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1”,5 (38,1 mm) edgewound aluminum voice coil. ○ Great power handling: 25 WAES. ○ High sensitivity: dB (1W / 1m). ○ Aluminum diaphragm. 99,5. 4. 0, Nd. 11,8. 15LEXNd. .. Ferr. 1,6. CP21/F. x40º. 1,5. 5k. Ferr. CP21/F. Compression Tweeter. PROFESSIONAL LOUDSPEAKERS. CP21/F. KEY FEATURES. GENERAL acústica beyma, s.a.. Polígono Industrial Moncada.

Beyma Cp 21 Pdf

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I have had the old model CP for over 20 years and I still love them. They do deliver! The only things you need to be careful about is to overload them and and . download Beyma CP 21 F Slit Radiator online at yazik.info» € ✓ Your online hifi specialist retailer for Tweeter. BEYMA 02/ 1/5. PRICELIST FEBRUARY yazik.info Type .. CP21/F. x 40°. 25 W AES. 3,5 - 20 KHz Ferrite dB. Al. 1, € 93,

I'll dispense with the Faital Pro elliptical horn.

Beyma CP 16

Not fully sure on what to replace it, though I have started a separate project with a wood turning guy to build a new 40cm diameter horn approx Hz. I wanted the sweetness of the 2A With two valves per channel, I get the grunt and the sweetness.

So - what I want to do now is bolster the bass response Any one interested in a great bass cabinet, let me know I got the inspiration from the two-way horn built by CH Audio Designs.

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La eficiencia del sistema HELICEX permite el uso de bobinas mviles con dimetros de 5 4 dependiendo del modelo , lo que se traduce en valores de Mms ms bajos y por tanto un mejor control del conjunto mvil comparado con otros sistemas y productos equivalentes actualmente disponibles, as como un peso total del altavoz ms bajo gracias a un dimensionamiento optimizado del conjunto mecnico.

Mayor capacidad de manejo de potencia. El lmite trmico se ha reducido de manera muy efectiva, permitiendo trabajar a la bobina mvil hasta 80C por debajo de lo que trabaja con nuestro anterior sistema de circuito de aire por conveccin forzada. Una reduccin extrema!

Gracias a las personas de todo el planeta que colaboran, desafan e inspiran a Beyma a buscar y desarrollar nuevas soluciones e innovaciones.

Our new PM4 diaphragm is the result of our research in new materials, done with the aim of providing our products properties for being beyond any available loudspeaker in the market. The CD10Nd and CD10Fe are the first compression drivers in the audio field using this innovative material, which confers superb sonic response with unparalleled natural sound as well as the strength, stability and resistance that is required in the professional applications.

Beyma Complete Catalogue

Personally, I think that Beyma developed that cone for that Beyma has higher sensitivity and very low distortion. Both have a rather flat And what Beyma drivers are you using?

I have consulted Pi speaker site and the Vance Dickason book. Unfortunately I can't seem to feel con Posted by Zeno on , I think that this driver has titanium diaphragm. How do they sound? Any info would be great I'm trying to decide on HF drivers for a high-efficency 2 way.

Yes, I really like the added sensitivity of the Beyma relative to the Paudio. Another thing that I find attractive on the Beyma driver is the relatively loose suspensio W on , Thanks, Paul Packing was very poor: the tweeters were not secured in the Beyma boxes, and the two Beyma boxes were simply thrown into a larger box with Does not have to be as efficent.


Maybe I should have asked what tweeter would match up with the BMS mid 2 in driver? Thanks, Don I would love to take Could you give me a link to Ima JMR posted in May "not a particulary good driver for fullange by the way" but do anyone else have I know someone who really likes his, but I've decided to go with something else, so I won't get to hear them.

They dont look as easy to remove as the old Altec bugscreens which just pulled out. The Beyma bug screens appear to be attached underneath the horn mounting surf Sound quality? I'm hesitating As I recall, the grill will go on no problem.

Slit Radiator

Talk to Al at AKE, he has designed a better crossover and use Posted by fatbottle on , First, the Unity xover is at hz.

Servodrive was using this driver in their prosound boxes and having lots of diaphragms go kablooie for no goo Check out Vapor Audio's Arcus speakers.

The Beyma Please help! On Beyma web site are only enclosures plans.

These 2 drivers matched even better! Xover was at 1. Looked really nice!

The DDS horns don't cost very much, the Beyma's are hard to find at a discount, but sound great. Bought these before Martin was maki I seen on another forum that the Bey 15LX60 didn't sound to good with Xover above hz.

Regards Moray James.

I use them 1kHz to 9 kHz. I don't say they are as godd as TAD I own both , but they are good and if you consider the price. A friend uses various Beyma woofers and loves them but I never used them.

Posted by Pro Sound Guy on , Posted by b. This one is somehow related to Heil AMT? This is the only ND I found the woofer spec close to the sensitivity of your chosen Celestion. Anyone tried them in a K It is very natural with a hint of The horn cuttoff frequency is Hz.

The JBL's can be used down to Hz.Posted by freddyi on , I have narrowed it down to a Beyma twee I don't say they are as godd as TAD I own both , but they are good and if you consider the price. The Musique Concrete is another three-way..

Sound quality? Check out Vapor Audio's Arcus speakers. The Beyma I have a extra pair of lite use Beyma 15x38nd a new driver that was just released.