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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Challenge yourself with our eBook and enjoy real results!. The squat challenge - home edition is an 8 week lower body plan, where you will find different THE SQUAT CHALLENGE 8 weeks - Home edition The squat challenge - home edition is a 16 week lower body plan, where you will find different THE SQUAT CHALLENGE 16 weeks - Home edition

Squat Challenge Ebook

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The Application for this challenge is CLOSED Challenge ends April 30, . THE SIX PACK CHALLENGE 12 WEEK HOME - 79 pages. EDUCATION. FULL BODY WORKOUT CHALLENGE - 84 pages Please read before making.

You can directly start with the 12 week training plan.

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The difference is that the 12 week one is longer and has more exercises of course the results will be better in the end. If you finish one of our training plans you can always start it from the beginning with more sets and reps and by adding heavier weights.

For both of the training plans you will need: The weight of the dumbbells depends on your fitness level. In your email you will receive a download link where you will be able to download your files on your computer or on your phone, if you use IOS get the app iBook to access your files at any time after the download, if you use Android get the Adobe Reader app.

THE SQUAT CHALLENGE 8 weeks - Home edition

Please read our refund policy before ordering. Get fit and win money, join the challenge! Log in or Create account.

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This bundle will help you in achieving your dream weight while changing your lifestyle for the better! Not available in stores. There are no recurring fees or hidden costs. Please read before making the download, thank you.