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The Fairy Tale Detectives. The Sisters Grimm (Series). Book 1. Michael Buckley Author Peter Ferguson Illustrator (). cover image of The Fairy-Tale. The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives is a coming-of-age story about two girls whose parents have gone missing, and the girls are now forced to lived. The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley. A Choose to Read Ohio Toolkit. About the Book. For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, life hasn't.

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About the author: Nat Reed has been a member of the teaching profession for more than 30 years. He is presently a full-time professor at Trent University in the . Lesson in Placement. Tammie Alekna. Ed Section 2. Whole Class Reading of a Core Book (The Sisters Grimm). Rationale: Understanding the main. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: The Inside Story Sisters Grimm 8 Michael Buckley PDF. THE INSIDE STORY SISTERS GRIMM 8 MICHAEL.

The Everafters are prisoners within the city limits, but they do indeed have special talents and magic powers that could be fun. Humans, on the other hand, are free to come and go, but they are clueless as to the true nature of the town they live in. They are at the mercy of the spells and magic all around them. Puck says he is a villain. Are his actions villainous? Give some examples and explain. Puck is not a villain, although he is certainly a "trickster" and very immature. He does send the pixies to attack the girls, but it is only out of jealousy.

He frequently complains, as when he says cleaning is "women's work" page but Daphne understands that he just "needs to feel that he's important.

The girls often encounter resentment towards their family from the citizens of Ferryport Landing. Why is this? On pages 66—70, Granny Relda reveals the history of the Grimm family. She explains that after persecuted Everafters settled in America, there were rising tensions with the humans. After rebel fairytale characters planned to invade a neighboring town, the Brothers Grimm asked a witch named Baba Yaga to cast a spell that would prevent the Everafters from leaving Ferryport Landing to keep the "fragile peace.

The resentment of the Everafters becomes even more apparent when the girls attend Mayor Charming's ball in disguise and overhear several of the guests discussing "how wonderful the world would be if the Grimm family dropped off the face of the earth. There is much room for discussion as to whether the Everafters should or should not be permitted to mingle freely with the rest of the world.

Jack uses many words unfamiliar to the girls, such as "barmy," "gob," and "corking. On page , Jack the Giant Killer says "My name was once synonymous with bravery and daring. That was until the spell that trapped me in this barmy town.

I told you it would work. There is room for interpretation based on context, and discussion of slang terms, colloquialisms, and the usefulness of dictionaries. There is also room to discuss with students how use of unfamiliar words can add to a character's personality.

While other dictionaries may differ, Merriam-Webster OnLine www. This is likely what Jack intends. However, the definition of "barmy" itself is also "full of froth and ferment" which certainly also applies to Ferryport Landing.

The same source lists "gob" as a Scottish Gaelic term for "mouth. What is "The Scarlet Hand"? Do you think Sabrina and Daphne heard the last of them? Why or why not? The Scarlet Hand seems to be a secret membership of Everafters who resent the curse that keeps them in Ferryport Landing. The girls' first hint of their existence is the red handprint found on their parents' abandoned car.

We'll find them, I promise. There is an opportunity to discuss how unresolved threads in a story can keep readers interested in more to come.

How does reading fairytales help the girls solve the case? How dare she? Granny chuckled but managed not to burst into laughter. I need the two of you to hurry with breakfast. I call shotgun! The carpet was just one of a number of magical items the family possessed.

Along the way, Sabrina gazed down at the town. Everything was changing. Once-thriving neighborhoods had been abandoned, and many homes were facing the wrecking ball. In their place, odd buildings were erected—castles surrounded by alligator-infested moats, mansions made from gingerbread and candy. The changes 19 The Sisters Grimm made Sabrina uncomfortable. They reminded her that she and her family were the only humans left in town.

The Sisters Grimm #1: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

Long before magic mirrors, flying carpet rides, and toilet leprechauns, the Grimm sisters had lived normal, quiet lives in New York City. When their parents disappeared they bounced from one foster family to the next, eventually landing in the home of their real-life grandmother, who lived in a sleepy river town called Ferryport Landing.

