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Be sure to go to yazik.info to sign up for my PRIVATE book And he was always right in the midst of it, a whirling, dark predator. Dark - 19 Dark Predator Author: Christine Feehan Dark Predator · Read more Dark Curse (Carpathian (Dark) Series, Book 19). Read more · Dark - . Dark Predator. Home · Dark Predator Author: Feehan Christine. 5 downloads 86 Views KB Size Dark - 19 Dark Predator. Read more · Dark Predator.

Christine Feehan Dark Predator Pdf

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Dark predator [electronic resource (PDF eBook)] / Christine Feehan. Main Author: Feehan, Christine. Processing (CPL) - eBooks (PDF) - Adult Fiction. Christine Feehan - [Dark 27] - Dark Crime (epub) - dokument [*.epub] Titles by Bound Dark Predator Dark Peril Dark Slayer Dark Curse Dark Hunger Dark. Free Pdf Dark Predator (Carpathian) Download. Dark Predator (Carpathian). Christine Feehan. ISBN Published: Jan 01, Pages:

And because she can't speak, she can't explain to Zacarias why she is doing what she is doing. And Zacarias was determined to give himself a honorable death. So he's beyond livid that she saved him.

But it's through several blood exchanges and giving them telepathic abilities, he comes to realize that she's his lifemate and that he must earn her trust despite the way that he's been treating her.

So then the story follows the same pattern as the others. The man realizes that she is a modern woman, and that she must have a mind of her own. She must realize that he will always be a man of his world and that she must adjust as well.

Then he must win her trust and then convince her to love him despite his old world ways. One big one is that he can only see color when he is connected to her. If he must fight a vampire, he "disconnects" himself from her presence and then his world goes bleak and black and white again.

And like the rest of this series, the sexual side of their relationship plays a significant part of their coming together. And yes, these scenes have enough details to skip over.


I did enjoy it though. No matter how beautiful, none of them could safely leave. Not even the children. Maybe especially the children. She needed to feel normal even if it was just for a few minutes.

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Sometimes, if her focus changed, she could resist the pain longer, not be afraid for just a few minutes and pretend that she would have a life like everyone else.

Her hair was thick and often tousled from her continual roughhousing with her brother. She had beautiful eyes and a killer smile. Emeline adored her and the way she loved her sisters and brother. Emeline knew it was huge to get an offer to ride one of the dragons. Made of stone, the five dragons — each with a unique color — sat off to one side of the play yard.

They looked as if they were statues, just that. Nothing else. Emeline knew that each dragon had been made specifically for one of the children. For their amusement, yes, but mostly for protection. The dragons, crouched so lifelike in the massive yard, could suddenly come to life, spread wings and fly as well as breathe fire. Emeline often saw her whispering to it, or circling the long neck with her arm and nuzzling it with affection.

Emeline sighed. That house loomed in the background, just beyond the play yard. Emeline always enjoyed looking at it as well. Water from the lake lapped lazily at the shore.

The sun poured down into it, so that droplets disturbed by fish and birds appeared as dazzling diamonds dripping into the water, causing beautiful rings that spread across the surface. Emeline always found peace in the sound of the water moving. Sometimes she wished she was like Blaze or Charlotte, no longer human but Carpathian, the ancient race of people capable of amazing things.

With a wave of their hands they could move water, make it dance, keep that soothing sound up so she could concentrate on it rather than the pain racking her body. She caught up a cookie and leaned forward. She loved the children. They were all so amazing. Every last one of them.

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She refused to regret that decision, no matter the price she had to pay — and she was paying it every single minute of the day. She forced a reassuring smile. The pain was getting worse.

Pain and fear. She kept a close eye on the sky. Please let Tariq or one of the others help you.

A couple of the scariest ones are good healers. She wrapped her arms around herself, as if she could cloak her body, make herself invisible. He had a partner. A man by the name of Maksim Volkov, whom no one knew anything about.

He was the silent partner. He owned the property bordering Tariq Asenguard's estate, but few ever saw him. He was partners with Asenguard in the dance club.

