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Saga Vol. 1 – 9 + Book 1 – 2 (TPB) (): Saga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, published monthly by Image Comics. The series is heavily influenced by Star Wars, and based on ideas Vaughan. Saga Vol. 1 - 3 (TPB) FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Saga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer. EPUB PDF, Author: arienhice, Name: Download [PDF] Saga Volume 1. EPUB PDF, Length: 1 pages, Page: 1, Published:

Saga Volume 1 Epub

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EPUB @PDF Saga, Vol. 1 >>DOWNLOAD Click button below to download or read this book. Description Winner of the Hugo award for. Saga Volume Two Part yazik.info MB is there anyway you can download volume ?? Like Show likes .. Stray Bullets Volume yazik.info MB. [PDF] Download Saga, Vol. 1 Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at http://pdf. yazik.info?book=# Download Saga, Vol.

He stood bare chested, smoothness wrapped within the curves of his chest, firm, and impeccable. Shoulders wide and arms lowered at his sides. A towel clung taut at his hips and long, thick, strong legs stood firm. My eyes roamed along the beauty that was Jax. I reach his eyes that were dark, narrowed, and probing. I sighed, pulling in another breath. He watched me stepping closer with his hands fisting at his sides.

His lips thinning while thinking of what to say next. Maybe he felt just as vulnerable as I did. I shook off the thought knowing that Jax Moretti was nothing if not strong, nothing if not confident. He exuded strength and confidence with every step, glare, and breath that entered his lungs releasing through his lips. I spoke knowing this awkwardness was going to crush me soon. I walked, padding along the softness of the rug until my feet laid bare atop the wooden floor.

My head fell, my eyes closed, a deep breath evaded me. I reached for the door gripping at the round knob. I decided it was best to proceed and go, just walk back to a time that hating Jax was okay. What were my feelings, though? What did I feel for him? Then a hand, palm flat, fingers spread wide, pressed on the white wooden door holding it firm across my gaze.

I raised my head and saw him standing there, watching me. A tongue swept across his lip and a hand skated through his thick, dark, wet mane. Last night took me by surprise just as I was certain it had him as well. The towel remained snug against his waist revealing his V.

The tingles that had come last night were back. I had never been easily embarrassed, not around Jax. Then again I had never been in only a sheet. Someone would know that I was here, with Jax, in a sheet?

No, no, no. My head shook nervously. I arranged the sheet so that I could comfortably sit while it remained snug to my chest. My eyes closed tightly, and a shiver erupted. There were three knocks, soft and dainty. I knew it had to be Alessandra.

She would have a smile on her face, that I was certain. This would surely make her day. Alessandra was special, a mother figure to both Jax and myself. I dropped my head as the door opened. It sat at the end of the hall, and I suppose it was for instances such as this. I felt dirty, caught in the act I suppose. I smiled. She placed breakfast of eggs, bacon, and coffee in front of me and for Jax a simple croissant and tea.

Shall I hold your appointments for the day, Bella? Had I forgotten? Moretti, Bella. The cup came to his lips and then he sipped. Heat flushed my cheeks and anger seethed through my veins. He seemed different, tired maybe. My fingers slid from the edge of the table to the fork that laid out in front of me, touching along the pointy end. I was being a bitch again. His face held indication that he was becoming bored with my disdainful words. I folded my posture.

I knew this was how I protected myself from the pain and hurt that was sure to come eventually when my walls were down. I knew the moment I let down my protective walls with Jax Moretti my heart would belong to him. After last night I had no doubt. But Jax had already assured me that he had no desire to love. That had me thinking… What about me? What about my feelings?

Was I expected to endure a relationship without love? I must stay away from the idea of love, right? Should I concede to the idea that a man could love me? Beautiful, light sounds filled the room, instantly calming me. He was feeling the music, taking it into his soul. He was a peaceful man when he listened to the opera. I was also different.

Magical, intense, unrealistic seeds of comfort and pleasure took deep root into my soul. He drew a deep breath as he opened his eyes. He had a secret kept behind his lips. Secrets I wanted to be privy of. A smile lifted his cheeks as his eyes narrowed with lines drawing at the edges of his dark eyes. I was determined to have the answers.

