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PDF Walkthrough. Contact:[email protected] Guide: Dan Ueno. CG: This guide is split into 14 parts. . Chrono Cross Disc 1 Part 2. Everything is not what . yazik.info Click here to download the complete Chrono Cross PDF] IGN's Chrono Cross guide is a free download for IGN members. Official strategy guide por PSX game Chrono Cross. Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes BradyGames Strategy Guide. Suikoden v Official Strategy Guide (BRADYGAMES)(1).

Chrono Cross Guide Pdf

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Chrono Cross Official Strategy Guide. Unknown October 19, Game Guide, BradyGames l English l PDF l Pages l MB. CHALLENGE FATE!. Share the LOVE! FacebookTwitterMore. Retro Magazines, Comics, Game Guide, Game Book Scans» Game Guides» Bradygames - Chrono Cross. Chrono Trigger PSN GuideYes. recent Rune Factory 4 FAQ 3DS: Frequently Asked QuestionsWith Rune Factor 4 out for the 3DS, many questions.

Seriously, the game's just begging for a guide.

Chrono Cross Official Strategy Guide

It wants one. Look at the way it dresses with its 2 CDs and 48 or so playable characters.

For shame. And this guide delivers. It'll tell you how to get every character, every item, every story piece. It's got the amazing character This is the polar opposite, the antithesis, the other words looked up on thesaurus.

It even tries to leave out story spoilers as best as it can. Plus, it's a goddamn book. It's not a series of passkeys you plug into a website.

It's not pages printed off on a sad, old, beat-up dot matrix printer that's so loud the neighbours start pounding on the floor with their "Turn that damn thing off! You just keep the book quietly sitting next to you while you play through Chrono Cross for the 2nd or 3rd time. I don't recommend using any guide on your first playthrough. Return to the bar and talk to the customers.

Especially the short guy with the large nose. He is a dwarf. He will give Serge the Green Tinkler.

Chrono Cross Strategy Guide - IGNguides

Speak to Korcha and he will take you back to Termina. After you arrive and push off an annoying dockman Korcha joins Temporarily. Head over to where you first talked to Korcha The area where you gave Glenn the bellflower On your way there talk to the fat guy hanging around near the bridge. Talk to him and tell him g is too expensive for churros. He will ask what you should charge. Give him a price above 50g. He will lower the price a bit. Leave him be for now. Then talk to the tent with the two glowing eyes the fortuneteller.

Have her read Guile's fortune. He will present her with the bet item. You will receive Brass Rod. Head over to the next stall and bug the guy with the mermaid under the sheet.

Place Korcha in the lead when you do this. Now continue to the shrine. You will see some people and a boat. After the funeral, follow Greco inside. Talk to him he will join if you let him. I have yet to ascertain the use of the weights on the floor. You can head up the path to the smithy's they will talk about the Rainbow material, Do some forging to get better weapons or armor if you wish. Afterwards head further up the path and enter the house at the end.

Nothing much here but, some story and an item under the stairs.

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Return to the Churro guy and inquire. He will give you some Viper Churros they will revitalize you. Same as sleeping but free. You can return to replenish your Stars or Hp. Head up to where the General Viper statue is and go into the house on the left.

Place Korcha at the lead of the group and talk to the girl nothing here but story Oh and don't forget to visit Lisa's for some Elements. Go into the back room while you are there.

Download E-books Chrono Cross (BradyGames Official Strategy Guides) PDF

Talk to the old man. He will let on about some mushrooms and a path to the Manor from the forest just east of the Manor.

Run through the muck as fast as possible and to the left head up the fungus looking tree and work your way to the top. There will be two guys one will give you Safety Gear. This keeps you from dying in the muck.

There is a chest there ElectroJolt Return to the bottom of the tree and head to the top. Use the green tinkler on the whip like plants to pass. Continue up and in the next screen.

Head right on the upper path. You should pass a save point and a Snob goblin avoidable. The path should dead end in a pond note: remember this path for the other dimension.

General FAQs

You will see a Snib and Snob goblin trying to take the flower slap them and take their booty. Life Sparkle! Head back, you can look around and pilfer chests if not head over to Viper Manor.

If so head to the lower exit where you have not gone. Pass up the Wraith the zombie there is nothing in the pond.Head right on the upper path. It wants one. Most Popular Week. In addition to a text. Parallel - University of Wisconsin?

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