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APOLLYON RISING By Tom Horn. The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed. A Terrifying And Prophetic Cipher, Hidden From The World By The. Apollyon Rising - Tom Horn - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read book online. Satan continues on!. Apollyon Rising The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed [Thomas Horn] on yazik.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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Best selling author Thomas Horn had been wrestling with certain images and enigmatic information for years having to do with the beliefs of an Occult Elite. and the End of Days. Obama, Antichrist, and. APOLLYON. RISING. “And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. To him was given the key to the shaft. Apollyon Rising The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed by Thomas Horn pdf download Apollyon Rising The Lost.

One disturbing possibility is that the presi dent was delusional. On the other hand, if God did tell Bush to invade Iraq, given other signs of the times, we tune our ears to the prophets who foretold an end-of-days event when Babylon would be overthrown by a foreign invader, followed by the release of apocalyptic forces powers known by the prophets as the descendants of fallen angels who went into hell in full battle dress.

The people of earth are afterward viewed as hopeless and in need of a savior. Forebodingly, the end of Bushs second term witnessed such civil clamor for renewed hope amidst widespread messianic fervor surrounding the election of Americas current president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Bushs angel in the whirlwind admin istration was indeed prophetic in that it accomplished exactly what elite occultists wanted: It is entirely possible that Bushs understanding of his calling as the catalyst of these end-times events was a revelation that grew on him over time. In the beginning, many of his ties to evan gelical Christianity appear to have been simply for the purpose of producing political advantages.

While still in his second term as governor, Bush actually hired influence-peddler Karl Rove to help strategize how he might endear himself to the fundamentalist base in anticipation of a presidential run.

Not long after, the high est-ranking members of the nations politically enthused church leaders were summoned to the governors mansion, where the hand-picked movers and shakers, selected for their proven power to sway religious voters, were encouraged to conduct a laying on of hands to anoint the future president.

As the executive mantle was vicariously conferred on Bush, he surprised the group by sud denly evoking the prophetic commissions of the prophets, telling the attendees that he had been called by God to become the presidential candidate. Most people, including even perhaps Bush himself, were bliss fully unaware of the ancient signature these events represented, especially as it involved the language of Bushs two inaugural speeches following the precedent-setting anointing by holy men in the state-owned mansion.

For a few adepts of history and secret orders, the ritualistic parody was deliciously staged. The term inaugurate is from the Latin inauguratio and refers to the archaic ceremony by which the Roman augurs soothsayers approved a king or ruler or other action through omens as being sanctioned by the gods. As with Bush, the ancient inaugura tion of the leader occurred after the priestly blessing and magical. The omens that the augurs used in determining the will of the gods included, among other things, thunder and lightning, as reflected in Bushs angel in the whirlwind statements.

In modern times, the date on which the U. January 20 is when the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius, an important fact tied to the presidency of Barack Obama, who likewise rode the whirlwind into the White House with equally telling symbolism and commentary. Following Bushs consecration by the holy men of , only a brief period transpired in which public religious rhetoric sur rounding him was no more unusual than the historiography of other American presidents.

Even religious publications were starded by it. Some reacted right away, calling on the presi dent to plainly set out his views. American people have a right to know how the presidents faith is informing his public policies, not least his design on Iraq. More than Bushs earlier religious phraseology, his Scripture-flavored preparation for war against Iraq the latter-day Babylon of biblical notorietystirred scrutiny.

Those who followed Bushs religiosity had seen a change, in one pundits words, from talking about a Wesleyan theology of personal transformation to describing a Calvinist divine plan laid out by a sovereign God for the country and himself. Robin Lovin, Southern Methodist University professor of religion and political thought, cautioned that, All sorts of warning signals ought to go off when a sense of personal chosen-ness and calling gets trans planted into a sense of calling and mission for a nation.

Perhaps more than anyone else, it was precisely for these members of the family and their comrades in secrecy that the most startling coded language was drafted at regular cycle. For them, the phrase fire in the minds of men from the second.

That neoconservativism and Prometheanism could be married in this way is keen, as both doctrines are occult visions of a kingdom of God or gods on earth established through human endeavor and enlightenment. Prometheus was the Greek Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. When Prometheus is incar nated in the human mind as the mystical longing for illumination a fire in the mind , the latter produces what James Billington called the revolutionary faith or Promethean faith, a Gnostic doctrine whose origin was solidified in occult Freemasonry and scientific Marxism.