Secrets so familiar remained in my life. I will learn it on my own. This would surely make him feel inferior in some ridiculous way and cause him to prove himself.

I was simply waiting. Okay, but I did warn you. A geisha girl is to marry an American. She is very excited about it and decides to secretly give up her religion and converts to Christianity, but her family is upset once they find out.

When he returns he brings his American wife so that she can raise the child. When he tells Butterfly of his plans, she runs away and cuts her throat, dying. My posture became slack in the chair realizing I really did not want to know. Now I assume you will not wish to listen to this opera again?

I pecked at my food suddenly unable to eat while visions of a young woman with blood dripping from her throat sickened me. I folded the cuffs one at a time and inserted the small links. The mirror held on the wall behind me. After I was fully clothed I unbound the royal blue tie, turned, and faced the mirror. I stood alone in the large closet, it being more of a room that housed my clothing. It was my typical dark suit, flashy, vibrant color chosen for tie and handkerchief.

I finished the trinity knot, slid the dark hand stitched jacket on, and exited the bedroom expecting to see Bella. The room was quiet, the table a mess with breakfast dishes, but no Bella. I slipped the large gold watch around my wrist and left the room closing the door shut behind me. Her door was closed, sound absent, signs that she existed muted.

Bella is defiant, disrespectful, impossible, and insolent. I consider knocking on her door but decide against it and walk towards the stairs.

I stilled my steps when I heard Mickie speak. Three men wearing suits stood in the entrance. Mickie, Adam, and Chase. He remained a respectful distance. They swoon at his feet and always have.

Never married, no children at twenty-six to my twentyeight. Adam has a child, knocked up an Irish girl a few years back. Our very Catholic mother nearly fell over. She removed herself from the entry way to retrieve the drinks.

I knew my eyes were caught at her curves, and I knew my brothers watched me come undone for her, but fuck it if I cared. My eyes hard on his. I released him with a shove of my fist harder into the wall. In my home everyone will be respected do you understand? She was a fearless woman— I had no doubt— but she may have made an enemy of someone not even I could control.

Do you never shut the fuck up? Mickie opens the door and I enter followed by Chase then Adam. I sit at my desk opening the drawer to get a look at the black leather box and slide it closed again. They had an epiphany? He said he knows where Orlov is. A dirty son-of-a bitch that pisses on morals of any kind. I sat back in my chair and crossed my fingers together. He slid me a piece of paper with all sorts of shit written on it. The address is down the middle.

Adam and Chase are capos. Orlov is evasive, never in the same place for long, paranoia has been thrown around. Crazy is my thought. So I only trust Mickie to handle this. My eyes hardened.

Huh, guests. Well I mean yea he is. That guy is a douche. I was just trying to piss my father off, rebellious and all that. I heard the door open just as I rounded the corner into the guest bathroom. I hugged the door tightly as I gently closed the door behind me. My phone rang just as my palms pressed against the cold counter top.

I clung to my phone. How are you? So, tell me have you slept with big dick yet? It needed to get laid. How is Tony and Sal? Emily was a good friend, and I missed our talks. Are you comfortable there? Falling in love yet? But few of those moments had included Jax. I saved her number under some random name then slipped into my heels and exited the bathroom. The hallway was empty. My steps stilled quickly. He rubbed his jaw as he approached.

I knew Adam as a guy that wanted to be the popular one, and that was a huge turn off for me. Jax smirked.

His fists caged me on either side of my head. A smirk raised on his lips. You were born into the same life I was. I wanted to be angry. I wanted to slap Jax. I wanted to raise my knee and get him where it counted for bringing a dead man into this conversation. My emotions folded inside of me bending every rational thought I should have.

A growl, low and deep resonated from his throat. He shoved off of the wall and walked away leaving me alone. All alone. I stared at my schedule. My mind had been in auto-mode. My days were filled with monotony, nothing random, nothing intriguing, nothing worth getting excited over. But this… this was the one thing that I had to hope for. I finished my coffee while Alessandria prepared fresh bread. When my head raised, Jax was there. His suit-clad body loomed over me as he watched.