Ferryport Landing seemed like the most boring place in the world. But it had a shocking secret: Ferryport Landing was a settlement for fairy-tale characters, founded by her great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Wilhelm Grimm, one of the world-famous Brothers Grimm. Sabrina guessed that most kids would love living among their favorite fairy-tale characters. Knowing Snow White lived down the street or that the Little Mermaid was swimming in the river might be a dream come true for some, but to Sabrina it was more like a nightmare.

Most of the fairy-tale folks, who now called themselves Everafters, despised her family. The root of their hatred lay with Wilhelm, who, with the help of a decrepit old witch named Baba Yaga, constructed a magical boundary around the town to prevent a band of rebel Everafters 20 Tales from the Hood from attacking nearby communities. Naturally, the townsfolk were bitter, but they failed to realize that Sabrina and her family were stuck in the town, too.

Lately, Everafter resentment of the Grimms was at an all-time high. Mayor Heart and her notorious Sheriff Nottingham had made it all too clear that humans, especially the Grimm family, were not welcome in Ferryport Landing. They raised property taxes so high that they were impossible for most people to pay. Humans were forced to abandon their homes and leave town.

When Granny and the family managed to scrape together the money for the tax bill, Heart and Nottingham tried another approach to rid themselves of the Grimms. Canis, who happened to be the Big Bad Wolf, was dragged off to jail as the sheriff, mayor, and dozens more Everafters—some the family had considered 21 The Sisters Grimm friends—revealed themselves to be members of a shadowy group known as the Scarlet Hand.

And now they needed to find a way to get him back. Seconds later, the flying carpet gently touched down outside an office building on the edge of town. Once everyone had stepped onto the sidewalk, the rug neatly rolled itself up, and Daphne hoisted it onto her shoulder. There could be snipers in the trees. Sabrina and her sister followed the old woman down Main Street. It was particularly lonely that day. Many of the little shops that lined the street were shuttered and closed.

The sidewalks were empty and the roadway clear of cars. As far as Sabrina knew, Ferryport Landing had never been a bustling center of commerce, but there had been a time not so long ago when its little stores were filled with customers.

Now most were abandoned. Eventually the family stopped outside of a small office building with huge picture windows and a manicured lawn. She was known to squeal with delight and bite her hand when in the presence of one.

When their security guard returned and informed them that they were safe from snipers, the group went inside and climbed the stairs to the third floor of the building. There they found a single door with a sign next to it that read the sherwood group: attorneys at law. Sabrina scanned her memory for the name Sherwood, but nothing came to mind. Granny opened the door to the office and ushered the girls inside. There they found themselves in the middle of a chaotic battle.

Sabrina saw a number of men wearing business suits, but they were acting far from professional. They were swordfighting, arm-wrestling, drinking beer from tall ceramic cups, and singing a rambling English tune as loudly as possible. The lyrics seemed to be about fighting or stealing or combinations of both, and once one song was finished the men immediately broke into another.

They kept up with their violent games, laughing at the top of their lungs. They seemed to be having a lot of fun, despite the fact that two of the men were standing on top of a desk, swords in hand, slashing at one another.

Each was an expert swordsman, and not a single blow found its mark. What was strangest about the two men was that each was laughing and complimenting the other on their deadly assaults. There was a loud cheer that suddenly died when the men noticed how close they had come to harming the family.

He must have been more than six-anda-half-feet tall with a chest as wide as a car bumper and hands as big as basketballs. His eyes were deep-set and fierce, giving him a wild expression that was offset by his wide, beaming smile. Sabrina glanced at her sister, waiting for the little girl to squeal with happiness, but Daphne caught her looking.

Daphne shook her head, though it was obvious she was struggling to hold in her excitement. He was a tall, handsome man wearing a dark green pin-striped suit and sporting a red goatee and moustache. His wavy hair hung to his shoulders, framing a broad smile and bushy eyebrows that gave him a mischievous appearance. He looked like the men Sabrina had seen on the covers of romance novels.

He kissed Granny on the hand. The sun was creeping over the mountains and its rays painted the waves a glittery gold. A tiny sailboat drifted by and a few hungry seagulls hovered over the water searching for breakfast.