Thus, in view of recent history, a fire in the minds of men, plus two references to the angel in the whirlwind, were per fect choices for George Bushs inaugurals. By twice referring to the angel in the whirlwind, Bush also certified confirmation from God for his actions For God speaks once, yea twice [Job In occult the ology, the number two is also the Zoroastrian math for dualism, and it extended the Manichaean prose necessary for Bush to cast himself as the son of light at war with sons of darkness.

For the Illuminatist, this light is derived from Lucifer, the light-bearer, and, as we shall discover, the angel in the whirlwind is key to such dark forces.

Michael Tsarion To play those millions of minds, to watch them slowly respond to an unseen stimulas, to guide their aspirations without their knowledgeall this whether in high capacities or in humble is a big and endless game of chess, of ever extraordinary excite ment. Sidney Webb, founder of the Fabian Society. John Coleman, wrote a book tided The Committee of, in which he claimed inside knowledge concerning world manipulation by an occult Illuminati elite. According to Coleman, the angel in the.

He states: In the Committee of , which has a year history, we have some of the most brilliant intellects assembled to form a completely totalitarian, absolutely controlled new societyonly it isnt new, having drawn most of its ideas from the Clubs of Cultus Diabolicus. It strives toward a one world government rather well described by one of its late members, H.

Wells, in his work commissioned by the Committee which Wells boldly called: Coleman went on to warn about the devotion that the occult oligarchists have toward implementing a one-world order through emerging uniformed codes and laws by which every body on the planet will be enslaved to the desires of the ruling elite. Bush is also a member , and the knowledge that Moriah Conquering Wind is a tide by which the occult insiders identify themselves, is notable.

Moriah is an ancient term, and its connection to divine wind as a vehicle for God and angelic war is important to Jewish apocalyptic and mystical literature, as.

On the surface, Moriah is the sacred mountain on which Abraham nearly sacrificed his son, Isaac, before the angel of God called out of the sky and stopped him. Moriah is also the location of the original Temple Mount in Jerusalem, according to some scholars. The Foundation Stone at the heart of the Dome of the Rock in modern Jerusalem is believed to mark the exact location of Araunahs threshing floor in mount Moriah over which the temple of Solomon was built see 2 Chronicles 3: In addition to the significance of the geography, the role that Mt.

Moriah Hebrew: Mowriyah, chosen by Yahweh plays in illuminated mysticism, the relationship between God and man, heaven and earth, and angelology is deeper than most comprehend.

Both the physical location of Moriah as the Temple Mount and the associated spiritual concepts of angelic intervention are central to hidden doctrines among the occult hierarchy that will become frighteningly clearer to readers as they move through this book. Moriah to heaven, where God watches and ultimately signals the angel to stop the sacrifice of Isaac.

The pseudepigraphal Book o f Jubilees is used in such renderings, as the story from Jubilees offers the account from the angels viewpoint, in the language of the first person from heaven. Similar information about the angel who spoke to Abraham is included in the Zohar, Kabballa, Babylonian Talmud, and the Pseudepigrapha, as well as classic texts by some members of Christianity and Islam who ultimately identify him as Metatron, the most powerful of all angels, according to these.

For illuminatists, the third book of Enoch is among the most important of the mystical literature, as it offers the genesis of Metatron by claiming that Enoch himself is the one who ascends into heaven to be transformed into Metatron. An extract from 3 Enoch reads: This Enoch, whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eyelashes to flashes of lightning, his eyeballs to flaming torches, and whom God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly trans formation the name Metatron.

Sparks emanated from him, and storms, whirlwind, and thunder encircled his form. The angels dressed him in magnificent garments, including a crown, and arranged his throne. A heavenly herald proclaimed that from then on his name would no longer be Enoch, but Metatron, and that all angels must obey him, as second only to God.

Rituals, Symbols and History o f the Secret Society. Invoking the angel in.

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The extra-biblical legend concerning Enochs transforma tion into Metatron and the angels connection with the test of Abraham and Isaac on Mt. Moriah are also deeply encoded within several of the occultists rituals. In some instances, the formalities combine elements of the Moriah story with other mythologies for the express purpose of aligning the exalted members o f the society with the forces behind the conquering wind. Thanks to radio host Alex Jones, the public has seen one such ritual on film.

A few years ago, Jones and a British filmmaker slipped into the Bohemian Grove thirty miles west of Santa Rosa, California, where they recorded what is now known as the Cremation of Care cer emony.

What Jones caught on camera is like something out of a Stanley Kubrick film. Hooded figures of some of the worlds wealthiest, most powerful men, including acting and former U. Bush, George H.

Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and other participants gathered beneath a forty-foot-tall stone owl surrounded by water. A child or effigy dubbed Dull Care was delivered by a ferryman on a small boat and placed on the altar before the owl, where it was burned as an offering for the purpose of magically alleviating the cares and con cerns of those elitists making the sacrifice.

Before Jones captured this astonishing ritual on film, American citizens were not even aware that such occultism is carried out under the cover of dark ness by the worlds most powerful and respected leaders. Does this not cause reasonable people to question what other sorcery is occurring behind the veil?

On his website, Jones says: This is like something out of a Hollywood movie, where teenagers are out camping in the wilder ness and come over a hill and witness some devil cult in black and red garb sacrificing some poor soul on a bloody altar. Jones has written about the similarity between the Cremation of Care rite and the ancient Canaanite worship of the owl god Molech, where children were sacrificed for nearly identical reasons. Scholars have debated whether the child sacrifices made to Molech were burned alive, or were slain elsewhere and then drained of blood and offered as food to the deity.

If the former, a comparison is made between Molech and Kronos, from whose brazen arms children were rolled alive into an oven of fire. Like the Bohemian ritual, the ancient Baals Molech and Kronos were usually called upon to relieve the ones making the sacrifice of their earthly cares, and people who sought material prosperity believed their lives could be improved by offering the child as a sacrifice to the deity. Three hundred years before Christ, the Greek author Kleitarchos.

Out of reverence for Kronos, the Phoenicians, and espe cially the Carthaginians, whenever they seek to obtain some great favor, vow one of their children, burning it as a sacrifice to the deity, if they are especially eager to gain success. There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended over a bronze brazier, the flames of which engulf the child.

When the flames fall on the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing [such areas of child sacrifice were often called the place of laughing], until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier. A recent archeological find illus trated how far-reaching such offerings were when it unearthed the remains of more than twenty thousand infants who had been sacrificed to a single Baal. For some, a better candidate than Molech for the deity rep resented at Bohemian Grove is the Mesopotamian storm demon Lilith, whose giant, horned statues once formed the highest com petition to Yahweh.

She is a powerful seductress who, before Eves creation, was Adams wife and lover, according to myth. The Cremation of Care ceremony conducted by U. Perhaps at places like Bohemian Grove they see magic in a cor rected version of the storya heretical retellingwhere Isaac is extinguished beneath the dark-winged one who rides in the whirlwind and heals her power-hungry and seduced worshippers of their cares.

Some claim the same occultists even hid the image of the owl in the Masonically designed U. Whether Molech or Lilith is the deity represented in the annual Bohemian rituals, a greater legend involving the appropri ate semiotic figures Enoch, Moriah, Metatron, Shekinah, and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is captured in higher occult representation pointing directly to the reasoning behind recent changes to U.

Enter Enochs Antediluvian Pillars An important narrative is told from Masonic legend based partly on Talmudist and other traditions including Josephus indirectly in the first book of Antiquities wherein Enoch, here considered a father of Freemasonry and before he is translated into Metatron, is visited by his female counterpart the Shekinah of God and is given a vision of the end of the world.

Because of his devo. The vaults are perpendicular, one atop the other, in which he deposits the most important ancient knowledge. In the deepest vault the ninth , he places a triangular plate of gold, mea suring a cubit long on each side, bearing the secret and ineffable name of God.

When the vaults of knowledge are complete, Enoch covers them over with soil and erects two pillars on the site one on which he inscribes the history, arts and sciences, and doctrines of Speculative Masonry according to Masonic historian Albert Mackey, and one on which he places hieroglyphic information pointing to the precious treasure in the vaults nearby. The pillars are nearly destroyed in the Great Flood and the vaults lost until the building of Solomons temple.

Templars, the Turin Shroud, and the Great Secret o f Freemasonry, admit that the leg end of Enochs pillars, as well as the Solomon pillars constructed afterward, are very much a peshef of Masonic rituals.

The term pesher is a Hebrew word discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls that implies that double meanings or ciphers occupy certain ancient texts.

Thus, surface interpretation of particular writings is for common persons of general mental capacity, while deeper con cealed truths lay hidden for the initiated persons of higher degree.

Knight and Lomas connect this with the legend of Enoch and the illuminated Masonic rites: It is very much a pesher of the Holy Royal Arch Degree, which is the story of the Knights Templar removing a keystone in the ruins of Herods Temple and lowering themselves down into a subterranean vault that contains an ancient scroll. The degree tells how, in times long before Moses and Abraham, the ancient figure of Enoch foresees that the world will be overwhelmed by an apocalyptic disaster through flood or fire, and he determines to preserve at least some of the knowledge then known to man, that it may be passed on to future civilizations of survivors.