Asenguard, who was there often, was clearly the face of the club, but few actually ever saw Volkov. There was something about his name that made Blaze shiver-and she wasn't given to flights of fantasy. Tariq Asenguard was definitely a badass, but he was cool about it. Maksim Volkov was a question mark. She knew others worked for them, but it didn't matter now. She didn't care.

They hadn't murdered her father, so therefore, she was throwing in with them. After she was dead. Methodically, Blaze positioned weapons throughout the room and around the bar, and then practiced getting to them.

She didn't want to hesitate. She'd need every second she could get. If nothing else, she wanted to take the Hallahans with her when she went.

She felt calm. Nerves would come later.


And then the kick of adrenaline. She glanced at her watch.

Outside, light was beginning to fade. The streetlights wouldn't come on. Someone had shattered the old-fashioned gas-looking lights that lent character to the streets. The four brothers almost always came at night. She knew they didn't care if anyone saw their faces and knew who they were. Everyone was far too intimidated by them to come forward. She just plain wasn't the come-forward-and-testify type, not when she didn't believe for one moment that there would be a conviction.

These men had killed her father. They'd tortured him first and then they'd killed him and thrown his broken body out of a moving car, in front of the bar like trash, right at her feet. She hadn't seen them torture or kill Sean, only throw his body at her.

The brothers had timed it just right, coming into the bar at closing when Sean was standing just inside the door.

The ME said he found Taser marks, puncture wounds where her father had been taken down, not by one Taser, but by four. The moment they had incapacitated him, they had struck brutally, leaving behind a good amount of blood.

It had been Blaze who came home to find the bar unlocked, blood on the floor and her father missing. Even with the blood, the police had done nothing.

They promised to send someone around to take a report, but no one showed up. That hadn't surprised her. The cops had all but abandoned her neighborhood and everyone in it. Blaze looked around the bar. The building-and the bar-was over a hundred years old. She didn't understand why the mobsters spared some of the properties and went after others. Their takeovers seemed random. She'd tried to put together a pattern, but she couldn't find one. It wasn't the businesses they wanted, because after they acquired property, they never opened the business again.

The dry cleaner's six doors down was closed. The lovely little grocery store on the opposite corner remained closed, forcing all the residents to go out of their neighborhood to get food.

She made her way up the stairs, leaving a trail of weapons. She didn't believe she would ever get to them, but still, she had been taught to plan for every contingency, and living was one of them. The apartment where she'd grown up was large. She loved it.

It had been home all her life.

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Her father had done that. Given that to her. He laughed a lot. His eyes lit up when he laughed. So many times he'd whirled her around the living room floor, singing at the top of his lungs, making her laugh with him.

He lived life large and he'd wanted her to do the same. She knew her father dated women, but he never brought them home.

She asked him a million times why he didn't remarry, because she was always afraid if she found someone he would be lonely, and she didn't want her father ever to be lonely. Sean simply told her there was no point in settling.

It was either the right one or no one. He'd learned that lesson the hard way and he hadn't found the right one, but he was still looking.

She had always wanted that for him. Wanted someone else to love him the way she did, but he'd never let anyone other than Emeline fully into their lives, and maybe that was what made her the same way. She dated, but she never gave herself to anyone, because she knew it wasn't the one. Maybe there wasn't really the perfect one. The right one. She'd never know now because she was going to die tonight. She stashed a go bag with clothes and money on the roof by the fire escape, tucked out of sight.

Two more guns and that was it. She was more than ready for war. She stood on the roof for a few minutes just looking out over her neighborhood, remembering the sound of laughter. There had always been the murmur of voices and the sound of laughter. Now there was just. Blaze sighed and made her way back down the stairs to the bar. It was a beautiful bar, all curved mahogany. Gleaming dark wood. The long mirrors and bottles and glasses stacked neatly.

She was a good bartender.All four of them.

It had always been the two of them, Sean and Blaze, after her mother left. This is about many of the couples coming together for a Christmas celebration and to give the Carpathian people hope. She knew why they'd broken his bones.

Sep 07, Katie babs rated it did not like it Shelves: To write someone who is so completely on the edge as prredator hero is and make him believable was really well done.