The only things that seemed out of place were a bow strung with a heavy cord, hanging from a shelf above the door, and a quiver of arrows leaning in the corner. The pig-snouted creature scouted the room, peeking into a potted The Sisters Grimm plant and beneath a leather sofa, before it crossed its arms and stationed itself by the door. Allow me to introduce my associate, Little John. Sabrina reached out to shake his hand but he swatted her on the back in what he must have thought was a friendly pat.

It nearly knocked Sabrina out of her chair. Hood, these are my granddaughters, Sabrina and Daphne. Sabrina nearly fainted. He was so handsome and kind.

Her hands got sweaty and her heart started to race. My staff and I are all 28 Tales from the Hood first-rate lawyers, though admittedly we got our degrees online.

A victim of malpractice? Bought some toys with too much lead paint? Robin and Little John shared a worried look. The sheriff is also preventing us from visiting him.

Little John joined him and the two men talked in low voices for several moments. They seemed to be having an argument, but eventually the men nodded and shook hands. When they were finished, Robin and Little John turned back to the family. Sabrina looked over at her grandmother.

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Granny sighed with defeat and stood up. Sabrina and Daphne did the same. The ugly little bodyguard, who Sabrina had learned was a miniature orc named Barto, followed behind, darting into alleyways, blocking traffic, and rushing about, fully prepared to leap into combat to protect the group.

Sabrina found him painfully annoying but Granny refused to send him home. The police station was a mess. Boxes of files were scattered about.

Many had been tipped over, rummaged through, and abandoned. There were big maps of the town on the walls, some covered in scribbled writing, and the front desk was stained with coffee-cup rings and cigarette burns.

Robin approached the counter and rang a tarnished brass 31 The Sisters Grimm bell. The chime was answered by an enraged growl from a back room.

A door flew open, rattling the full-length mirror on the wall behind it. Nottingham barreled into the room like an angry bull. When he spotted the Grimms he snarled, but when he saw Robin and Little John, he reared back on his heels in shock. He examined the group the way a hyena eyes its prey. Sabrina had seen this expression before.

It was obvious to Sabrina that the sheriff and Robin Hood had shared a long, bumpy history and that their friend in the green suit had gotten the better of it. His shirt was black and billowy, with silver buttons carved in the shape of human skulls. He had a long, swishy cape tied at his neck and a sheathed dagger strapped to his waist. We came to see our client. What client? You arrested Canis four weeks ago and have yet to charge him with a crime.

Who was the victim? It goes a little something like this: A child wearing a red hood journeyed to visit her poor, sick grandmother. A monster came along and ate the grandmother. No one lived happily ever after. I hear you speak but your words are nonsense. Daphne burst into tears. Sabrina did her best to comfort her sister, but she was too shocked to speak more.

Save your tears. Nottingham yanked his hand away. Puddles had collected on the floor and a dark green mold was creeping up the walls. At the end of the hallway was an iron door with an enormous lock.

Nottingham inserted a key and pushed the heavy door open, and a creak echoed off the walls. Inside, the large room was split into four separate jail cells, two on either side of a walkway down the center. In the far corner a hulking figure huddled against the wall. His limbs were bound to enormous chains.

Sabrina felt a familiar tingle, one she felt only in the presence of magic, and guessed the chains were enchanted. As she stepped closer, an odor drifted into her nose: a combination of filth, sweat, and something less identifiable, something wild. It reminded Sabrina of the time her mother had taken the girls to the Bronx Zoo.

While they watched the lions in their pit, a zookeeper tossed in slabs of raw meat for the animals. The lions fought over the scraps, roaring and threatening with their heavy claws. A smell rose up from the pit that afternoon that frightened Sabrina. It was the smell of something savage. Granny approached the cell, seemingly unfazed. She pressed her hands against the bars and stared into the shadows. There was a rustling in the dark and then a deep voice broke the silence.

He sounded like a hungry rat excited over a piece of cheese. Robin and Little John joined Granny and Daphne at the bars.

Robin took a small recording device out of his suit pocket and 36 Tales from the Hood turned it on. Our firm is working to release you.

I rarely know what the Wolf does. I only know it was something horrible. Then how do you know you did it? Canis shook his head. Robin shook his head.

It was only then that Sabrina realized how much the old man had changed. When he rose to his full height, he was nearly eight feet tall and thickly muscled. His arms were long, and his ugly, taloned hands dragged on the ground.