He therefore engraves in hieroglyphics the great secrets o f sci ence and building onto two pillars: The Masonic legend goes on to tell how these pillars were almost destroyed, but sections survived the Flood and were subsequently discovered one by the Jews, the other by the Egyptians so that civilization could be rebuilt from the secrets that had been engraved on to them.

Fragments of one pillar were found by workmen during the excavations for the foundations of King Solomons Temple. Whilst preparing the site in Jerusalem three thou sand years ago the top of a vault or arch was uncovered, and one of the Masons was lowered into the vault where he found relics of the great pillar of knowledge The next degree, Scotch Knight of Perfection, is set in a room which has at its centre the reassembled fragments of Enochs pillar, inscribed with hieroglyph ics.

It is claimed that King Solomon created a Lodge of Perfection to rule over the thirteen lower degrees, and. Rituals within Freemasonry related to this legend of Enoch on Moriah, his preservation of the arts and sciences in the underground repositories, and the rediscovery of such during the building of the temple of Solomon are twofold: The rituals based on these legends are separated for the primitive and higher degrees, with those related to the Enochian pillars being preserved exclusively to the higher and more modern degrees of the Craft, while the only pillars that are alluded to in the primitive degrees are those of Solomons temple, according to MacKey and Singleton.

When a person joins the Order, he passes between the twin columns during initiation, beyond which awaits the mysteries of which Masonry is the.. The pillars in the Masonic lodges thus represent a portal the initiate passes through during his admission into Freemasonry toward the eso teric knowledge represented by and beyond the pillars, available only to those who traverse this threshold and participate in the mysteries of the Brotherhood.

While the original scriptural symbolism see 1 Kings 7: The legend of Hiram Abiff, the Tyrian First Grand Master of the Order of Masons and chief architect of the temple of Solo mon whose legend is impersonated every time an initiate reaches the level of Master Mason , is said to have been the only man at the time of the temples construction who knew, and there. Every Freemason of third degree and higher thus understands what researchers of the Order know as well, that the temple of Solomon is central to the origin, buildings, layout, and rituals of Freemasonry.

Each lodge is a representation of the Jewish temple, every lower-degree Mason a depiction of the Jewish workmen who built the tem ple, and every Master in the chair a representation of the Jewish King.

Significant reasons why this is the case include belief by particular Masons that under the bowels of Moriah, where the temple was built and near the place where Christ was crucified, is Enochs buried, arched vault that held or holds the mysteries of angelic knowledge and the ineffable name of God. But there is another name we will unveil later in this book, also related to Baal and Osiris, actually hidden in plain sight.

Occultists prefer to keep shrouded why knowing this hidden name is so important. According to ancient ritual magic, it is because one can capture, control, or manipulate the power of the god if one possesses his oracular name. This is, of course, a demonization of a bibli cal tenet that conveys that names have power, ,such as evil spirits being cast out in Jesus name and Jesus having a name which is above every name see Mark 9: Hebrews, as well as other Old Testament peoples, ascribed great significance to naming their children, believing the name held power to determine the outcome of an individuals life.

Her enchant ments were so powerful that she even forced the high god Ra to reveal his most secret name to her. She accomplished this by conjuring a magic serpent that bit the sun god a reptile whose venom was so potent that it brought Ra to the point of death, forcing him to surrender his hidden and powerful name. When Ra succumbed, Isis uttered different secret words, which drove the serpents poison from his body.

Afterward, the victorious goddess added Ras powerful and hidden name to her archive of divine words. Such magic words were considered by the Egyptians to be of the highest importance for the navigation of physical and spiri tual dimensions. This was because Isis not only possessed secret words, but she instructed her followers as to how, when, and with what vocal tones they were to be uttered. If the proper words were pronounced correctlyat the right time of the day and with proper ceremonythey would have the effect of altering reality, manipulating the laws of physics, and forcing the being or object to which they were directed into compliance including people, spirits, and gods.

Interestingly, Freemasonic scholars admit that the legend of Hiram Abifftheir original Grand Master and architect o f Solomons temple is but a retelling of this legend of Isis and Osiris, a fact that the reader will find significant later and that may also play into why the name angel in the whirlwind was uttered by Americas president in the year of its tipping-point Before ending this chapter I should point out that, due to the occult value or sacredness of the numerous elements surrounding.