I was losing me a little bit every day. I narrowed my gaze. A smirk peeked from his lips. Mickie stepped into the kitchen and then another man followed. He was warm and smelled of home. My head sunk into his chest, and his arms wrapped around me instinctively. Mickie cleared his throat.

I raised my head and looked up at Tony. My eyes followed to Jax seeing him adjust his cufflinks then his jacket. I tugged him in the direction of Alessandra and introduced them. Once everyone had been properly introduced, Tony and I left the Penthouse and headed down the elevator where he held my hand like old times.

Our drive was only twenty minutes when we finally arrived at the hotel. I approached the main desk unsure of where to go. His eyes raised in shock.

Moretti is here for a walkthrough concerning the CCG. Of course, right away. His hand reached for mine then pulled away. Did he know who I was?

I stepped alongside Fred wearing my three-inch heels and pencil skirt. I suddenly felt vulnerable in that moment. I wanted a chance for something new, something more. I chose to hold my head high as we approached the large wooden doors that I assumed held the ballroom. I turned for a moment seeing Tony there, and I instantly felt relaxed. Shall we? The room was large, open, and empty.

Chandeliers hung from the ceiling every few feet. She drew in a deep breath while adjusting her bag.

I had an unexpected trip out of town that took my attention. We would have an emcee and a live band on the stage as well as the items that would be up for auction. I opted for a big juicy cheeseburger and fries. I never ate like that, but since Tony ordered it I thought what the hell. I dipped my fry into the ketchup and popped into in my mouth. Was he being protective? Did he have his own agenda? Let it go and be happy. I refuse to be seen as weak, so I brushed it off and smiled.

He took me to the opera. I leaned in, planning to give him a hard time when someone cleared their throat over us. I quickly took my gaze to the left and saw a tall man wearing a white Tshirt, jeans, and leather jacket.

He wore a goatee and his head was shaved. Another man stood closely behind him, watching their surroundings. I wanted to say something, anything. Who did this guy think he was coming at a woman like that? I remained quiet even though it killed me to do it, and I bit my tongue. We see every move you make. I looked at Tony in shock, but he was on his feet quickly with the barrel of his gun positioned on the forehead of the other man.

He spared no time in pulling the trigger.

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Two lifeless bodies lay at our feet in a pool of crimson blood. The silencer he had on his gun prevented anyone from hearing what had happened. Tony pulled my arm and quickly walked us out. My heart raced in my chest. I could hear my heart thump viciously in my ears and the adrenaline was overtaking me and my thoughts. He climbed inside then pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

By the end of the call Tony seemed nervous but unexpectedly calmer than he should have been or, at least, calmer than I was. The men had been shot in the head and left to bleed out all over the floor. Just like a brother. We could go to prison, Tony. The boss will take care of it. Just forget what you saw and everything will be good. How dare that Russian fuck threaten a woman. Shit is about to get bad really quick.

This life sucked in so many ways. The Bratva went to my wife. They actually walked up to her and threatened her. My phone rang. No one saw anything, and all is good. Mickie entered my office holding a grim look. I gave him a what-the-fuck look.


Blood would be shed on both sides of the line. During a war there was also the likely hood that someone would screw up and get caught.

Causing the worry that someone would rat. A war was bad on every level. I thought? But the Bratva, specifically Orlov, will do that and more. That gets me nowhere and quite frankly my moral compass ticks at that angle.

I picked up my phone to call Tony letting it ring once before Bella walked into my office. Her long dark hair fallen on her shoulders, her chest full, lips plump, hips curvy. She closed the door behind her as she entered fully. I stood, rounded my desk, and crossed my office. She was still as she watched me. I leaned in and reached behind her turning the lock on the door. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed my touch. My dick was hard for her. I needed to be inside of her; I needed to taste her.

