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In Doctor Sleep, STEPHEN KING returns to the characters and territory of The Shining. OOn highways across America, a tribe of people called. Read Doctor Sleep by Stephen King for free with a 30 day free trial. As for Doctor Sleep: It refers to Dan Torrance, hospice worker—who. 9Kas6HygC - Read and download Stephen King's book Doctor Sleep: A Novel in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Doctor Sleep: A Novel by.

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1Xa9Lk1Sf - Read and download Stephen King's book Doctor Sleep: Shining in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Doctor Sleep: Shining by. Reading Joyland and Doctor Sleep as Complementary Stories Clotilde Landais Between July and August , Stephen King finished writing two novels. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King PDF Download, By Stephen King, ISBN: , On the second day of December in a year when a Georgia peanut farmer.

About a week later, I see ole Black Grampa in the park, a-settin in a swing. He had his suit on, but it was all covered with gray stuff—the mold that was growing on it down in his coffin, I think.

His fly was open, though, with his works stickin out. Because I knew what you know: Not like. Danny, have you ever seen dead people? Regular dead people, I mean.

He laughed because that sounded funny. It did to Danny, too. A few times. Once there were three of them standing around a railroad crossing. Two boys and a girl.

I think. Dick nodded. Mostly they stick close to where they crossed over until they finally get used to bein dead and move on. Some of the folks you saw in the Overlook were like that.

I know. The relief in being able to talk about these things—to someone who knew —was indescribable. And this one time there was a woman at a restaurant. The kind, you know, where they have tables outside? Do you see them sometimes? It goes back some as you get older—.

Yes, Danny said. She leaves pieces of herself. You saw them. So did Mom.

The return to the parking lot was even slower, because Dick was winded. Cigarettes, he said.

Mom smokes. Dick, what did your White Gramma do? She must have done something, because your Black Grampa never got you. Learning itself is a present, you know. The best one anybody can give or get. And she said yes, that was true, because I was making him real. With the shining.

Most eventually starve away to nothing, but some of them find food. What you can do is turn what he came for against him. They were back at the Cadillac. Dick unlocked the doors, then slid behind the steering wheel with a sigh of relief. Nowadays, a little walk down the beach and my back feels like a hoss kicked it.

Go on, Danny. Open your present. Danny stripped off the silver paper and discovered a box made of green-painted metal. On the front, below the latch, was a little keypad. You like it? I got it at the Western Auto. Pure American steel.

The one White Gramma Rose gave me had a padlock, with a little key I wore around my neck, but that was long ago.

This is the nineteen eighties, the modern age. See the number pad? Then, anytime you want to open the box, you punch your code.

Danny was delighted. Thanks, Dick! Before things turned bad. I want you to know this box, inside and out. Feel it all over. It needs to be your closest friend, at least for awhile. He had a lot to think about. He held his present—a lockbox made of strong metal—on his lap. Massey returned a week later. She was in the bathroom again, this time in the tub. A tub was where she had died, after all. This time he went inside and closed the door.

She beckoned him forward, smiling. Danny came, also smiling. In the other room, he could hear the television. Fine, Mom. The tub was empty. There was some goo in it, but Danny thought he could clean that up. A little water would send it right down the drain. Do you have to go? Danny grabbed his toothbrush and opened the door.

He gave her a big smile. Massey was gone. The troubled look left her face. Make sure you brush the back ones. From inside his head, far inside, where the twin of his special lockbox was stored on a special shelf, Danny could hear muffled screaming. He thought it would stop soon enough, and he was right. Two years later, on the day before the Thanksgiving break, halfway up a deserted stairwell in Alafia Elementary, Horace Derwent appeared to Danny Torrance.

See a Problem?

There was confetti on the shoulders of his suit. A little black mask hung from one decaying hand. He reeked of the grave. When school was over, he called Dick long-distance at the restaurant where Dick worked in Key West. Another one of the Overlook People found me. How many boxes can I have, Dick? In my head, I mean. Dick chuckled. This time there was no chuckle. Do you care? He went into the closet and closed the door. Shortly afterward, a second mental lockbox went up on the high mental shelf beside the one that held Mrs.

There was more pounding, and some inventive cursing that Danny saved for his own later use. Pretty soon it stopped. There was silence from the Derwent lockbox as well as the Massey lockbox. Whether or not they were alive in their undead fashion no longer mattered. That was what he thought then. Of course, he also thought he would never take a drink, not after seeing what it had done to his father.

He had gone on raping her for that same number of years. The balls had been easy, because he was sleeping, but the pain had been enough to wake him in spite of her special talent. She was a big girl, though, and he was drunk. Now she had years eight times four, she was a wanderer on the face of America, and an ex-actor had replaced the peanut farmer in the White House. Andi had seen one of his movies on TV. In it, the man who would be president played a guy who lost his legs when a train ran over them.

Movies, they were the thing. Movies took you away. You could count on popcorn and happy endings.

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You got a man to go with you, that way it was a date and he paid. This movie was a good one, with fighting and kissing and loud music.

It was called Raiders of the Lost Ark. She had met him in a bar. She met most of the men she went on dates with in bars. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, so the tattoo showed. She liked the tattoo to show when she was out looking for a date.

She wanted men to see it. They thought it was kinky. She had gotten it in San Diego the year after she killed her father. Of course he did.

They were big fangs, out of all proportion to the head. A drop of poison hung from one.

He was a businessman type in an expensive suit, with lots of combed-back presidential hair and the afternoon off from whatever paper-pushing crap he did for work.

