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HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A PROJECT REPORT Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the .. You can output images, PDF files, and even Flash movies. Hospital Management System Project Report On “Hospital Management System” Submitted By: Guided By: 1. Mansi Chitkara. Mrs. Kapila Pareek 2. Namita. E-Hospital Management Systems provide the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced a generic module wise version of E – Hospital management system is charted .. report (), high quality of Data storage, data speed, To assess tourism models and find out basics of tourism industry. View project. Project.

Hospital Management System Project Report Pdf

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Our main focus is design a unique Hospital Management System that will improve This report contains the full details of the system and its functionality in details. .. This makes a proper field for you to test and manage the project while . Project Report on Hospital Management System - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hospital Management system full. Hospital Management System Project Report - Download as Word Doc .doc /. docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. hospital management system .

Data Flow Diagrams 5. Entity Relationship Diagram 6.

Data Tables 7. Snapshots 8. Conclusion 9. Bibliography 4 Hospital Management System 1. Planned approach towards working: - The working in the organization will be well planned and organized.

The data will be stored properly in data stores, which will help in retrieval of information as well as its storage. Accuracy: - The level of accuracy in the proposed system will be higher. All operation would be done correctly and it ensures that whatever information is coming from the center is accurate. Reliability: - The reliability of the proposed system will be high due to the above stated reasons. The reason for the increased reliability of the system is that now there would be proper storage of information.

No Redundancy: - In the proposed system utmost care would be that no information is repeated anywhere, in storage or otherwise. This would assure economic use of storage space and consistency in the data stored. Immediate retrieval of information: - The main objective of proposed system is to provide for a quick and efficient retrieval of information.

Any type of information would be available whenever the user requires. Immediate storage of information: - In manual system there are many problems to store the largest amount of information. Easy to Operate: - The system should be easy to operate and should be such that it can be developed within a short period of time and fit in the limited budget of the user.

These are the various jobs that need to be done in a Hospital by the operational staff and Doctors. All these works are done on papers. Whenever the Patient comes up his information is stored freshly. It is destroyed after some time period to decrease the paper load in the office. Doctors themselves do this job by remembering various medicines.

All this work is done manually by the receptionist and other operational staff and lot of papers are needed to be handled and taken care of. Lack of immediate retrievals: -The information is very difficult to retrieve and to find particular information like- E. This results in inconvenience and wastage of time.

Lack of immediate information storage: - The information generated by various transactions takes time and efforts to be stored at right place. Lack of prompt updating: - Various changes to information like patient details or immunization details of child are difficult to make as paper work is involved. Error prone manual calculation: - Manual calculations are error prone and take a lot of time this may result in incorrect information.

Preparation of accurate and prompt reports: - This becomes a difficult task as information is difficult to collect from various registers.


Improved Manual System:- One of the alternative solutions is the improvement of the manual system. Anything, which can be done by using automated methods, can be done manually. But the question arises how to perform thing manually in a sound manner. Following are some suggestions, which can be useful in the manual system. A more sophisticate register maintenance for various Patient Information, Doctor diary, Immunization Details and a good system for writing bill amount employees and stock availed for the customers can be maintained at central place.

Adequate staff may be maintained so that updations are made at the very moment at the same time. Proper person for proper work should be made responsible so that a better efficiency could be achieved. This needs a lot of work force. Batch System:- Another alternative solution can be used of computer based batch system for maintaining the information regarding download details, customers and employees.

A batch system refers to a system in which data is processed in a periodical basis. The batch system is able to achieve most of the goals and sub goals.

But a batch system data is processed in sequential basis. Therefore batch system is not suggested. This system promises very less or no paper work and also provides help to Doctor and operational staff. In this system everything is stored electronically so very less amount of paper work is required and information can be retrieved very easily without searching here and there into registers. This system is been discussed here.

Feasibility Study Depending on the results of the initial investigation the survey is now expanded to a more detailed feasibility study. It focuses on these major questions: 1.

What resources are available for given candidate system? What are the likely impacts of the candidate system on the organization? Whether it is worth to solve the problem? During feasibility analysis for this project, following primary areas of interest are to be considered.