Disclosure of this has occasionally reached the publics ear. The Illustrated London News, August 28, , ran a spectacular supplement detailing this goal. Scheme of Freemasons and Opinions of Jews on Rebuilding. By , some publishers had begun adding unprecedented details, includ ing a report that the land on which the Dome of the Rock now stands had been secretly downloadd and that plans were already under design for the construction of the third and final temple.

Researchers since have produced intelligence that a hushed col laboration is firmly in place, held back only against the right time, opportunity, and circumstances when exalted Freemasons and their associates will move with haste to reconstruct a new temple, from which their earthly representative will reign. In addition to occultists, groups including the Temple Mount Faithful and the Temple Institute in Jerusalem are busy restor ing and constructing the sacred vessels and vestments that will be used for service in the new temple at the arrival of their Messiah see http: Students of Bible prophecy recognize the importance of such plans as signaling the coming of Antichrist.

Old and New Testament Scriptures explain that a false Jewish messiah will appear, enthroning himself as God in the temple in Jerusalem, but afterward he will defile the holy place. For any of this to occur, it is necessary for the temple to be rebuilt, thus making claims by Freemasons or other groups interested in fulfilling this monumental task highly suspect with regard to unfolding end-times events.

A major obstacle that arises when discussing the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem is the present-day existence of the Islamic shrines known as the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, an issue that may also be resolved in Bible prophecy.

A fault line near Jerusalem has been the cause of a halfdozen major earthquakes over the last thousand years, and may be strategically located to utterly destroy the Islamic shrines at any point in time. Zechariah Then the LORD will go out and fight against those nations, as he fights in the day of battle. On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.

Such a catastrophic event could wipe out the Muslim com pound and provide a catalyst for rebuilding Solomons temple. Reports in recent years have featured scientific evidence and geological surveys warning that buildings in this area could be severely damaged if not utterly demolished by an earthquake.

The Associated Press, in what sounded particularly prophetic in this regard, reported:. Most at risk.. The Middle East is a powder keg, and war, with its missiles and bombs, could take out the Islamic shrines in a single hour. Some claim the Muslim structures could even be intentionally targeted during a conflict as a way of facilitating the construction of a new temple.

Some writers and researchers in this field of study predict that a Masonic version of the prophesied third temple see 2 Thessalonians 2 will be built on the very spot from where the debris of the Muslim structures are cleared follow ing some calamity, and then a new messiah will pass through the golden Masonic portals of the temple, announcing to the world that the universal savior of mankind has come.

On June 18, , a third possibility was announced in Jerusalem as a result of theological research that would allow for an extension of the Temple Mount to be made on which the third Jewish temple could be constructed.

In an article called A New Vision for Gods Holy Mountain, Ohr Margalit, rabbinical studies professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, wrote that The scenario of a holy revelation given to an authentic prophet that the temple be rebuilt on the current or an extended Temple Mount in peaceful proximity to the Dome, A1 Aqsa Mosque, and nearby Christian shrines is all it would take to approve such a plan.

According to Jewish law It would also be in keeping with the words of the twelfth-century Jewish sage Maimonides that Christianity and Islam are part of Gods ultimate plan to direct the entire world to worship God together. Interestingly, Theodore Herzl, the preeminent secular Zionist, detailed the same vision for a rebuilt temple in peaceful proximity to Islamic and Christian shrines on what he called the holy region of mankind.

It came actually from Francis Bacon, who was one of the great mystics of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. He wrote a book right before he died.. They were all students of Bacon. They believed that what they were creating was the new Atlantis, the new Israel, the new Rome, the new Athens, and they consciously set forth to build a nation around light and power.

Look on the back of a dollar bill and see the pyramid and the all-seeing Eye of Horus. Its important for Americans to understand that we were born out of a mystical vision of human perfection that was basically Atlantean in its impulse.

Jim Garrison, founder of the Gorbachev Foundation. In the Moriah example, Abrahams obedience not only resulted in an angel staying the sacrifice of Isaac, but according to the Genesis Rabbah from Judaisms classical period a collection of rabbinical homilies on the book of Genesis , Abrahams submission directly affected the angelic princes of the heathens as well.

From Genesis Rabbah Here God immediately rewards Israel when Abraham binds Isaac to the altar by binding the princes of the hea thens the angels who served as guardians to the heathen nations thus making them subservient to Israel. But this fettering only lasts while Israel upholds its part of the cov enant with God. When Israel fails to do so, God unfetters the princes, and the heathen nations take their revenge on Israel.

