Molotovs if they cannot reach that player.

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Visual Improvements Updated the destructible pillars in Ministry with new particles. The limbs should be targeted for more damage. Updated grenade throw animations for third person so the hands open correctly. Updated animations for leaning in and out in both crouch and stand. Improved and added secondary weapon melee sequences.

If you're just getting started then this should give you a broad overview of everything to help you hit the ground running.

But despite the weird naming learning the best Division 2 skills is vital. Do you pick the machine gun drone or the swarm of killer robot bees seriously, it's a thing. What about grenade launcher that fires clouds of flammable gas? There's a lot of different way to take out the enemies here and picking the best Division 2 skills will totally shape how you play.

The best Division 2 perks The best Division 2 perks Continuing The Division 2's weird naming the best Division 2 perks are mainly things like inventory upgrades, weapon attachments and so on.

But, like skills, the right ones make all the difference. Choose wisely and you can massively increase the XP you can earn, the damage you can take and so on. The Division 2 mods The Division 2 mods The Division 2 mods are the key to powering up your character. Beyond just levelling up these boost your weapons, skills, gear and more.

Knowing what they do and how they can affect your character build is vital once you start near the endgame.

That is if you can get out alive to enjoy it. However, it'll be a short fruitless trip if you can't work out how to get Dark Zone keys in The Division 2. The Division 2 crafting guide The Division 2 crafting guide Learning how to craft in The Division 2 can net you some great gear as you play.

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But it's the endgame where a The Division 2 crafting guide becomes really important - it's the only way to keep progressing your character once you reach the 30 level cap. Learn how to craft and build a better agent with our Division 2 crafting guide.

Without them, or any of the Outcast or True Sons keys, you won't be opening any of the faction crates you can find in the world, so use our guide and make sure you don't miss out. Fortunately we cover how to unlock the Dark Zone in The Division 2 here so just follow our guide and you'll be betraying your friends to steal their knee pads in now time.

It's the game's unique PvP area where you can team up with or fight other players to get loot and extract it to use int he main game. It's not easy but the risk is worth it. Especially if you go rogue and survive. How to level up fast in The Division 2 How to level up fast in The Division 2 There's a focus on reaching the endgame in The Division 2 so how to level up fast in The Division 2 is something you need to know.

This guide will help max out your XP gains and make sure your agent reaches the top as soon as possible. The Division 2 masks The Division 2 masks Image credit: Arekkz If you're after a serious challenge and some major bragging rights then you need to track down The Division 2 masks. These are endgame objectives for when you reach the level 30 cap that involves some tricky puzzles that will summon some of the most difficult enemies in the game.

Defeat them and you can claim their mask to wear. If you want to get inside you're going to need to find some Division 2 ivory keys to open and get at the rewards inside. Most importantly The Division 2 specializations unlock letting you chose a class like discipline to level up as you unlock even more powerful perks and gear.

The Division 2 dyes The Division 2 dyes If you are going to save civilisation you better look good while you're doing it. That's where The Division 2 dyes come in. These cosmetic loot items can be found around the world and let you colour up your gear, your character and your life.

Check out our guide on where to find them.The Forest. I baked some cookies. The Golden Compass: Princess Agitha. Starcraft Campaign Editor: NOTE 18 Protected by copyright. They are especially deadly at short range. Warrior Princess: Subspace Bomb Factory.

The next major MapForge release v1.