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ThebestsellingcompaniontothePBS series ~~lley. OW A · ry The Frrst Complete Account of Vietnam atWar. A Penguin Book "This is history writing at its best. Edition: Rev. and updated ed. External-identifier: urn:acs6: vietnamhistory00karn_0:pdf:abc5d-ba5caa8ca10ec. Download Vietnam: A History free ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) by Stanley Karnow. Book details Author: Stanley Karnow Pages: pages.

Vietnam A History Pdf

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"A landmark work The most complete account to date of the Vietnam tragedy." - The Washington Post Book World This monumental narrative clarifies, analyzes, . Karnow, Stanley. Vietnam, a history/ Stanley Karnow. p. cm. Reprint. Originally published: New York: Viking, Includes bibliographical references and index. Get this from a library! Vietnam, a history. [Stanley Karnow].

As the U. The U.

The Evolution of U.S.–Vietnam Ties

Hanoi leaders understood that they walked a tightrope between their two contentious benefactors, as North Vietnam received significant support from both countries.

North Vietnam also benefitted from trade with Eastern Europe through its inclusion in the Soviet sphere.

Although authorities in both Vietnams tried to assert themselves and resist superpower control, the Cold War power struggle between the U. Presidents from Truman through Johnson worried about American credibility. President Eisenhower had considered authorizing a U. Eisenhower considered the partition of Vietnam a victory for the U.

Like Korea, Vietnam was now only half communist, and the division of the country maintained the balance of power between the two spheres. Kennedy argued that if the U. That type of approach would just play into the hands of the communists, and in any case, Kennedy believed that the U. Historians still debate what Kennedy would have done regarding Vietnam had he lived beyond November Some close to Kennedy and members of his administration believe he would have escalated as Johnson did.

Others have maintained that he would not have escalated. Johnson ascribed to the domino theory, and he believed that South Vietnam was the victim of communist aggression from and directed by North Vietnam. If the U. He believed the South Vietnamese should fight for themselves with American aid and advice.

Publicly, though, he and members of his administration, especially Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, emphasized the strategic importance of South Vietnam. A Hanoi victory in the war, McNamara argued, would place Vietnam that much closer to Chinese control, and then all of Southeast Asia would be in danger.

His successor, Richard Nixon, entered the presidency in a world that looked much different than it had in Americans across the political spectrum opposed the Vietnam War, the U. The changing conditions of the context surrounding Vietnam made what happened there seem less strategically important to the U.

An International History of the Vietnam War

Additionally, Nixon was more pragmatic than idealistic in his foreign policy worldview. General Vo Nguyen Giap, Vietminh commander, reviewing troops in northern Vietnam in as the war with France began to gather momentum. The Vietminh sustained serious setbacks during the early period of the war because Giap overextended its forces.

Truong Chinh borrowed his pseudonym, which means Long March, from the famous exploit of the Chinese Communists in Armed women warriors of the Hoa Hao, a reformist religious sect founded in the Mekong delta. Like most religious cults in Vietnam, the Hoa Hao rapidly developed into a private army that operated mainly for the benefit of its leaders.

A leader of the Cao Dai religious sect with armed troops of the organization. The ornate temple, located near the southern Vietnamese town of Tayninh, displays statues of the sect's saints, among them Jesus, Buddha, and Joan of Arc.

Ie headquarters. He lived with a French fizmily and acquired a partiwfar afficrioll Jor Frellch girls.

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He also [eamed to play te1H1is. To Perelmm" tile ex-emperor was a Hslippery-looking customer ratlrer on tile pudgy side a"d. Ho Chi Minh gained a major advantage when the Communists cOflquered China in he was then able to obtain modem weapons and other assistance directly. Here he eats with Chinese advisers under portraits of himself and Mao Zedong, the Chinese leader.

The Vietminh forces were meticulous in planning battles. Here, using a sand-table model, they prepare an assault against a village fortified by the French and their Vietnamese auxiliaries. Though outgunned by the French, the Vietminh had the advmllage of mobility. Navarre's plan to pursue the Vietmi,lh forces in the hinterland led him to deploy French units in the remote northeastem valley of Die'lbienphu, near the border of Laos.

Colonel Christian de Castries French commander at Dienbienphu was a romantic cavalry officer who had be'" wounded and decorated in World War II; he also had a pile of gambling debts and a list of brokenhearted wom",.

For the communists today, the constitution is the founding document for their Vietnam, not the one. And this is why republicans in Vietnam today push so hard for the restoration of the constitution, which they consider to be the "real" one.

It would allow them to roll back the communist confiscation of the state during the First Indochina War. The above highlights a third strength of this book. It posits modern Vietnamese history as a struggle between republican and authoritarian options for organizing a post-colonial polity.

Goscha sees this struggle as one that predates the emergence of Vietnamese communists as the leading authoritarians, and to a large extent he sees it as a struggle between reformist and revolutionary responses to the colonial conundrum and the corresponding alternative dreams of a modern Vietnam.

This reading powerfully disrupts the propagandistic historical narrative that views communists as the only plausible representatives of a modern post-colonial Vietnam.After the Viet Minh won a decisive victory at Dien Bien Phu in May , France surrendered, and the Geneva Accords that summer called for dividing Vietnam in half at the seventeenth parallel.

Crowing rice requires two factors: manual labor alld water, both plentifUl in Vietrlam. Only a handjUl of upper-class Vietnamese benefited from French education, which nevertheless contributed to Vietnam's modernization. War Crimes in Vietnam, Hanoi: , pages.

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Peking: FLP, , 56 pages. Although authorities in both Vietnams tried to assert themselves and resist superpower control, the Cold War power struggle between the U.

The U. At the same time that we must investigate Vietnamese and Southeast Asian agency regarding the conflict, we also must acknowledge the significance of Cold War superpower rivalries and decision making to how the war played out.

Logevall, Fredrik. Foreign Service Officer during the war, he was considered the U.