His hair was mostly white instead of black and he looked about sixty. Close to twice her age. Or eight. She remembered something her father had said once: Of course I see them, the man who was now sitting beside her had said, but what does it mean? She touched her upper lip with her tongue. I have another tattoo. Somewhere else. He knew what that meant—or what it was supposed to mean. There were other girls in this place, and when they spoke of dates, they meant one thing.

But it was not what Andi meant. Then take me on a date. A real date. Raiders of the Lost Ark is playing at the Rialto.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I was thinking more of that little hotel two blocks down, darlin. A room with a wetbar and a balcony, how does that sound?

She had put her lips close to his ear and let her breasts press against his arm. Maybe later. Take me to the movies first.

Pay my way and download me popcorn. The dark makes me amorous. And here they were, with Harrison Ford on the screen, big as a skyscraper and snapping a bullwhip in the desert dust. The old guy with the presidential hair had his hand under her skirt but she had a tub of popcorn placed firmly on her lap, making sure he could get most of the way down the third base line but not quite to home plate. He was trying to go higher, which was annoying because she wanted to see the end of the movie and find out what was in the Lost Ark.

Two men, one quite old and one appearing on the edge of middle age but appearances could be deceiving , flanked a woman of startling beauty. Her cheekbones were high, her eyes were gray, her complexion creamy. Her masses of black hair were tied back with a broad velvet ribbon. Usually she wore a hat—an old and battered tophat—but she had left it in her motorhome this day. The man edging into middle age was Barry Smith. Although one hundred percent Caucasian, he was known in this same family as Barry the Chink, because of his slightly upturned eyes.

But that was just his usual contrariness. He was also watching the couple two rows down. A little, but—. Barry was grinning, the box of gummy bears in his hand forgotten. Andi reached under her skirt, plucked up the relaxing hand, and placed it on the armrest. Then she reached into Mr. His wallet was in the inside left pocket.

That was good. Once they were asleep, moving them could be tricky. She opened the wallet, tossed the credit cards on the floor, and looked for a few moments at the pictures—Mr. Businessman with a bunch of other overweight Mr.

Doctor Sleep

Businessmen on the golf course; Mr. Businessman with his wife; a much younger Mr. Businessman standing in front of a Christmas tree with his son and two daughters. The daughters were wearing Santa hats and matching dresses. Men would rape when they could get away with it, this she had learned.

There was over two hundred dollars in the bill compartment. Or so they hoped. Andi leaned close to the disgusting ear again and whispered, Sleep deeper. As deep as you can. The pain you feel will only be a dream. She opened her purse and took out a pearl-handled knife. It was small, but the blade was razor-sharp.

What will the pain be? She put an arm around him and quickly slashed double Vs into his right cheek—a cheek so fat it would soon be a jowl. Once he had come upon that woman sprawled in a bathtub. She had gotten out and tried to choke him with her fishy but terribly strong fingers. If he opened the bathroom door now, she would finish the job. He compromised by putting his ear against the door. At first there was nothing. Then he heard a faint sound. Danny walked into the kitchen on not-there legs, stood on a chair, and peed into the sink.

Then he woke his mother and told her not to go into the bathroom because there was a bad thing there. Once that was done, he went back to bed and sank deep beneath the covers.

He wanted to stay there forever, only getting up to pee in the sink. Now that he had warned his mother, he had no interest in talking to her. His mother knew about the no-talking thing. It had happened after Danny had ventured into Room at the Overlook. Lying in his bed, looking up at her, he nodded. His mother called, even though it was four in the morning.

Do you like this book? Please share with your friends, let's read it!! Free ebook download XooBooks is the biggest community for free ebook download, audio books, tutorials download, with format pdf, epub, mobi,…and more. Stephen King Publisher: Gallery Books Genres: Fiction Other Publish Date: June 10, ISBN Epub, Mobi, Pdf Language: English Ads. Physically, at least. After that, he refused to talk at all. Dead fingernails scratching on wood.

Late the next day, Dick came. He brought something with him.

Read an excerpt and learn what became of little Danny Torrance

A present. You may also be interested in the following ebook: In the epilogue, Dan celebrates 15 years of sobriety and attends Abra's 15th birthday party. He tells her about the patterns of alcoholism and violent behavior that run in his family, and warns her not to repeat them by starting to drink or submitting to rage. Abra agrees that she will behave, but before they can finish the conversation, Dan is called back to his hospice, where he comforts a dying colleague who had antagonized him in the past.

Background[ edit ] King described the idea for a sequel to his novel The Shining on November 19, , during a promotional tour for his novel Under the Dome. During a reading moderated by filmmaker David Cronenberg at the Canon Theatre , King said the sequel would follow a character from the original, Danny Torrance, now in his 40s, living in New Hampshire where he works as an orderly at a hospice and helps terminally ill patients die with the aid of extraordinary powers.

Are you interested in reading either of these? If so, which one turns your dials more? King said, "I thought to myself: 'I want to write a story about that. I thought: 'That's it. I'm gonna write this book. It always takes two things for me to get going.

It's like the cat was the transmission and Danny was the motor. However, the exact date was removed the next day with the statement that a new release date is forthcoming, and the pre-order items were removed. Stephen King was not happy with the present draft of the novel and felt it needed a lot of editing.Dan quickly becomes known as "Doctor Sleep" because of how he comforts patients near death, and helps them cross over.

He was a damn sadist, as well. Some may find that weird, considering the man's reputation as America's Boogeyman, but it's never been weird to me. Dead Book by Daniel Way.

She would convalesce, she said, and she did, although back injuries plagued her until the end of her life. Jayne Faith's Book: The Journey of Ministry: It was really great to get a more diverse and evolved look at what the gift of "The Shining" is and what it all entails.

Unwittingly, young Abra crosses paths with Danny and A woman in the Hat.

Hi, I'm Rose, I'm super scary!