On the twenty-first day of his fast, the angel Gabriel appeared and informed Daniel, From the first day thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chas ten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words Daniel If an angel had been dispatched from heaven from the first day, why did it take twenty-one days before he arrived?

Gabriel provided the answer by explaining that a supernatural Persian prince had opposed him for twenty-one days. Not until Michael, the archangel, came to assist in this con flict was Gabriel free to continue his journey Daniel According to Zoroastrianism, he was the powerful and self-existing evil spirit from whom war and all other evils had their origin, and he was the chief of the cacodaemons, or fallen angels, expelled from heaven for their sins.

Bush, like his father before him, viewed as integral to the launch ing of a New World Order. In this regard, the Bushes fulfilled prophecy, as the beginning of Babylon was the Tower of Babel, where at the macro level Satans strategy to formulate a one-world system was initiated. Thereafter, Babylon is viewed as equivalent to a satanic world system at enmity with God and the final kingdom-spirit against which God will do battle Revelation The Bushes are learned men and members of more than one esoteric order, implying that they may have known exactly what they were doing, and why.

Given widespread doctrine among various religious orders concerning this cause-and-effect relationship between binding and loosing of geopolitical supernaturalism, a question arises:. During the American invasion of Iraq, was the Bush administra tion or a multinational power elite operating behind U. In other words, was an intentional effort made to magically limit interference from Ahriman by summoning the power of Metatron and Shekinah? Mystical language used by officials during this time frame did seem to be summoning appropriate forces connected to these entities, including the angel in the whirlwind, the mother of all bombs MOAB , and even the title by which the U.

The specifically chosen words, gesticulations, and emblems so employed by key members of the U. When the esoteric statements employed by the Bush era involving a New World Order rising from the ashes of chaos is reflected against the prophetic design of Washington DC, even the hardiest skep tic is drawn to consider that an occult hand had been at work beginning well over two hundred years ago and up through this century in the symbols and emblems associated with the U.

The combined occultic numbers, places, people and tim ing involved in the terrorist attack is so consistent with.

From the beginning, the United States of America was chosen to lead the world into this kingdom of Antichrist, and Washington DC was to be its capital.

Ordo Ab Chao: Through the Twin Towers Toward Atlantis The antediluvian Adantis, which Bacon utilized as metaphor and which remains so important to the occultists, was mentioned by Plato in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias as lying beyond the Pillars of Hercules the Straits of Gibraltar. In a drawing on the title page of his Instauratio Magna Great Instauration , Bacon depicted the Pillars of Hercules using classic Greek pillars with a ship sailing through them to conceptualize movement past the limi tations of existing scholarship into the area of unlimited scientific.

Bacon, like other medieval thinkers, including Descartes and John Dee, was interested in occult and mystical sci ences, practicing alchemy and exhibiting an enduring interest in the philosophy and rituals of secret societies, especially as it involved ciphers, symbols, and cryptic communication. Bacon employed geometry, mathematics, and poetic language as tools for conceal ing in plain sight archetypes that only metaphysicians would be able to decipher in order to find what he had enticingly hidden.

History connects these works of Bacon to the founding American Freemasons and Rosicrucians, some of whom believed he was an Ascended Master ofWisdom Mahatmas , or reincarnated, spiritu ally enlightened being of the theosophical concept who had come to bestow hidden knowledge. Notably, Bacons use of pillars and specifically the Pillars of Hercules advanced the popularity of figu rative portals beyond which await the treasure of lost knowledge, paranormal power, and a novus ordo seclorum.

Metaphors related to such pillar mysticism also led to the combination of not two, but three pairs of pillars known today as the Three Great Pillars of Freemasonry. The ritualistic importance of these three sets of pillars is commented on by David Stevenson in the Cambridge University book, The Origins o f Freemasonry: Assuming the pillars were as in later masonic practice regarded as flanking the entrance to the lodge, then the mason would be seen when he passed between them as simultaneously entering a holy place the Temple ; acquiring lost knowledge or secrets as they were also the [Enochian] pillars of knowledge ; and venturing from the known to the unknown in search of new worlds as they.

This not only would have been to facilitate a universal call for order out of chaos, but also to: The phone number called during the emergency likewise matches the date on which the Twin Towers were attacked. But in occult numerology, the number eleven means much more than this. It is the first Master Number and represents a dark vision.