His ears, pointy and sprouting hair, had migrated to the top of his head. His nose was a slippery snout with glistening fangs hanging below, and his shock of white hair was now brown flecked with black.

How could he have changed so much in four weeks? She was sure this had to be a twisted joke, some kind of terrible prank cooked up by Nottingham for his own amusement. But then she saw the undeniable proof that this creature was her old friend. The beast was wearing a black eye patch on his left eye. It covered a wound that Nottingham had inflicted not long ago. She knew the truth. Canis was losing his battle with the vicious Wolf inside him. Out of instinct, she leaped forward and pulled her sister and grandmother to safety.

There was disappointment and anger in her voice. Canis said. A cage is where I belong. When the war is over, it is best if I am under lock and key.

His was big and strong with nails like railroad spikes. He had promised to eat her. The memory made Sabrina shiver down to her toes. Sheriff Nottingham ran his dagger against the cell bars again. As he had predicted, Mayor Heart and Sheriff Nottingham came to the offices of the Sherwood Group with an order to seize the property and premises of the business.

The merry partners were tossed out into the street. He and Little John were running into one roadblock after another.

The Ferryport Landing justice system had collapsed since the days when Mayor Charming ran the town. Since Nottingham had become the sheriff, there had been few arrests other than Mr. Not a single official document had been 41 The Sisters Grimm filed regarding any crime, and it seemed as if the sheriff and the mayor were making up laws as they went along.

No one ever got a trial, so there were no judges to ensure justice. Worse still, there was nothing the family could do to help. When Granny offered, Robin informed her that the best thing they could do was to stay by the phone and wait for the lawyers to call with an update. So everyone tried to find ways to keep themselves busy.

Uncle Jake searched the magic mirror for Goldilocks.

Book: Once upon a crime

Granny busied herself making earthworm crepes. Puck lay on the couch trying to break his personal record for most farts in an hour. The way she recalled it, a really lousy mother sent her kid into the woods with a basket of food and everyone was supposed to be surprised when an animal attacked her.

This version is. Sabrina ignored Puck. Some of the story could be exaggerated. She was supposed to take it to her sick grandmother but along the way 43 The Sisters Grimm she met the Wolf. He asked her where she was going and she told him. Daphne continued. Little Red Riding Hood is alive. Just thinking about the little girl gave her goose pimples. It had been only a few months since the delirious Red had stormed through town on the back of a Jabberwocky, causing serious mayhem.

Now I remember this story. He eats people in all of them, right? There was a horrible illustration of the Wolf attacking the little girl. Puck nodded. She turned to her grandmother, who seemed nervous and fidgety. Granny lowered her eyes. Sabrina was dumbfounded. You left us alone with him! He slept in a room right across the hall! Canis is the Wolf! Canis and the Wolf are two separate people.

Canis taps into him when he needs his power. Canis has always been in charge, or at least he has been since the pigs got ahold of him. Unfortunately, New York City is a city filled with wand-wielding fairy godfathers, swashbuckling Wall Street pirates, subway stealing dwarfs, and worst of all This makes Sabrina feel sick about her old home.

She doesn't think it safe there anymore either. The girls and their friends must figure out who killed Puck's father, King Oberon, while coming to terms with their mother's secret life. Magic and Other Misdemeanors - Someone is stealing the magical possessions of the most powerful Everafters in town? Granny is distracted by Mayor Heart's campaigning against human residents, the girl detectives are on their own. Puss in Boots now an exterminator , Cinderella a radio relationship counselor , Briar Rose owner of a coffee shop , and their old enemy, Prince Charming , are among the many suspects.

The girls get sucked into the future and are surprised at what they see. Meanwhile, Puck has decided to focus more on his mischievous ways, making a few new troublemaker friends to protect the family.

The Inside Story - Picking up where the cliffhanger ending of book seven left off, this book follows Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck through the world of the Book of Everafter, where all the fairy tales are stored and enchanted characters can change their destinies.

The girls and Puck must chase the Master through a series of stories, where they're willing to change what they need in order to save their baby brother.

Soon, however, they are confronted by The Editor - the book's guardian - who, along with an army of tiny monsters known as Revisers, threaten the children with dire consequences if they don't stick to the stories. So they move from one legendary tale to the next doing their best to find the Master and stop his plan to steal and inhabit the child's body.

