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SOCIOLOGIA VOL II A SOCIEDADE EM REDE MANUEL yazik.info Uploaded by Maicon Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. CASTELLS, Manuel. a Sociedade Em Rede - Vol. I - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Download CASTELLS, Manuel - A Sociedade em yazik.info

A Sociedade Em Rede Castells Pdf

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pdf. CASTELLS, Manuel. A sociedade em rede - vol. I(3). Pages. CASTELLS, Manuel. A sociedade em rede - vol. I(3). Caroline Aquino. Uploaded by. castells manuel a sociedade em rede free. 6DB4CEDA8D2AEC4FED5AAB15FA Castells Manuel A Sociedade Em Rede Free. 1 / 6. La cuarta generación de derechos humanos en las redes digitales. Retrieved February 13, , from yazik.info direct/pdf-genera tor? A mídiana sociedade em rede: filtros, vitrines, notícias. pt/Downloads/yazik.info Castells, M., Fernandez-Ardevol, M., Linchuan, Qiu, .

Castells M.

CASTELLS, Manuel. a Sociedade Em Rede - Vol. I

A sociedade em Rede. Dantas M. Besides the material and functional aspect, the great potential of networks is their almost unlimited capacity of connections between different points.

According to Castells This notion of endless connections is also present in the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari Deleuze G, Guatarri F. Rio de Janeiro: Editora 34; In this logic, the concepts would be related to circumstances, and not to essences, allowing permanent invention and re-creation Escobar CH. Dossier Deleuze.

The rhizome radicalizes the heterogeneity of the network, challenging the need for common codes as the basis for its connection, allowing the reinvention of its own conditions of engagement by contextual, and not aprioristic, features. An important question inherent to the concept of network would be, then, its conditions of determination.

Even if the affirmation of multiplicity It implies, instead, the multiplication of normativeness, in which every local rule has interferences from rules from other places.

CASTELLS, Manuel - A Sociedade em Rede.pdf

It is possible to recognize that the notion of network, regardless of the disciplinary distances between the presented authors, has some common parameters, mainly about the production of effects by its connection possibilities. However, networks can be considered in terms of the regularity and recurrence of such connections, or of the heterogeneity, unpredictability, and generative capacity of entanglements. We can still state the network as a possibility for sharing material and informational resources, by the standardization of codes and rules, or as the space of dissemination of the new and non-hegemonic, restructuring its architecture according to the uniqueness of its contents.

To propose a demarcation that dialogues to the public health and its objects, we performed an unsystematic review of the literature, recovering 16 studies of the field presenting concepts or dimensions of network.

The unsystematic mode was necessary, because the definition of the concept of network is so incipient that the articles use different descriptors: health network, healthcare networks, services network etc.

Besides, an important part of the literature is in books and chapters that do not use descriptors. Presenting this review in detail is beyond scope of this text, but we intend to present a composition comprising the dimensions found in the field of public health and in other fields, from the contrast and overlap of different definitions found.

Thus, we came to the concept of network as a state of relationship between elements, produced and organized by a central rationality or independent of it, always with different normative vectors. Therefore, the network can be constituted from a declared and aprioristic design, which causes and organizes an approximation between elements Mendes EV.

Franco TB. The studies that approach networks advocating the coordination for primary healthcare, regionalization, and integration Lavras C. Saude Soc. Silva SF.

Cienc Saude Coletiva. Other studies, in considering the services networks as one more device of the networks of sociability and subjectivity of users and professionals Psicol Rev Belo Horizonte.

Enhancing on-line teaching: Designing responsive learning environments. The International Journey for Academic Development. Kiernan, V. Technology will reshape research universities dramatically. Science Academy Report Predicts.

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Like this document? Why not share! I - Manu Embed Size px. Start on.In a global and networked society higher education institutions will deal with information and communication technology, because it is both one of the main reasons why reform and change are necessary, and it offers adequate tools to the re-organisation of academic education, as well as to the reconception of educational institutions as required by the knowledge society and by a new and emerging paradigm, namely in distance learning.

Minoli, D. Cad Saude Publica. This concept has been appropriated in different ways in the field of public health, according to its use in other fields of knowledge or even taking it from common sense.

Therefore, the network can be constituted from a declared and aprioristic design, which causes and organizes an approximation between elements Nickelodeon and Consumer Citizenship.

New York University Press, It implies, instead, the multiplication of normativeness, in which every local rule has interferences from rules from other places.