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Apr 25, Adobe Acrobat isn't the only PDF reader in town. A dedicated free PDF reader will let you do so much more than just open documents. Downloadable add- ons are available to convert PDFs to other formats (and vice. Jan 12, We've compiled a list of the top 10 best PDF readers for Windows PCs. the likes of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, SumatraPDF, Foxit Reader, etc. SumatraPDF supports formats other than PDF as well, including the likes of. Read our roundup of feature-rich PDF viewers that out perform even Adobe Reader. lightweight applications built for nothing more than viewing PDFs to more Unlike many other free PDF readers, with Nitro you can fill in forms and sign.

Pdf Reader Other Than Adobe

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Aug 2, Adobe's free PDF reader has long been a standard for handling its You Can Put Much More in Your Dishwasher Than Plates and Soap In addition to viewing PDF files, Preview can display over two dozen other file. Aug 22, Adobe's free PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, connects to the Adobe Document cloud and other cloud storage Even though Preview is the pre- installed PDF reader on every Mac, it's more powerful than you think. This category includes desktop programs that can be used for reading and annotating PDF documents, other than the slow and bloated Adobe Reader. While I.

1. Sumatra PDF

This Adobe Reader alternative performs better compared to other options. PDFelement has most stable functionalities and security features to protect your documents. It has automated spelling error detection which helps to fix typos and other errors. It can turn any non-fillable form into a fillable one in a simple click.

The intelligent form automation technology can help extract data from all types of identical PDFs. It can extract data from hundreds of scanned or non-scanned PDF forms into one editable Excel file. It is compatible with macOS A View PDFs in 5 Modes First, as one of the best Adobe Reader alternatives, PDFelement offers 5 reading modes: fit to actual page size, fit to windows width, fit page to window, fit to window height, and full screen.

You can select the mode you want to read a PDF file. You can review and highlight aspects of the PDF file with stamps, text box, sticky notes, shapes, highlighters, underline, and strikethrough tools.

The difference is that it also lets you save the form while Adobe Reader cannot save filled PDF forms. What's more, after you've completed filling a form, you can add a digital signature as well. Users can easily copy or edit PDF text before or after conversion. Among those offering paid upgrades, we selected the upgrade directly above the basic package for our price inclusion.

Make sure to check out the company sites for additional information and to see which, if any, of the upgrades is necessary for your needs. Sumatra PDF is an ultra-lightweight and open-source portable application.

The emphasis with Sumatra PDF is not on the number of features and the wide-ranging abilities of the application, but instead on speed. It loads almost instantly, renders pages extremely quickly, and thanks to a huge number of keyboard shortcuts, you can zip through nearly any document with ease.

Sumatra PDF, thanks to a lack of frills and extraneous features, is a great candidate for a portable drive or for in-browser use for someone who wants quick-loading PDF files without the lag caused by features they won't ever use.

It's no mystery many Mac users have no need to step beyond the built-in tool. Preview has quite a few features often only found in commercial PDF software, like the ability to drag and drop pages between documents, page extraction, encryption, and text annotation.

In addition to viewing PDF files, Preview can display over two dozen other file formats, making it quite a versatile little viewer. Foxit is a polished Acrobat-alternative that, on top of cleanly displaying PDF files with a minimal interface, also has a host of handy features—all packed into a lightweight 6MB package. Foxit loads immediately, without any splash page or lag from plug-ins loading.

Reading PDFs is just as snappy, and in-text pictures and charts render quickly. When filling out PDF forms, you can save your progress in the form and return later to finish filling it out.

Another neat feature is that you can invert colors, such as from black on white to white on black, which can reduce eyestrain. While you will find options to edit and combine PDF files listed under Tools, these are actually pro features that will set you back at least USD 15 per month.

Chrome vs. Adobe Reader: Edge vs. Here's a direct comparison of the three.

5 Useful PDF Reader Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader

Read More. The small footprint and easy access come at a cost. Furthermore, browser-based PDF readers lack advanced features, like form filling, document signing, or annotation. PDF files open in an Edge browser tab. The only thing that distinguishes them from a regular web page is the PDF toolbar at the top.

7 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives of

You can search the document, adjust the zoom level, print, and save the file. You can also share the document or add it to your Favorites or Reading List.

Microsoft Edge suffered from a PDF exploit back in This vulnerability has since been patched, but issues such as this are the reason why you should always install security updates. This can be another browser or a third party PDF reader. In addition to everything Edge does, you can rotate the document, which is essential on a Windows 2-in-1 or tablet.

Open chrome: Make sure you have selected a default Windows PDF viewer. Among the in-browser PDF readers, Firefox offers the most comprehensive package.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader

In addition to standard features offered in Chrome and Edge, you can expand a sidebar, rotate in both directions, and toggle the hand tool.

While in-browser PDF readers and system default apps are great, sometimes you need more than that. Hence, the market for dedicated PDF readers remains highly competitive. Here are some more alternatives with advanced features. These six apps are the best PDF readers around. But not all needs are the same. Even so, hopefully, one of these PDF document viewers is perfect for you.

However, they fall short when it comes to editing. We're here to show you the best free tools to edit your PDF files. It's difficult at the best of times, but these file converters try to do a good job of it. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Microsoft Edge browser FTW, for excellent smooth scroll.

I wish other reader had smooth scroll feature. I really enjoy theextensive features that making a professional PDF easy.

And - Portable version! Nitro free Reader does not exist; nowhere on Nitro's site. It has a search option that allow you to search through folders of PDFs. We have several thousand inspection reports in PDF files and remembering in which one we found X or did Y is well beyond my ability, so being able to search the entire folder, without pulling up each report and searching it, is a god send.Free Download 2.

We recommend leaving your settings as they are until you've had a chance to try the new reader and see if it's right for you. I am absolutely agree with Steve DJ. But hoping it is do-able. PDF-Xchange is a portable application that includes many more features such as OCR, image recognition, and security support.