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Project Gutenberg Compilation of Short Stories of Chekhov by Chekhov. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec. Visit this site dedicated to providing Free ☆ Anton Chekhov ☆ Short Stories. Free , online printable versions of Anton Chekhov Free Short Stories. Read Anton. THE LADY WITH THE DOG AND OTHER. STORIES. By. Anton Chekhov. Translated for school, and the nurse would light the lamp for a short time. The frosts.

Chekhov Short Stories Pdf

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Download The Bet and Other Stories free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Anton T Chekhov's The Bet and Other Stories for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. Bet and Other Stories. Anton T Chekhov · Short Stories | English | 05/10 / Among Russia's greatest writers, Anton Chekhov revolutionized Russian drama and short-story writing. In this collection, you'll find what's so interesting about that? Then there are Chekhov's formal innovations. If we are accus- tomed to short stories beginning with an exposition, shaped by.

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Chekhov Happiness by A. Chekhov In Trouble by A. These famous Anton Chekhov Tales and Stories have been included along with some lesser known, but equally enjoyable tales.


Anton Chekhov - His own story! This amazing Russian born author, well-known for his short fiction and wonderful novels, didn't have the best start in life. In , while Anton was still at school Chekhov's father was declared Bankrupt and the family moved from Taganrog, Southern Russia to Moscow.

Anton however remained for a further three years to complete his education and sell the families possessions. During this time he had to support himself and his family as well as pay for his education! He achieved this by catching and selling goldfinches, private tutoring and selling humorous sketches about contemporary Russian life to newspapers.

Anton Chekhov finished his schooling in and moved to Moscow to join his family.

The Seagull Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. All the peasants of that village sold their cottages and all their belongings, and set off for the province of Tomsk, but did not succeed in getting there, and have come back.

The Darling and Other Stories

Here, of course, they have nothing now; everything belongs to other people. They have settled three or four families in a hut, so that there are no less than fifteen persons of both sexes in each hut, not counting the young children; and the long and the short of it is, there is nothing to eat.

There is famine and there is a terrible pestilence of hunger, or spotted, typhus; literally every one is stricken. Every one is sick, every one delirious, some laughing, others frantic; the huts are filthy; there is no one to fetch them water, no one to give them a drink, and nothing to eat but frozen potatoes. What can Sobol our Zemstvo doctor and his lady assistant do when more than medicine the peasants need bread which they have not?

The District Zemstvo refuses to assist them, on the ground that their names have been taken off the register of this district, and that they are now reckoned as inhabitants of Tomsk; and, besides, the Zemstvo has no money.

Zemstvo doctors and their assistants go on for years growing more and more convinced every day that they can do nothing, and yet continue to receive their salaries from people who are living upon frozen potatoes, and consider they have a right to judge whether I am humane or not.

When I was tired of walking about I would stand still at my study window, and, looking across the wide courtyard, over the pond and the bare young birch-trees and the great fields covered with recently fallen, thawing snow, I saw on a low hill on the horizon a group of mud-coloured huts from which a black muddy road ran down in an irregular streak through the white field.Fiction Free Audio Books: Finally, be sure to read the famous trilogy made of "The Man in a Case" , "Gooseberries" , and "About Love" Chekhov o en uses pathetic fallacy in his short stories, using nature to create parallels with the experiences of his characters.

There is famine and there is a terrible pestilence of hunger, or spotted, typhus; literally every one is stricken.

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