Investigation and generating ideas about a new system does this. This evaluation determines whether the technology needed for the proposed system is available or not. This is concerned with specifying equipment and software that will successfully satisfy the user requirement. The technical needs of the system may include: Front-end and back-end selection An important issue for the development of a project is the selection of suitable front-end and back-end.

When we decided to develop the project we went through an extensive study to determine the most suitable platform that suits the needs of the organization as well as helps in development of the project. The aspects of our study included the following factors. Front-end selection: 1. It must have a graphical user interface that assists employees that are not from IT background. Scalability and extensibility.

Project Report on Hospital Management System

According to the organization requirement and the culture. Legal Feasibility Study: Not necessarily last. When an organization either has legal council on staff or on retainer. For example. Transactional Function: Number of External Inputs EI: An external Input gives the user capability to maintain the data in ILFs through adding. Even though. Number of External Outputs EO: Each user output that provides application oriented information to the user.

Functional points stay constant regardless of the programming languages used. They penalize well designed but shorter programs They cannot easily accommodate non procedural languages. Number of External Inquiries EQ: An inquiry is defined as an online input that results in the generation of some immediate software response in the form of an online output.

If a direct approach is taken. In this context output refers to reports. Individual data items within a report are not counted separately. If an indirect approach is chosen functional measures are considered. Functional points can be developed relatively easily by consulting the users at an early stage of the development process. The LOC is an artifact of all software development projects and can be easily counted.

In the context of project planning. Unadjusted Function Points These are classified as follows: Logical grouping of data in a system. Loc measures are programming language independent. Their use in estimation requires a level of detail that may be difficult to achieve.

All machine readable interfaces that are used to transmit information to another system. The steps taken to arrive at the functional point count for a software product are: The information processing size. The sum of the scores of the fourteen characteristics. The degree of influence of each of these factors takes a value from to signify none to essential.

The below stated numbers have been concluded with reference to the Requirements document. These components are further categorized as simple. Function point defined as: Its are applied directly to operator of the site. Cost and benefits can tangible or intangible. The costs associated with the system are expenses outlay or losses arising from developing and using a system.

But the benefits are the advantage received from installing and using. This is the full-fledged industrial project containing database handling. Direct costs are those which are directly associated with a system. Visual basics 6. Tangible or Intangible cost: Tangible cost is that which value can be measured. The outlay of cash for any specific item or activity is referred to as a tangible cost. Cost that are known to exist but their financial value can not be exactly measured are referred to as intangible cost.

These costs are known and be estimated accurately. Request Period: It is not necessary that all the required projects are desirable or feasible. It is often refers to as overhead expenses.

Direct benefits also can be specially attributes to a given project. In other words we can say that the end user system is technically feasible economically feasible operational feasible and legally and time feasible. If the cost is more than the cost of benefits after the project release then the project request are dropped. Saving of time is writing the record and transforming the old data from the store.

Indirect costs are not directly associated with a specific activity in a system. Test Plan 5. Documentation 1. SRS 2. LLD 4. HLD 3. Saving man power. Indirect benefits are realized as a byproduct of another system for example: Operating system: Programming language: Visual basic 6. Ms Access. The system applies edits to validate data before accepting a transaction. The following diagram depicts the processes contained within PBS: Class Diagram: Patient Billing System: Product Perspective: PBS collects and stores bills and personnel data in a database on the Comptroller's mainframe.

Requirements Specifications. The PBS functional architecture is shown in the figure below. There are 6 major functions in SPRS. The specifics of these components are detailed in Section 3. Sequence diagrams that show object interactions: Use this type of diagram to identify the key concepts of the domain.

This can help Sequence Diagrams. Activity Diagrams. Proceed only to a level of detail that allows you to understand the problem domain. Sequence Diagrams. The feature stores the data in a database and retrieve using registration ID.

Updates the Patient data whenever necessary. Patient registration feature enables the registration process of the patient. Activity diagrams that show the user-system interactions: Use this type of diagram to better understand the flow of the work.. List the graphical models used to analyze the features and to better understand what needs to happen in the system.