I swept her long dark hair away from her neck and sunk my lips into her smooth, soft flesh. She shuddered, and then I grabbed her into my arms turning her around to face away from me. I needed to take her rough. I needed to dominate her body. I needed release. I walked her to my desk pushing the chair out of our way.

I placed my hand on her back pressing her chest down against my desk. I lifted her skirt revealing her red lace panties and full hips that begged to be held in my hands. My hand slid along her ass grabbing the flesh into my palm.

Bella had put a spell on me, even if I refused to admit it to myself. My fingers slid her panties to the side as I leaned into to taste her. Her body jerked as my tongue swept across her opening. She was wet and great satisfaction overcame me. My dick needed escape.

My dick was hard, and I needed to be inside of her. I spread her ass cheeks sliding into her hot, wet pussy, pushing deep while I gripped her hips. She moaned and gripped the desk for support. I shoved in and out of her hard and without control. She tightened against me as my dick pulled out.

She wanted me as much as I wanted her. Her ass pressed out into my body as she relished the feeling. Her gasps were hushed, and I knew she was holding back. I could feel her writhe beneath me as she began to let go. Feeling her under me sated me.

I knew she was safe while I protected her.

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This body was safe but her heart… I could make no promises. Harder she pushed into my thrust, our skin smacked echoing throughout my office. Her orgasm came and she cried out begging me to fuck her harder. My dick slammed into her over and over until she relaxed from the explosion that overtook her body. I came hard shoving into her, my fingers pressed into her flesh.

I collapsed onto her body as I caught my breath. She had me, and I needed to fight that. Her cheeks flushed and hair messy. We are going to do nothing. We had literally just fucked and already we were arguing. I ran my hand through my hair in frustration. This woman was going to be the death of me. I drew in a deep breath.

She smirked and left my office. Chapter 6 Bella I closed the door to my suite and locked it. I needed to be alone. I knew what was happening, and I wanted it to stop. I fell back in my bed waiting for everything to collapse in my life.

Would he keep me prisoner? Jax runs that now. I rolled onto my stomach bringing up the contact list on my phone. Send his cronies after you?

Can I come now? We disconnected the call. I stood dropping my clothes in a messy pile as I walked to the bathroom to soak in the tub.

Tonight we had four men guarding us. Jax was simply being paranoid, I was certain. I took in a deep breath. I love that you match, fantastic.

A tall man approached from behind Jax watching me then Jax. He leaned forward surprising me as he kissed my cheek. The mayor was a very attractive man. He stood the same height as Jax, short dark hair, a nice dark shadow over his jaw. His frame was wide. We just wanted a chance to be free to be who we wanted and who we saw our self as without the stigmata of something else.

I still lived in a dark shadow. The fear that people would reject me if I put the real Bella out there was real. The mayor continued speaking to Jax and me for a few more moments. When he walked away from our conversation, Jax pulled me away.

We exited the door to the room all while he gripped the small of my back. Jax locked the door behind us then moved slowly in my direction. His hands reached for my face pulling me into a kiss. Lips, tongues entangled. Heat rose from my core. Hands folded through my hair. Jax ran his hand along my ass gripping me through the thin crimson material.

My dress was pulled to my waist and then he pulled my panties down my legs. I moaned wanting more. He removed his fingers from inside of me, kissed my neck, and pulled my dress down my legs.

He pulled my panties to his mouth. Jax unlocked the door and walked out leaving me to myself. Was he punishing me for speaking with the mayor? The kiss to my cheek? Satisfaction smothered my flesh as I adjusted my dress and reapplied my lipstick.

I opened the door stepping out with an evil plan. Tony and Dominic waited against the wall. I turned my head towards Tony with a grin held on my face. I made rounds meeting all of the guests that had come to support our cause. Like this document? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. D] to download this book the link is on the last page Author: Brian K Vaughan Publisher: Image Comics Pages:I stared at my schedule. My eyes roamed along the beauty that was Jax. Read E-book Saga Vol. Thank you for your feedback. A new friend—even a ghost—is just what she needs. Our very Catholic mother nearly fell over. He was the most selfish and dangerous.

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