When doubled to twenty-two 22 , the vision is combined with action. When tripled to thirty-three 33 the signal of the highest and most important action in Freemasonryit means vision and action have combined to pro duce accomplishment in the world. Is it therefore mere coincidence that exactly eleven years to the date following George H.

W Bushs New World Order speech and eleven years before , on September 11, , Flight 11 crashed into the Twin Towers, whose appearance side by side not only formed a Masonic-like, pillared gateway, but also archi tecturally depicted the number eleven?

Also consider that Flight 11 hit the Twin Towers first, and Flight 11 had eleven crew mem bers; New York was the eleventh state added to the Union; the words, New York City have eleven letters; Afghanistan, the first nation the U. For instance, the end of World War I in occurred on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at exactly the eleventh hour, when the armistice agreement with Germany came into effect.

Another example is the assassination of John F. Kennedy in the Masonic Dealey Plaza on the eleventh month, the twenty-second day, and on the thirty-third parallel note the occult numerological equation again for vision, action, accomplishment. More importantly, the Bible connects the number eleven with the coming of Antichrist in the book of Daniel.

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

When referring to the beast with ten horns Roman Empire , the prophet, as he was considering these horns, said, there came up among them another little horn Daniel 7: Lastly, in Jewish mysticism and esoteric numerology, the number eleven is considered the essence of all that is sinfid, harmfid, and imperfect.

In mythology, Hercules was driven mad by Hera and killed his own children. To atone for his sins, he was required by Eurystheus to carry out ten labors, which he did.

But Eurystheus, an enemy who had ascended the throne in Hercules place, would not accept labor number two killing the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra or labor number five cleansing the Augean stables because Hercules had allowed his nephew, Lolaus, to help him burn the heads of the chthonic Hydra plus, he had accepted payment for the Augean stables work.

Eurystheus therefore assigned two new labors: In Greek mythology, the garden of the Hesperides the nymphs who tended Heras garden was located in Libya near the Atlas Mountains. Depending on the version of the story, either a single tree or grove of trees yielded golden apples there, which, when eaten, produced immortality. Because Hera was suspicious that the nymphs would eat the apples, she placed a hundred headed dragon there named Ladon to guard it. To get past the dragon, Hercules tricked Atlas, the first king of Atlantis whose name means pillar and who was burdened with holding the heavens and earth upon his shoulders into retrieving some of the apples for him, as the beast would not attack him.

The Greek scholar Apollodorus, who lived more than one hundred years before Christ, tells what happened next: But when Atlas had received three apples from the Hesperides, he came to Hercules, and not wishing to sup port the sphere he said that he would himself carry the apples to Eurystheus, and bade Hercules hold up the sky. Hercules promised to do so, but succeeded by craft in putting it on Atlas instead.

For at the advice of Prometheus he begged Atlas to hold up the sky till he should put a pad on his head. When Atlas heard that, he laid the apples down on the ground and took the sphere from Hercules.

And so Hercules picked up the apples and departed. But some say that he did not get them from Atlas, but that he plucked the apples himself after killing the guardian snake. First is the obvious number eleven, which marked the attack on the Twin Towers in New York as a work of destructive forces.

Apollyon is not Rising in You are being Hornswoggled.

Second, the arch villain in this case was played by Osama bin Laden, whose last name is remarkable in that bin Laden means son of Laden or, alternatively, Ladon, the mystical, hundred headed dragon that Hercules had to avoid or destroy. Third, in Masonic mysticism, Jesus Christ is Hercules.

The Theban progeny of Jove had his share of pain and trial. The Big Apple. Sixth, immediately after retrieving the Golden Apples, Hercules freed Prometheus from the Caucasus Mountains, where Zeus had him chained. Recall the point made earlier in this book.

When he is incarnated in the human mind as the mystical longing for illumination a fire in the mind , the latter produces what James Billington called the Promethean faith, a Gnostic doctrine whose origin was solidified in occult Freemasonry. In the retell ing, revengeful power number eleven was released by the dragon bin Laden, son of Ladon, the Devil of Revelation 12 and 13 where the Golden Apple Garden NYC, the Big Apple, where the promise of gold dominated existed, and overpowered Jesus Christ Hercules.

The number seventy-seven happens to be the fire departments ten code for a high-rise, multiple-dwelling fire. More importantly, the num ber seventy-seven, like the number eleven, is a powerful Master.

Number that occultists believe represents the ascension of a New Age Christ consciousness. In Luke 3: There were seventy-seven generations from Enoch to Christ, according to one account. In some versions of the Bible, such as the International Standard Version, seventy-seven is the number of times to forgive offenses most versions read seventy times seven. Conversely, St. Perhaps this is also why Satanists have seventyseven names for the Devil.