Hospital Management System Project Report

Remember that this is an analysis activity and not yet a design activity. System Feature ID: System Feature Name: Remember Class Diagrams: This can help Class Diagrams: Class diagrams that summarize the classes of objects that appear in the sequence diagram: Use this type of diagram as a complement to the previous diagram.

Use this type of diagram to better understand the flow of the work. Activity This feature enable to give billing information so that patient billls can be calculated easily. Use this type of diagram as a complement to the previous diagram.. He responsibilities to has take thePermanent Database the patient details and to assign to doctor concern for the disease suffering by the patient.

This class has the responsibility to maintain. This class has the responsibility that should maintain the WARD Higher officials can see the reports. User can select any option and perform desired operations like master updating. State Analysis Administrator Receptionist will be provided with a login name and password. Data updating service will be provided to only designated user. When a valid user enters the system.

User can select logout option and exit from the system. Ward Authority. End Users: Hospital management officials. Functional Requirements: A limited number of inquiry screens are available to these agencies and Comptroller staff. Pharmacy Authority. The heaviest use of the data is among Lab Authority. The factors used to determine system reliability are: Provide Bill to the patient.

Activity Enables the hospital authorities to perform billing efficiently and maintain patient details without any discrepancies. Patient Billing System.

Register new patients. Keep track of all the facilities used by the patients and charge them accordingly. Use this type Class Diagrams: Data extract files. Performance Requirements System can withstand even though all the authorities try to update the data in the database tables at the same time.

A batch queuing process ensures that batches are processed in the correct order. Should an attempt to logon fail after three times. SPRS will be backed up as part of the scheduled backups.

Batches are submitted to the queue by the agency. PBS performs overnight batch processing. A user identification User ID consisting of the users first name. Batches received after the specified are processed the next night. In some cases. Access is given to the only authenticated employees of a hospital who are assigned respective tasks. PBS Security is managed through existing procedures within the Comptroller's office using system Security.

All PBS batches received before the specified time are processed that night.

After versions are created. PBS is a mainframe system to be developed using software currently supported within the Comptroller's office. The purpose of this document defines the architecture. Operating System — Linux. Delete database Details screen. Login screen. User id and Password screen 3. Billing screen. Update database details screen. It describes the high-level design that explains the functionality of the system.

Access is limited by the authorization level. User-friendly interface. Authorized users can only access the application. The new version replaces the older version when the document uploads Ms Access is the database manager and visual basics as a front end.

Patient data store patie nt detail payment reg id patient reg. They also set stage for the design of databases. There are three basic elements in E-R Models: Transaction Sex 4. Total Medicine Bill Department Ward Age Status Address 6. Date The classification of the Total Number.

Disease 9. Login and password is used for identification of users and there is no facility for guest. There is no maintainability of back up so availability will get effected. This system can be accessed by the authorized users only. This document is a high-level overview defining our testing strategy for the patient billing system. Password This document will address the different standards that will apply to the unit and Although exhaustive testing is not possible.

The Test Plan identifies the details of the test approach.

Testing should bear the following objectives: The purpose of the Test Plan document is to: Testing is the process of executing programs with the Intent of finding errors.

The distinction may sound like a matter of semantic. It also details the activities. The scope of testing will be limited to the top-level panels of the design.

The test approach should reveal the following details: Both the functional aspect. Testing will be conducted at the different level. The objective of our test plan is to find and report as many bugs as possible to improve the integrity of our program.

Testing libraries should be set up allowing Regression test to be performed at the time of system maintenance and enhancement. Do not plan testing effort on assumption that no errors will be found.

The later in the development life cycle a fault is discovered. A necessary part of a testing approach is a definition of the expected outputs or results.Forms are often lost in transit between departments requiring a comprehensive auditing process to ensure that no vital information is lost.

While the author of a document typically links that document to a CSS file, readers can use a different style sheet, perhaps one on their own computer, to override the one the author has specified. NET Framework. Programming language: Provide inherent features for security. Cost and benefits can tangible or intangible.

With built in Windows authentication and per-application configuration. In MySQL 4.