Along the way they'll play the roles of Alice , Mowgli , Jack the Giant-killer , Hansel and Gretel , and the Headless Horseman in the stories they visit. Will they be able to find their brother in time? Also what is hidden in the margins of Snow White, the story that the Master was born in? The Council of Mirrors - The final battle has begun. Sabrina, Daphne and their family and friends must fight the Master, who has failed to escape Ferryport Landing.

After his failure, the Master turns to plan B: kill every last member of the Grimm family until the barrier surrounding the town falls. The Grimm family and the Scarlet Hand must join hands against the Master. It includes peeks at Sabrina's later life. Main characters[ edit ] Sabrina Grimm: Sabrina is shown having long blond hair and big blue eyes. Sabrina is said to also resemble her mother as she has her face.

She is stubborn and does whatever she believes is right. She usually takes on the role as a leader when she, Daphne, and Puck are alone, but it is later shown that she sometimes finds that having everyone look at her for the answer is stressing. She is sometimes overprotective of Daphne but it's only because she wants her sister to be safe. She is always fighting with Puck, but they have feelings for each other.

In the first couple of books she has plenty of suspicion, none too good. Her sister and her are constantly bickering. But only because Sabrina doesn't really consider Daphne's opinions, she is constantly arguing with everybody in her family because of her choices.

In the series' epilogue she ends up marrying Puck and has two daughters, Emma and Alison. The latter also turned out to be a fairy princess. Daphne Grimm: Daphne is the younger sister of Sabrina, and is shown having brown hair that is usually in ratty pigtails. She is quite kind, and headstrong, mixed with stubbornness, too. She is Sabrina's reason for not giving up hope. She has her own special quirks, such as biting her palm when she is excited and making up words for her own language such as gravy, which means cooler than cool, and pucktastic, meaning Puck in the best possible way.

She gets tired of Sabrina always protecting her, and grows up to the point where she can give Sabrina some helpful advice. Puck calls her "Marshmallow" and she is close to the family dog, Elvis. It's also mentioned that she has a large appetite and can sleep through anything, except breakfast. Sabrina states that the word "full" isn't in Daphne's vocabulary.

Daphne later gets married and is expecting twins. The identity of her husband is not mentioned in the book, but she does mention that Pinocchio is "hot" at Sabrina's wedding.

Canis is introduced as Relda Grimm's friend in the first book. He's the Big Bad Wolf. His eyes glow bright blue in photographs because of his Big Bad Wolf traits. He struggles with his Wolf self in the beginning of book two and is anything but "fine. He is described as very skinny, and wears a suit that seems too big for him. Relda Grimm: As the grandmother of Sabrina and Daphne, Relda suddenly shows up and takes them in 18 months after the girls were put in the foster system.

She has gray hair with specks of red and green eyes. She is the one who introduces them to the land of Everafters and magic. Granny Relda had red hair in her youth. She has green eyes and a round face. She usually wears a hat with a sunflower on it, and is known for the odd dishes that she makes. Jake Grimm: The Grimm girls' uncle, who appears in the third book and is a major character from then on. He has a huge crush on Sleeping Beauty, but sadly, her fairy godmothers disapprove of him.

He has a huge long coat, sort like a duster, it has tons of pockets on it, all filled with magical things. He supposedly killed Basil Grimm, his own father, and is devastated by it. He has blond hair and blue eyes and also a healing broken nose. Puck: Puck is a 4,year-old fairy who lives in the form of an year-old boy. Puck is an Everafter with blond hair, green eyes and a mischievous grin. He has pink streaked insect-like wings which pop out of his back at will. He ends up living with the Grimms after helping them in the first book - he was living in the forest before moving in with Granny Relda, only going to her house for a free meal - and officially becomes part of the family.

He is also known as the Trickster King, and is always playing pranks, usually targeted at Sabrina.A victim of malpractice? The door creaked open and Uncle Jake entered. Even in her dreams, Puck was a pain. Sabrina, Daphne, and even Uncle Jake cried out in fright and backed out of the bathroom.

He is also known as the Trickster King, and is always playing pranks, usually targeted at Sabrina. He needs us to rescue him.