Over and above these generalizations, an enlightening obser vation is discovered when the number seventy-seven is understood as an illuminated signal for the Masonic Revenge of Lamech. This is drawn from Genesis 4: If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold [seventy-seven]. Lamech was a descendant of Cain, the first murderer in the Bible, and the father ofTubal-Cain, a master craftsman. Horn's Apollyon Rising , the authors use extra biblical texts Spiritual Warfare—The Invisible Invasion [download the pdf version free at.

The image above shows Jupiter rising in the constellation Taurus. Apollyon Rising Revelation - Plano Bible Chapel ; John saw "smoke" rising from the shaft leading to an underground chamber. Hebrew, and "Apollyon" in Greek, both mean "Destroyer.

apollyon rising pdf

Com ; Jan 1, Following the release of our best-seller Petrus Romanus: The I have to admit that, when writing the first edition of Apollyon Rising in Cephalopods of the world. An annotated and illustrated Frequent Synonyms: Octopus punctatus Gabb, ; Polypus apollyon. Apart from this, we I do not disagree with that view.

I think Horn might even be correct here about who the Antichrist will claim to be. Nevertheless, Apollyon in the Bible does not mean Apollo even though the word sounds like it.

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Apollyon really means destruction or the destroyer. I do think that it is quite likely that when Satan is cast out of Heaven with his angels that they will claim to be these ancient mythological gods or Alien beings. We are set up for this deception with mythology and UFO-ology. I also think that it is likely that they will offer humans the means to change their DNA if they take the mark. They would be in the image of the Beast and of their father the devil and that is why nobody that takes the mark can be saved.

So I agree with Horn on the general end time concept of angels posing as gods but not on the timing. So they moved a copy of their occultism here but the seat of power of this mystery religion still is in Europe.

Even Thomas Horn makes the Roman Vatican connection. The main demonic occultism has been entrenched in Rome. Horn spends a whole chapter expounding on actions and words of Obama as if he may be the Antichrist. However, like many satanic world leaders set up before him, Obama will not meet the expectations of elitists. I think they are now looking for someone else.

By the way, all promoted by the demonic controlled world elite will fail until God allows the Son of Perdition to rise. Thomas Horn clearly said in this book that will either be the start of the tribulation or the start of the great tribulation. He will be proven wrong on both counts. Had the last seven years started in we would be aware of the two prophets so that is already proven wrong.

If the final seven years starts in , with all that remains to be fulfilled I will gladly eat his book in front of Jesus. This is not a book that I could recommend for most. It certainly is not for those not well grounded in the Bible.

I can see them going directly from this book into end time conspiracy sites and being further mislead. I think the last chapter that covers his dating scheme for is about as reliable as the Harold Camping formulas. The only Bible based views on the timing that are not based on smoke and mirrors is the 70 year generation from the contemporary classic erroneous interpretation of the fig tree parable.

Horn also liked to quote the late J. Church as a supporting authority but J. Church was also into certain date setting. Each of the first one hundred psalms was said to be a description of what happened or would happen in that particular year in the 20th century. Like I said, cherry picking is the universal truth of all date setting schemes.

Of course Horn says he is not a date setter. I am sure that Horn will emphasize that more in the future when comes and goes without Apollyon rising?

I actually liked the book because it was thought-provoking and It did have some useful information.Recent polling depicts a generation increasingly disinterested in the faith of their fathers and especially unattracted to Judeo-Christian definitions about sin and repentance.

The placard on Liberty Island goes on to say that the statue was based on the Roman goddess Libertas. Yet it was not until a brief stint working with exorcisms that I had come face to face with authentic supernaturalism, and had finally begun questioning the differences between indoctrination and revelation, knowledge and wisdom, religion and relationship, or good and evil. This was typical of the founding fathers.

Given widespread doctrine among various religious orders concerning this cause-and-effect relationship between binding and loosing of geopolitical supernaturalism, a question arises:. The problem arises when one marks the foundation of our country at the American Revolution and the establishment of the United States. The pseudepigraphal Book o f Jubilees is used in such renderings, as the story from Jubilees offers the account from the angels viewpoint, in the language of the first person from heaven.

Billington says that the revolutionariesrepeatedly attached importance to the central prime numbers of Pythagorean mysticism: one, three, seven, and above all five. They placed a statue of a nude woman upon the altar in the church of Notre Dame and proclaimed the God of Christianity dead.