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PDF | The buildup of so called “greenhouse gases” in the 15+ million members ; + million publications; k+ research projects. PDF | The Greenhouse effect is a leading factor in keeping the Earth million members; + million publications; k+ research projects. emission of C02 and other four major green house gases are presented. While greenhouse gases (GHGs) form naturally, many human activities add .. reduction projects (or enhance emissions-absorbing sinks) in another Annex 1 party as.

Greenhouse Effect Project Pdf

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The greenhouse effect is the process by which radiation from a planet's atmosphere warms the .. "The "Greenhouse" effect and Climate Change" (PDF). Reviews of Geophysics. . External links. Greenhouse effectat Wikipedia's sister projects. The centerpiece of this curriculum is a project-based inves- tigation of Greenhouse effect: asymmetry of the atmosphere, in which carbon. The Greenhouse Effect Project - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

This is all the gases that make up our air. The atmosphere surrounds the Earth. There are gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide or CO2 that act like the glass in the greenhouse they trap the heat.

See the picture below. As the world continues to pollute and damage the environment, there are more and more greenhouse gases being put into the air.

This makes the atmosphere trap more and more heat. So the Earth starts to warm up.

The Greenhouse Effect Project

The use of energy such as petrol in cars and electricity from coal power stations makes more greenhouse gases. This is why many people believe that we have to re-think our use of energy.

Task 2 Vocabulary Write the correct word in the corresponding definition: Global warming fossil fuels solar radiation atmosphere carbon dioxide greenhouse effect greenhouse gases.

The air that surrounds the earth. A heavy colorless gas that does not support combustion. It is formed naturally by the combustion and decomposition of organic substances and is absorbed by photosynthesis of plants. Fuels that are formed in the earth from plant or animal remains.

Examples are coal, oil, and natural gas. The result of the greenhouse effect. It is the warming of the planets atmosphere. Natural global warming is a result of the natural greenhouse effect and is what makes the planet hospitable to life. Without this atmospheric equilibrium, Earth would be as cold and lifeless as its moon, or as blazing hot as Venus. The moon , which has almost no atmosphere, is about minus F minus C on its dark side.

Venus, on the other hand, has a very dense atmosphere that traps solar radiation; the average temperature on Venus is about F C. The greenhouse effect The exchange of incoming and outgoing radiation that warms the Earth is often referred to as the greenhouse effect because a greenhouse works in much the same way. Incoming UV radiation easily passes through the glass walls of a greenhouse and is absorbed by the plants and hard surfaces inside.

Weaker IR radiation, however, has difficulty passing through the glass walls and is trapped inside, thus warming the greenhouse. This effect lets tropical plants thrive inside a greenhouse, even during a cold winter. A similar phenomenon takes place in a car parked outside on a cold, sunny day.

Incoming solar radiation warms the car's interior, but outgoing thermal radiation is trapped inside the car's closed windows. Gases in the atmosphere can reflect or trap heat energy, much like what happens in a greenhouse for plants. Credit: by Ross Toro, Livescience contributor Greenhouse gases and global warming "Gas molecules that absorb thermal infrared radiation, and are in significant enough quantity, can force the climate system.

These type of gas molecules are called greenhouse gases," Michael Daley, an associate professor of Environmental Science at Lasell College told Live Science.

Carbon dioxide CO2 and other greenhouse gases act like a blanket, absorbing IR radiation and preventing it from escaping into outer space.

Finally, biomass burning and wildfires have contributed to the observed increase in the atmospheric concentration of CH4, although the relevance has decreased over time Worden et al, Data for , although not yet complete, indicate a concentration of ppb.

The greenhouse effect

The rate of change is slightly increasing over the past 20 years from 0. The group of HFCs is particularly broad. The concentration levels of these F-gases have increased substantially over recent decades. Their contribution to the climate forcing is currently still limited, although steadily increasing from 0.

Their contribution is expected to continuously increase in the near future, because of the long lifetimes of most F-gases in some cases more than 1 years and to the increase in the emissions of new HFCs, such as HFCa a substitute of CFCs, as they do not have an ozone depleting impact in the stratosphere.

Indicator specification and metadata Indicator definition This indicator shows the observed trends in greenhouse gas concentrations. Greenhouse gases differ in the way they affect the climate system.


In order to sum the effects of the individual greenhouse gases and other forcing agents in the atmosphere, the so-called 'greenhouse gas equivalent concentration' has been defined. This is the concentration of CO2 that would cause the same amount of radiative forcing as a mixture of CO2 and other forcing agents greenhouse gases and aerosols.

Global average annual concentrations are presented here. Although greenhouse gases are mainly emitted in the northern hemisphere, the use of global average values is considered justified, because the atmospheric lifetime of most greenhouse gases is long compared with the timescales of global atmospheric mixing.

This leads to a rather uniform mixture around the globe. The exceptions are ozone and aerosols.However, a greenhouse is not primarily warmed by the "greenhouse effect". The solar radiation spectrum for direct light at both the top of Earth's atmosphere and at sea level An ideal thermally conductive blackbody at the same distance from the Sun as Earth would have a temperature of about 5.

Tell the students that when you say stop they have to turn the sheet back over again and shout out to you any words they can remember and write them on the board.

Hazaparu Anca. It is the actual process of greenhouse gases absorbing heat in the atmosphere.